I am 57, married for 39 years. I am a mom, and a grandma. I love gardening and cooking. Writing is my therapy.

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  • shegram 11h

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    You can really feel her footsteps
    as she races for the door
    It feels as though an earthquake
    hit, much harder than before
    The monstrosity that she is, came
    from always being bullied
    She'd go home with scrapes and
    bruises, & all her clothes were sullied
    All she needed was one friend, just
    to not feel so alone
    Her pain was so intense, she would
    cry so hard and moan
    She used to be so sweet and kind, &
    now she is so mean
    She went from one extreme to
    another, before settling in between

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    The Monstrosity That She Is

  • shegram 12h

    When you wrap your arms around me
    You make everything alright
    I can shake off all the days dilemmas
    Anticipating a stress free night
    You painted stars up in the sky, and
    introduced me to the moon
    Your arms wrapped tight around me
    safe and sound like a cocoon
    You hung the sun, to light my way,
    a not so simple task
    You know my needs by memory, I
    don't even need to ask
    It's rapture in the best of kinds, it fills
    you to content
    We know each others pleasure points,
    Your kisses have me spent
    Let's brush away the days events, and
    focus on romance
    I know we're meant to be right here,
    This is our second chance

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    Second Chances

  • shegram 1d

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    Dogs adore prince

    Raining cats
    Raining dogs
    Dogs like water
    Dogs chase cats
    Cats chase mice
    Cats are sassy
    Sassy girls are sweet
    Sassy and saucy
    Saucy and naughty
    Saucy and bossy
    Bossy beavers build dams
    Bossy bears behave well
    Well we have frogs
    Well now they jump
    Jump over there
    Jump everywhere
    Everywhere are snakes
    Everywhere you look
    Look at the birds
    Look on the bright side
    Side saddle works
    Side splitting laughs
    Laughs make smiles
    Laughs are contagious
    Contagious cackling hyenas
    Contagious laughter rocks
    Rocks roll downhill
    Rocks radiate heat
    Heat warms lizards
    Heat causes burns
    Burns are painful
    Burns cause scars
    Scars tell stories
    Scars are badges
    Badges of honor
    Badges worn to protect
    Protect wildlife
    Protect all life
    Life is a marathon
    Life is worth living
    Living for the moment
    Living to the fullest
    Fullest belly burps
    Fullest lips kiss
    Kiss a toad
    Kiss a handsome prince
    Prince charming
    Prince sea lion
    Lion charming
    Lion charming

