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  • shifa_shadi 2d


    The moment you feel life is unfair or may be you start loosing trust on humanity or experience the Bitter taste..
    BELIEVE in the most eternal energy of Universe.. it won't let bad happen to you.. its giving you a flavor of life.. and you will find sweetness in the bitterness once you understand his game.

  • shifa_shadi 4w


    Keep your spirit and stakes high.
    Don't lower your self-esteem based on the temporary things and temporary people around you.
    Because you are much more capable of doing something, which is beyond your own imagination.
    Do your effort. Invest right. Everything will fall in place by itself.
    Just trust the process!

  • shifa_shadi 4w

    Ap ho kaha?

    Insaan k pehle 5 saal to world senses m ane lgte h .
    Agle 15 saal pdho pdho pdho..
    Fir agle 10 saal khudko settle kro.. is duniya m jeene k layak bnao..
    Uske agle 20 saal sab zimmedariya uthao.. emi ki zindagi jio.. ane wali generation k lie tyariyen kro..
    Aur fir wahi nayi generation k sath repeat loop..
    Uska baad fir chaen ki saans leke khush rahoge apko lgta h.. lekin apka Sharir apka sath nai deta h , kyunki pichle 50 saal apne use bigadne m lga die..
    Iss bich , akhir aap ho kaha?
    Jb 15 saal pdh rhe the.. 30 saal settle krhe the.. aap kaha the!
    Apne to Apne Parents aur Bacchon k lie soch kr bita diya samay..
    Lekin isme ap ho kaha?

  • shifa_shadi 5w


    People will criticize you at various points in life..
    They will drag you down..
    They might even laugh at you..
    They will give you names..
    They will not let you grow and make you feel inferior to them..
    They won't make you feel one of them..
    Its OKAY.
    Deep inside you know who you are, what you are, what you are capable of..
    Doesn't matter if the world dont realize your worth, it's their fault and NOT yours..
    And you know, you yourself ALONE possess the energy to build your mind, body and soul, so why try to be a part of something which is not worth anything..
    - Written in fond memory of old SELF.

  • shifa_shadi 5w


    The mild fragrance,
    The deep red color..
    The curvy petals,
    The stylish shape..
    The Pokey leaves,
    The needle-like thorns..
    The more you bloom, the more beautiful you seem...
    I love your shape indeed..
    For roses are known to be a Sign of Love..
    Can you please protect it, my sweet little dove?

  • shifa_shadi 6w


    कैसी है ये कशमकश ज़िन्दगी की,
    समझो तो सब लगेगा एक खेल|
    ना समझ रहे तो, लगेगी एक पहेली,
    जिसे सुलझाने लगे तो - भूल जाओगे की है ये एक खेल..

  • shifa_shadi 8w

    Mind and Soul

    Health grows differently when taken care of..
    Similarly Mind too grows differently if nurtured right..
    You will meet people in life who Uplift or Downlift your soul.. Or may be have no impact on you at all..
    Choice remain yours , where to invest your energies..
    To become a captive soul and mind of downlifted energies or
    A free peaceful soul uplifted with happiness, love and compassion.


  • shifa_shadi 10w


    Things will fall, things will feel new,
    You may not like maybe a few.
    But don't loose confidence and faith,
    For YOU dear can only bring yourself up again.

  • shifa_shadi 10w

    Selfish or Self-focused?

    I want to work on myself, rather than giving my important time to anyone who doesn't deserve. Focus all my energies on ME.
    What would u label me? Selfish or Self-focused?

  • shifa_shadi 11w


    Sometimes, you need to go off the track, to realize which is the right track.