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  • shinchan_says 2d

    Big blue blanket above my head,
    Condensed clouds invading white spread,
    Eternally lived and gonna live for years,
    Time to time it shed its tears,
    Does sky fear from anything,
    Lying there alone at heights,
    Stars piercing it's darkness at nights,
    Witnessed meteroids and many deaths,
    Sky listened our secrets and regrets,
    Sky never gonna die,
    It's for us he cry,
    We fight among us,
    We busy in internet world,
    Unaware of damage to earth,
    We ain't recognising her worth,
    We are running from truth living fake lives,
    That's what sky says,
    "Cause I am scared that I am getting dark with dust and pollution, these piercing rays of sun gonna destroy everything . "
    May be we can't get what we have lost,
    But we still have some and we should protect it at any cost.

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  • shinchan_says 1w

    Humans set boundaries,
    Birds don't,
    These boundaries can't be seen,
    But felt,
    These invisible chains,
    They tightened as I grew up,
    I want a cathresis of my boundaries,
    I want to melt,
    Run away,
    Where no one can chase me,
    Where there are no boundaries of any kind,
    I want to fly away like these birds,
    I don't want a part of sky,
    I want whole sky ,
    Sharing with every human and animal,
    No restrictions of language,
    Color, caste, normality
    Or anything
    I just wanna fly away , high and high.

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  • shinchan_says 1w

    She / her������
    I wore you like bangles,
    Everytime I look at them,
    I don't feel ashamed anymore.

    These beautiful, radiant colors,
    With them I shed my dolors,
    When I listen to jingles they say,
    All bad voices calling me fade away.

    I wore you like bangles,
    That take away my all painful tears,
    Hiding my scars and fighting my fears,
    That I don't need to shadow her anymore,

    Now I let that woman dressup beautifully,
    That was once killed inside brutally.
    From shirts to suits, I discovered myself,
    Taking me from darkness of uncertainity to rainbows of confidence.

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  • shinchan_says 1w

    Damages are forever,
    Even if you repair them,
    They leave scars

    Scars, marks or memories
    Which keep on reminding you,
    After recovering fully,
    When you say I am all okay,
    A single flashback can trigger,
    There is no comeback from wreckage,

    "They can be covered, hidden or healed,
    But they can never be escaped"

    Your anger destroys everything,
    And it can't be reversed,
    Damages are forever.

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  • shinchan_says 1w

    Believe in yourself,

    That you can ,
    No matter how hard it is,
    That you will try,
    Again and again,
    Until you reach where you wanna be,

    You gonna fail thousand times,
    You will feel like shit million times,
    You gonna be hopeless, sleepless, tired
    And even after all efforts, you will feel like nothing,

    That after cramming lots of books,
    Getting insulted over and over,
    In the end when you will look back,

    All sleepless nights,
    All hopes,
    All effortss,
    Insult, hardwork
    Gonna pay back,

    Because it's written in stars,
    It is to be destined,
    It's carved and it will happen.

    "Believe in yourself, have faith,
    Ultimately your efforts will be paid,
    slow and slow , part by part,
    Putting your soul and heart,
    This too shall pass,you'll pass through
    To shine like diamonds you gotta take abuses too. "

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  • shinchan_says 1w

    To me,

    Hey there,
    I know most of time you wander in worst lanes of your mind,
    Lanes where you often get lost and comeback after wasting all precious time.

    You shower your anger on your best friend, reasons are always silly,
    You ghost people, ignore them but spend most of your time thinking about them.

    Only happiness in your life is
    Food, home, friends.

    So, all I wanna say
    You cry,
    You got panic attacks,
    Or you hurt others,

    Spit out your anger, lock those lanes, hug your bestie and go home.

    "There's always a comeback, a sec of self love it's gonna take,
    Whatever mess going on, just take a liitle break. "

    It's all for today,
    Saving for next overthinking session,
    Bye ((:

    From me.

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  • shinchan_says 1w

    I am here in my imagination,
    Standing at the shore watching calm sea,
    But like moon was unhappy with his calmness,
    He is making water dance,
    Water rises, water falls,

    Tides, high or low are disturbing sea,
    Like waves rising to maximum ,
    And then losing enthusiasm and falling,
    Small and small waves then made a huge , gigantic wave,
    It hit the shore and a lot got submerged,

    When it went back, shore wasn't the same,
    Like after every stress wave, high or low,
    We don't remain the same,

    It changes us unoticingly,
    Tide changes shore like it take something from it or give something to it,

    Wave falls, wave rises,
    Shakes the shore and demise.

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    Dear time

  • shinchan_says 1w

    To dear time,
    You heal me,
    You teach me,
    You tease me,
    You hurt me,

    When I want you to stop,
    Hours pass like seconds,
    When I want you to be fast,
    A year passes like decade,

    You are unprecdictable,
    There is something new happening everytime,
    You make me curious about next moment,
    You are an unsolved mystery of never coming back,

    I wanna go in past and I wanna travel future too,
    But you teach me past has died,
    Future is an unknown surprise,
    All I have is my present you to grow, create and rise.

    I have a lot to say but that's all.
    Yours truly
    A normal girl.

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    Dear time

  • shinchan_says 2w

    It breaks in to thousand pieces,
    With every piece, it's pain ceases,
    Like tearing, hitting doesn't affect it anymore,
    It's broken in to fragments and I still adore,
    I tried to put them together and recreate,
    But I guess now it's too late,
    Sometimes I feel we give too much importance to heart,
    Lemme just ask why is it only heartbreak? Why never brainbreak?
    Brain got hurt too, brain got broken too,
    Brain always chosen to be strong,
    And heart to be soft but it's wrong,
    Brain gets hurt, brain also breaks in to fragments,
    Its birthgiver to all your sentiments,
    listen to your brainbeats,
    Heart gets emotional sometimes but brain always stays concrete.

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  • shinchan_says 2w

    It's too cold outside,
    All others have a place to hide,
    I also wanna feel warmth of home,
    But I dunno where they have gone,
    It's just me alone, river and mountains,
    May be a new family, they know all my pains,
    A couple of birds , they don't give me attention,
    And A lot fireflies shining in all dimensions,
    I am sailing in another direction,
    I am doing my best to find them , no gurantee of perfection,
    Alone is better I thought when I was with them,
    But now I am just a flower with stem,
    Who will dry and die in cold,
    But I am doing my best to hold,
    I fill find them someday,
    May be tomorrow or may be today.

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