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  • shegram 1d

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    Tj quickly corrected Murphy, by telling her that Kinsey was not his wife, but his sister! Murphy just shrugged her shoulders, pretending to not care, when in fact, it thrilled her that he was not Kinsey's husband! Kinsey had now noticed the family resemblance, and decided right away, that she didn't care for the female version of Keegan, anymore than the original. She could tell there were sparks shooting everywhere between Tj and horse lady! This thought caused her to chuckle out loud which went completely unnoticed by these two that had just met, but were talking like they had known each other forever! Dusty wasn't sure why that bothered her so much! She wanted Tj to be happy, just maybe not so soppy looking over this particular female! After all, she was partners in the vet hospital with that infuriating jackass, hhmm, "what was his name again", this made Dusty giggle again, but also snort, which got the attention of both Tj and Murphy! Neither one skipped a beat in their harrowing conversation, just paused long enough to convey their annoyance at her rude interruption! Dusty gestured to Tj, to hurry it up, but he was oblivious to her presence! She decided to get dressed and go out to check on the horses! Maybe they would appreciate her humor! She giggled!!
    As she got closer to the barn, she had a wisp of nostalgia hit her like a ton of bricks! The smell of hay and horses, and even cow poop, brought a feeling of happiness, but also, regret, and betrayal! She had a semi-normal childhood!
    Her mom and dad were so busy chasing the next get rich quick scheme, they barely noticed she was around, so she spent a lot of time at the neighbors, who happened to have horses! They were always so kind to her, and she got really close to them! She spent more time with them, it seemed, than her own parents! One particular day, she brought home a poster, announcing a talent search, that was taking place in her town, with a grand prize of $500.00!
    While her parents didn't seem to care one way or the other, her hometown of Valentine, Nebraska, was all abuzz with the excitement of all the revenue and publicity this talent search was sure to bring their way! They were pulling out all the stops and were decorating, and cleaning up Main street! They wanted to show the world that Valentine, was a perfect place to raise a family! They had three huge businesses that had been moved there by a German company that built busses and air conditioners, and then a huge screen printing business that made all of the graphics for the busses instrument panel! Their little town doubled in population, seemingly overnight! These busses were shipped all over the country! They even on accident, were in a few films, where footage had been shot, and one of the busses was parked or being driven while cameras were rolling! This was a huge bump in Valentines economy! People came from all over to audition! Dusty was 12, and her girlfriends from school were pressuring her to audition! She played guitar, self taught, after her parents were unable to pay for lessons, due to their recent foray into a pyramid scheme where they used all their savings, and then cashed out a savings account that had been set up for Dusty, by her paternal grandparents! While they were still alive, they were on the account, and it was drawing interest, but never touched! They had been putting money in it since Dusty had been born, so that she could go to college or support herself while discovering what she wanted to do in life! They were free spirits, and believed that we all needed to follow our bliss, to cherish every moment, and find something that makes you excited to wake up everyday! Dusty loved them so much! Her dad never really spoke of them, except to say they were a couple of old hippies! After they had been killed by a drunk driver, her father, an only child, was executer of the estate, which gave him access to Dusty's money! It was around this same time, that a strange woman and her son showed up at the door and announced that her dad was the father of the boy! After DNA tests were performed, it was 99.99999 that he was in fact, Tjs father! She had a big brother overnight, and he had been looking out for her ever since. They were so close and she loved him so much! The night of the actual show was upon them after she had been selected unanimously by the panel of judges, along with nineteen other acts! She was nervous but Tj assured her she would be great, and that she could find him in the audience, and sing just to him! She had been prepared to strum her guitar and read her poetry, but Tj had helped her put her poetry to music, and so now she was playing guitar and singing! She had her original song, and "Wind beneath my wings", as her choice off the list of acceptable songs! She walked on stage, and her life was never the same! Apparently there had been a few different people that were there scouting talent, and after Dusty was announced the overall winner, these people had gone into a bidding war on who would represent her, with her parents making her their next get rich quick scheme, all unbeknownst to her! They didn't even ask if this was something she wanted to do, but what 12 year old kid, would turn down a chance to be famous and not go to school! Her first year was exhausting, but fun, and then the next five were pure hell! She couldn't believe how just smelling something had triggered all of those memories, and different emotions! She took a deep breath and continued on to the barn! When she went inside, she immediately knew something was wrong! She found her horse, Cochese, laying on her side, with a colt half in and half out of her! She reached for her phone, but realized in her hurry to extract herself from the love scene in her kitchen, she had forgotten to grab it, so she ran as fast as she could to the house, where she found Tj and Murphy had moved into the living room and was talking in front of the fire with hot coffee in hand, all cozy like! They both turned to look at her, being startled! Tj jumped up on his feet, and ran to Dusty, asking if she was alright! When she caught her breath, she told them what was going on and Murphy beat them all to the barn! She started barking orders, and one was for Tj to call Keegan, because she needed specific tools and he would need to do this! Tj looked at Dusty, and Dusty quickly nodded her approval! She would have let the devil himself come over if he could save her horse and foal! It seemed like hours before Keegan an Murphy emerged from the stall where Dusty had found Cochese! She knew immediately that it was not good news by the look on both their faces! Murphy started to talk and Keegan stopped her and proceeded to explain what had happened. They weren't able to save Cochese, but her foal was healthy, although hungry and wore out from the traumatic entry into the world! He had put him to nurse while Cochese was still breathing, so he had gotten his mothers milk for now, but they would need to find a nanny goat or a neighbor that had new stock, that could supply a couple feedings! Dusty stepped forward slowly and entered the stall where Cochese lay lifeless, and her baby nuzzled next to her sleeping! Her eyes filled with tears and she felt hands on her shoulders, Tj embraced his sister and she sobbed her heart out! Cochese had been given to her as a young pony, by the couple that lived next door, and whom she had grown so close to. She wiped her tears and looked up to see Keegan looking so distraught! Could she have judged him too harshly? She simply told him, "thank you", and proceeded to the house where she did not leave her room for a week! Tj had been checking on her and feeding her, when she'd eat. He was really starting to worry about her! Keegan and Murphy had gotten milk and a nanny goat, so little man was doing fine! They blew up a bullet shaped raft and wrapped a electric blanket around it for the foal to snuggle with! They had taken Cochese for cremation and had yet to pick up the ashes! They were all kind of in limbo, waiting for Dusty(miss Kinsey), to emerge from her room and tell them what she needed to feel better! Dusty didn't know herself, what she needed, but she knew it had been a week, and she definitely needed a shower! Good, she made that decision, so just one thing at a time, she could do this!

