i enjoy writing poems,it is my way to escape life moments..please feel free to add me on FB or instagram@Sherryfou����

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  • sherrynacole 2w

    My healer ❤

    My healer is someone that healed a heart that he didn't even see one time my heart use to ache...

    My healer is so special to me..he came out of nowhere in a dark troubled place I was in..he came to me and started being my friend..

    My healer is the sweetest man I know..his smile is everything..whew look at my face this is not fake this is a glow..

    My healer is so see he put my pieces together again..I thought that would never happen heart was so shattered and lost..but he came to heal my heart like a true boss

    My healer tells me every day how he could never lose me ..he told me that I was his answered prayer..he said that he would always love me ..he would never go anywhere..

    My healer kissed my sadness see he healed my heart..the brokenness has gone it could not stay.

  • sherrynacole 9w

    I Can't breathe!!!

    I can't breathe..please , please..move your knee!

    I can't breathe..why is this happening to me?

    I can't breathe..yes I made a mistake ,but don't we all..I am only human..but let me live for sake!!

    I can't breathe officer ..please get off of's getting dark and lonely..

    I can't breathe..I am not ready to die..I am just a black man how you kill me and then you lie..

    I can't breathe, I don't wish this pain on no one..not even my haters..please get your knee off of me sir ,this is not right ..I didn't even try to fight..

    I can't the lights off..Mama help, please save me Mama from this world of pain,Mama I know you are still proud of me and not ashamed..

    I feel my body getting colder every minute.. this is how I am going to leave here..I feel my time approaching it's very near ..

    Black people,white people, All people ..let's stop the do me a favor.. show me the fame..put your fist up and call my name!!!!!✊✊ R.I.P George Floyd

  • sherrynacole 14w


    Parents stop telling your children that you love them because you provide them with shelter and food..that is toxic..Orphanages provide children with shelter and food too..that is your responsibility to make sure you provide for stop doing the bare minimum and provide for them emotionally as well.Make memories with them and tell them and show them that you love can financially take care of someone and not love them..!!!!!

  • sherrynacole 22w

    It should have been me...

    It should have been me kissing your lips instead iam over here crying heart feels like it has holes..I see the rips..
    It should have been me saying I do to you
    ..but instead iam over here lost and going through
    It should have been me smiling from ear to ear but instead iam over here shedding a tear
    It should have been me laying next to you..and smelling your sweet smell..but instead iam over here wishing you well..
    It should have been me cooking your next meal but instead iam over here feeding myself ..this is my life now and it's really real
    It should have been me having your son and instead iam over feeling heavy like some bricks like I weigh a ton...
    It should have been me dancing with you but instead iam over here thinking and regretting the truth.
    It should have been me but its not...

  • sherrynacole 25w


    Disappointed is the word for how I feel right now..because you let me down so many times..sigh..Why do I keep letting you do this to me..I think because I keep seeing the little good in you..but I choose to put the bad before the good ..I said I wasn't going to do this to myself time and time again..but here Iam doing it to myself..I deserve you disappointed this time because I keep listening to these lies..

  • sherrynacole 25w

    My little hearts

    Iam your teacher..but you call me your mommy..I am not your mother but I will protect you at all cost from anything that will hurt you..

    I hate to see your tears when you are upset and scared..I am here to wipe your tears from all of your fears..

    I love to see you learn new things every single day ..knowing iam doing a good job..makes my heart melt in every way..

    You come to me when you are mad and sad..and I make you feel like the hurt is gone away and you forget the pain you had..

    Your sweet voices are so wonderful to hear your future looks so bright and near..

    My little hearts I love you so much ..I love to watch you play.. I can't wait to see you grow up one day..

  • sherrynacole 26w

    I wasn't in love...

    I thought I was really in love one time..remember all those time you made me smile? But found out through all these years it wasn't was a good actor..I applaud you too..

    I was so blind because I didn't see the real could I have missed the hidden truth..

    You really had me fooled all this time..all these years had me really trying..I use to pray to God so many nights and days..hoping he would save me from all those times I cried and the pain..

    I just want to see the sun tired of all the rain..tired of the clouds so heart is really heavy ..this was a big blow.

    You looked me in my innocent and so free..why I just couldn't take these blinders off of me...I knew you had no soul..this is taking a toll..

    You said you loved me and I believed you..I swallowed my pride..knowing deep inside I knew the truth.

    I thought you were different not like the rest ..but you were just another snake ..your colors were just different was still a snake wanted my wanted me to break..

    I pondered every day how I couldn't see..I couldn't see because you had your hands over my were blocking my view shielded the lies..

    I thought you were soulmate and my best ripped my heart into small little pieces ..iam picking them up one by soul has to heal..glad iam closing this chapter..not going back..I won't break the seal..

  • sherrynacole 31w

    Lift up your head woman or man..things will get better that again..

  • sherrynacole 31w

    #Iam back you guys..missed everyone # #life

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    You thought you would break me..

    You thought you would break me didnt you..but your words only made me become stronger..the days used to feel like they were dragging and made me become the woman Iam today..Iam so much happier now..round of applause..fixing to take this really thought you was so tough? I proved to you and i told you so many times that i was strong and thought you would break me all the way down..but I bounced back and adjusted my see you can't break a real queen..only in your thought you murdered my soul..but not this heart..its pure gold..You thought you would break my mind too..having me thinking that I was the problem..but in are a liar and a thief because you are a joy robber..You thought you could break me by telling me I wasnt good enough..I really thought that to.. for a minute until I looked at you..I looked in your eyes..I saw the hate inside..your eyes were filled with so much rage ..I prayed to God every night to save me from the pain..the real problem wasnt even me it was you..glad I got away from glad..we are through..You thought you would break me..but you didnt...

  • sherrynacole 59w

    We must protect nature..we must nurture nature and not hurt it..The universe is created by our creator..and we are here to take care of this nature and protect it..We must nurture nature...because it will protect us..