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  • shinelord 114w

    sometimes you need bad things to happen to inspire you to change and grow

  • shinelord 118w

    Accepted the fact I am alone

  • shinelord 136w


    Its great to be back here... ☺️☺️☺️

  • shinelord 149w

    Should i

    Should i trust a cheater? Who tells me lies straight face

  • shinelord 154w

    When your mind knows you will get nothing from this but your heart still expects more from this..
    That is a fuckable situation

  • shinelord 154w

    Always trust your gut felling... 99 percent time its correct

  • shinelord 155w

    Echos by pink floyd on headphone

  • shinelord 155w

    Let the music flow...
    Dance off your sorrow...
    You will smile again...
    Its a small life but dont make it small though ... Enjoy every single day... ^_^

  • shinelord 161w

    Clarity is necessary

    Without clarity you cant even choose your ice cream properly

  • shinelord 161w

    You see someday we all gonna die... There was life before you and there will be life after you... There is no THE END.... its only THE AND & LIFE continues... So live happily, wait for ... Be your own hero