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    Dusty Rose (part #5)


  • shegram 2d

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    Today, was a good day,
    my pain was tolerable
    I think I would feel better
    if I lived in a bubble
    Sometimes, just the white noise
    can drive me quite mad
    My head could just explode,
    I often feel that bad
    Many days I try to think,
    of where it all went wrong
    While other days I feel content
    to hear my favorite song
    For now I'll just sit quietly
    to hear the song birds singing
    I'll count my blessings, and be
    prepared, for what the new days

  • shegram 3d

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    Still, frosted, image
    Perfection, frozen in time
    Reflect on the soul

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    Frosted Reflections

    Still, frosted, image
    Perfection, frozen in time
    Reflect on the soul

  • shegram 3d

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    Natures live canvas
    Blended colors on pallette
    God's view from Heaven

  • shegram 4d

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    Can you hear that, yeah, me too
    Its calling to me, a big YooHoo!
    The snowflakes are falling in
    harmonious glee
    Singing in unison, what fun that
    can be
    The wind begins howling, the bass
    is real deep,
    While the tenors and sopranos lull
    you into sleep
    This beautiful white powder, plays
    all of the classics,
    With a variety of winterludes, that
    are truly fantastic
    Wrap warmly your loved ones, &
    hum along if you know it
    Like harmonious snowflakes, you're
    unique, why not show it
    Let the music take you on a winters
    sleigh ride, feel the passion of each
    note, & let the melody be your guide

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    Snowflakes in harmony


  • shegram 5d

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    When the music teacher, sang a song
    The words, they always sounded wrong

    So I tuned him out, I plugged my ears
    with cotton, tp, and pickle spears
    Bubble gum, gummi bears,skittles,
    almond M&M's, real old peanut brittles

    The music teacher sings off key, but I'll
    tolerate him, c`est la vie


    I love walking in the rain, some people
    don't, and they always complain

    I love rain boots, and slickers, and rainy
    day stickers, board games, dogs names,
    and grampa who bickers, pb & jelly, chips
    & dips too, I even like boxing with my
    kangaroo. Puddles and potholes make
    pitiful pig pens, pond scum & mud pies,
    I always track in!

    If the rain tends to stop after an hour,
    I go into the house and sing in the shower!

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  • shegram 1w

    I'm sitting at the top of the world
    I should be on cloud nine
    But I sit here, pondering my life,
    my pain and agony I can't define
    Perhaps I'll lean forward, close
    my eyes, and take to flight
    Or I can sit here, figure things
    out, and bravely change my plight