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  • shayraanshy_ 3w

    Happy International Menstrual Hygiene Day to all the beautiful ladies...!!! ❤

    Every girl should be proud of herself.
    Despite of having pain during her periods she doesn't gave up at all. She performs all her tasks in that pain also. She prepares food for her husband and children, she also do her household works..!! She is a superwoman of our home. Definitely if God has given us anything like this...He has also given us the power, the ability, the patience and undoubtedly confidence deal with all the problems singlehandedly. Remember girls you have this within just have to conquer it.
    Dear Boys,
    Appreciate your women's efforts as much as you can. Dont make them feel like you are giving them sympathy during her periods inspite of this do something extra ordinary...make them feel special....take your women for as long her more and more...make them Smile by your precense.
    Trust me guys your just 1 warm tite hug is priceless to them you don't need materialistic things to woo them.
    Just say *I LOVE YOU* and here your girl will start blushing. ❤

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    Superwoman ❤

  • shayraanshy_ 3w

    Lots of love and blessings ��❤
    My only bro here on mirakee...
    �� @vishalprabtani ����
    (Hope you like it bro ��)

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    Dear brothers,

    A huge shoutout to all the brothers who are reading this post. You all are amazing and doing a fabulous job. No one can ever take your place nor sister nor father no one...just no one. Girls...If you have brothers in your life I must say you are very lucky... coz brothers are the true love and beautiful souls of our life. I dont have any real brother but I am proud that I am the big bro of my younger sista. As I love to pamper, care, tease, protect and make fun of her. And i really love her so much.
    Wishing you all
    *A very happy brother's Day*

  • shayraanshy_ 4w

    Kuch Alfaaz jo adhura se reh gaye tha....
    Kya tum sunna aoga??
    Jo waqt tumna mera saath beetaye tha....
    Kya tum unha dobara jeena aoga??
    Kuch baatein jo sirf humari hua karti thi.....
    Kya tumha unha dobara karna aoga??
    Jis muskurahat par mera dil aa gaya tha....
    Kya tumha usey dobara dikhana aoga??
    Jo sukoon mujha sirf tumhari baahon main milta tha....
    Kya tum wohi sukoon loutana aoga??
    Jis awaaz ko sunkar mera dil khush ho jata tha.....
    Kya tum wo awaaz mujha fir sunana aoga??
    Wo mera rone par jab tum mujha chup karat tha.....
    Dobara mera aansuon ko pochna aoga??
    Wo jo tum choti choti baatein mujhe btata tha....
    Kya tum dobara apni baatein mujhse Saanjha karna aoga??
    Kya tum aoga ek baar
    Bass Ek baar firse
    *Mujse Mohabbat karna aoga??*


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    क्या तुम आओगे??


  • shayraanshy_ 4w

    ❤ मुझे प्यार करना है ❤

    मुझे उसकी आँखों में डूबना है
    हाँ ! मुझे उससे प्यार करना है ,,

    मुझे उसके बालों को सहलाना है
    हाँ ! मुझे उससे प्यार करना है ,,

    मुझे उसके लबों को चूमना है
    हाँ ! मुझे उससे प्यार करना है ,,

    मुझे उसकी बाँहों में आराम करना है
    हाँ ! मुझे उससे प्यार करना है ,,

    मुझे उसका दिल बनके धडकना है
    हाँ ! मुझे उससे प्यार करना है ,,

    मुझे उसकी रूह में समाना है
    हाँ ! मुझे उससे प्यार करना है ,,

    मुझे उसका सर अपनी गोद में रख के सुलाना है
    हाँ ! मुझे उससे प्यार करना है ,,

    मुझे उसे बेवजह परेशान करना है
    हाँ ! मुझे उससे प्यार करना है ,,

    मुझे सिर्फ उसी से मोहब्बत करना है
    हाँ ! मुझे सिर्फ उसी से प्यार करना है !!

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    मुझे प्यार करना है ❤

  • shayraanshy_ 4w

    उनकी शर्ट की सिलवटों को कल रात मैंने बस तस्वीर में देखा था...
    सुबह उठी तो खुद को उनकी बाहों के आगोश में पाया।।

  • shayraanshy_ 4w

    After a long time took part in the challenge of
    �� @writerstolli
    Hope you like it ����
    #protestpoetry_wt ��

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    I want to protest against the odds.
    Against every I'll things which is happening in our society in the current scenario.
    Against the rights of youths.
    Against the persons who do wrong to women's of our society.
    Against the negativity.
    Against the depression.
    Against the failure.
    Against those sleepless nights.
    Against everything which is coming in between the Goal of my life and success of my nation.
    I really want to protest against all these and truly want to help myself and my country to grow more and more with immense success.

  • shayraanshy_ 5w

    Best Friend

    I still remember the moment...
    when you were busy in doing some work in your phone with one hand and drinking tea with the other hand...while I was standing just beside you...and we were with the group...and i was enjoying the choclate...and you just suddenly saw me as if you also want the bite of choclate...
    And i made u eat the choclate with my hand as your both hands were busy...and suddenly our whole group started looking at us like we are *Couple* but we were not.
    Remember ??
    I just want to let you know you were you are and you will be important to me till my last breath.
    Love you so much
    *My foreva Best Friend*

  • shayraanshy_ 5w

    This one is for *You* Bhaiuu ����
    �� @vishalprabtani
    I love you so much bhaiuuu ��

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    Bhaiuu ❤

    खुशी और गम में हमेशा मेरे साथ खड़े हुए है,,
    मिली नहीं हूँ उनसे कभी मैं पर वो मुझे समझते है,,
    मेरा कोई भाई नही इस बात का बहुत गम था मुझे
    पर जब से वो आए है मेरे सबसे प्यारे और एकलौते भाईयू बन गए हैं वो....
    और क्या ही कहूँ उनके बारे में
    बस वो हद से ज्यादा अच्छे है
    मुझे हमेशा ही बहुत प्रोत्साहित करते है
    और मैं उनसे बहुत प्यार करती हूँ ।।

  • shayraanshy_ 5w

    Happiest birthday Shubhuuuu....����
    �� @shubham_banarasi0211
    God bless...��
    Partyy harder....��
    Nd keep smiling always...❤
    Thank you so much for being in my life...
    And being my support system too...!!��
    May god fulfill all your dreams soon...!!!��

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    जन्मदिन की ढेरों बधाई शुभू!!
    ऐसे ही अपनी दमदार लेखनी से सबको
    प्रभावित करते रहो।।
    हम सभी का नाम रोशन करो।।
    खुश रहो...और खूब तरक्की करो।।
    मेरी तो खुदा से यही दुआ है।।

  • shayraanshy_ 5w

    कभी कभी दूसरों को खुश करने के लिए भी हँसना पड़ता है,,
    भले आप अंदर से कितने ही टूटें हों तो क्या ।।