she was and will be my lifeline 🌈 unedited thoughts about me and her

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  • shewasmine 1w

    I will not be able to love her from same heart that i had on day one .... unless she open up and says truth

  • shewasmine 1w

    He still comes online as soon as she comes .....

    His GF stays online for mins and mins but he will not come online

  • shewasmine 2w

    She will walk away again, she will make me suffer again

    I really wish she understands me one time and love me without any question and be truthful for one time

  • shewasmine 2w


    I have only loved her most from my soul

  • shewasmine 2w

    In any relation transparency, communication, emotions, feeling and respect are vital and that makes a beautiful relation

    The first condition is share and don’t hide anything

  • shewasmine 2w

    She comes online, immediately he comes online she goes off-line, he goes off-line immediately.

    maybe it all merely coincidence but I don’t know I should trust or not
    I should ask or not
    I should love or not

  • shewasmine 2w

    I just want to hear the truth from her

    As everyone say who went out of your life was never meant for you
    Who wants to stay in your life they will do everything to protect you to make it happen only condition is you should support

  • shewasmine 2w

    My Heart is just crying

    I really love her but something is stoping me this time as without the Naked Truth i will not be able to express my self this time

  • shewasmine 2w

    I really wish she come out and say one time truth

    As no relation can survive without naked truth

  • shewasmine 2w

    My love for her was unconditional it’s going to be unconditional but I don’t know what to do and she asked me to come back in life I’m scared I’m devastated and broken