Turning my dreams into my vision and my vision into reality ��

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  • shinchan__lover 5h

    It is better for both the sides .........

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    It is better
    to be Alone ,
    So that
    No one can
    Hurt you ,
    And even
    You cannot
    Hurt anyone .

  • shinchan__lover 1d

    Even I know that you all are of the same kind��

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    Strangers think
    I am quite ;
    My friends think
    I am out-going ;
    My best friends think
    I am completely crazy ❣

  • shinchan__lover 2d

    I really miss
    someone in
    my LIFE
    That person never
    Knew about it

  • shinchan__lover 3d

    Don't aim for success;
    Get training for it .

  • shinchan__lover 4d

    Sometimes simply
    Talking to your
    makes you better.
    It's all the
    therepy we need ❤

  • shinchan__lover 5d

    I can do everything
    for you ,
    Just because
    I luv you.
    But ,
    Don't hate me
    In any situation

  • shinchan__lover 1w

    Always you will remain constant in my life..wherever we go ❤ matter how distance we are mine forever and ever❣

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    - who give me a shoulder
    to cry
    - The one who can make
    me laugh
    - and atlast my secret diary

  • shinchan__lover 1w

    My girl no need
    to ask me
    "What are you doing?"
    She can imagine
    What I will be doing ❣

  • shinchan__lover 1w

    I Don't know what to do

    Whether to be happy
    That I am
    Gonna meet you ,
    To be sad
    That the schools
    Are reopening‍♀️

  • shinchan__lover 1w

    Many times it happens for me..........��

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    I don't find
    Anything wrong
    In Jealousy ,
    I Am little
    Over Possessive
    About whom
    I Call MINE ❤