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  • shisherganth 3d

    Keep your Conscience alive no matter what!

    Apnay zameer ko yun maar kay, kisi ohaday ki talab rakhna,

    Yeh aagaaz burbadi ka nahi tou aur kya hai.

    ©shisherganth (Zeeshan)

  • shisherganth 5d

    My Take
    Note: Kindly read "Laugh And Cry Situation" for better understanding

    The Post/ Thread "Laugh And Cry Situation" is so
    perturbing that I feel both pity and disgusted on such "extreme Momma Boys". (Boys* :- having feeble intellectual ability to differentiate between right and wrong).

    It's quite disturbing.

    First of all the very first question that strikes my mind is

    I mean how can a husband behave in that manner

    irrespective of knowing the fact that her

    better-half has sacrificed everything-her home,

    her family, her memories, her life etc and after

    that she come in his life to spent and settle entire

    life with him?
    I mean how??

    In my point of view the person who doesn't take

    care about the needs of wife, about her rights, and

    doesn't care about her respect and the situation

    that she may be going through, is a kind of beast.

    Such person should refrain from marriage early to

    save someone's life.

    When a husband deprive her wife of her rights and

    didn't bother about her basic needs and amenities

    of life. In my view it comes under domestic

    violence and he's committing a severe crime of

    which he's ignorant.

    As it's obvious that a husband has dual

    responsibility on his shoulders by looking after

    his wife as well as his parents but he needs to

    strike a balance. He can't be selective and favour

    one and ignore or avoid another.

    If these "Momma Boys" acts only on their parent's

    wishes and become the foolish dictates of their

    mother or father while ignoring his obligation

    towards their wives, my simple message for them

    is that instead of finding paradise they will find


    If mother-in-law creates unnecessary problems for

    her daughter-in law & tries to dominate her then

    she needs deep introspection.She herself is a

    woman & should realize and understand her

    sacrifice and struggle that they go through and be

    compassionate and kind with her. She needs to

    consider her daughter in law as her own daughter

    and treat her with much love, affection and


    Irony is that this sickness is deep rooted in our

    society but in my view fault lies on husband as

    well because being an intellectual being, he

    should differentiate between right and wrong and

    take independent decisions that are good for

    maintaining peace and love of family.

    Somehow it's also the responsibility of parents not

    to dictate their son or plant some thoughts in

    their mind that can later have deep repercussions

    on their marriage life. They should help in their

    (son and daughter in law) bonding instead of

    ruining their life.

    On the other husband should also realize the fact

    that marrying a woman is not something like

    hiring a servant or domestic helper but it is a

    selection of a soulmate who would spent her

    whole life and share all the ups and downs of life

    with him.

    These "Momma Boys" should know that they are

    even obliged to provide an independent home for

    his wife where she can find serenity, peace and a

    sense of privacy.She has all hopes on you, she is

    for you there so you need to fulfill the role you are

    meant to play in her life.

    These "Momma Boys" who are supporting his

    family and bidding for them while avoiding the

    rights and obligations of their wives, because of

    the fear and pressure from parents, should know

    that their wife is also a human being and too has

    desires, rights of freedom and life.

    Marriage is such a beautiful bond between two

    souls which needs tranquillity, mutual respect,

    mutual understanding,unconditional love,

    tenderness, protection, encouragement, peace,

    kindness, comfort, justice and mercy. It's like

    dwelling two souls in one body.

    Why can't you be loyal, protector and trustworthy

    to your wife?
    What stops you in doing so?

    How can you be selective in your approach?
    Just think about it.

    You're an highly intellectual being of Allah (SWT)

    use your intellectual abilities, your reason and

    conscience for good.

    Allah (SWT) hum sab ko Hidayat dey (Ameen)

    Wasalaam ‍♂

    ©shisherganth (Zeeshan)

  • shisherganth 5d

    A Laugh And Cry Situation:

    A Laugh And Cry Situation:

    And I've already come across a few so called

    'mother respecting men' who are or were married

    to my cousins and witnessing their biased

    behaviour brings that unique moment in which

    you laugh and cry at the same time.

    • One of them always says to his+wife that

    Paradise lies beneath the feet of mother.

    Therefore he hands over his whole salary to his mother.

    •Though every day he asks her mother for money

    to buy household stuff but is very ashamed to ask

    money for his wife. Therefore his wife needs to

    take financial help from his father now and then.

    •Also when his wife isn't home he needs to get

    permission to call her. If denied he won't call her

    for many days even a month coz it's a great

    treachery and might close the doors of paradise

    for him permanently.

    •When his mother isn't home then he is provided

    the exact money he needs to spend and survive in

    those days and he can't buy chicken or mutton or

    beef because it's also a great sin to enjoy good

    food in absence of his mother. Also the budget in

    these days is limited.

    •He already has a son but his sisters have children

    too. So whenever he buys toys or other clothing

    stuff for his son he has to buy it for his sister's

    children too though its converse isn't true.

    •He can't buy a car because he has to buy multiple

    cars and distribute them to+his sisters though

    they're happily settled in their own homes and are

    Alhamdulilah well-to-do.

    ©Batijj (Post by one of my friend)

    My response and point of view to this thread on next post.
    Do read this post so as to comprehend my next post related to it.

  • shisherganth 1w


    Encaged your love in my heart,

    Your memories in my mind;

    I live every moment, I die every moment.

    ©shisherganth (Zeeshan)

  • shisherganth 2w

    4G Ban in Kashmir

    4G internet ban to complete over 1 year in Kashmir on 5 August.

    Hai qaidkhnay mai band 4G tera,

    Qasoor yeh hai ki woh beyqasoor thehra

    Na gawah, na adaalat, na vakeel kuch kar saka

    Tareekh pay tareekh hai iss ki kismat mai likhaya huva

    Kab aur kaisay riha hoga ab 4G tera

    Jab itna khoof hai hukumranu ko humsay bala.

    ©shisherganth (Zeeshan)

  • shisherganth 4w

    Yeh Mera Kashmir Hai

    Yeh mera Kashmir hai

    Jahan meri parvaaz ka, meri haseen yaadoun ka,

    meray mustaqbil ka, meray choti si

    khawahishoun ka, meri zindagi ka roz Jinaza nikalta hai

    Yehi mera Kashmir hai

    Yehi mera Kashmir hai....

    ©shisherganth (Zeeshan)

  • shisherganth 6w

    Remembrance is Resistance!

    In the silence of dark
    echoed the sound of boots
    reminiscent of fear and courage we live in
    the memories of raids, the memories of encounters
    the memories of humiliation that oppressor showers.
    Embellished with beautiful memories
    the nest that I was building from decades
    Was destroyed in seconds by tyrants

    Before guns could load and roar
    the bullets engraved with our names
    Peirce our heart, shatter our dreams
    Drench white petalled tulips into red
    even before they could bloom and leam.

    Morning transform into mourning
    The cycle of bloodbath goes on
    As if our lives doesn't matter.
    The child of conflict are witness
    About the shots that peirce their kins
    Their traumatized memories will never fade
    How can a child erase those harsh memories?
    The memories when he was orphaned from the lap of their dear ones!
    Sitting on the blood soaked chest of his guide.

    The conscience of oppressor is dead
    And dead are those who believe them
    But one thing oppressor never knew
    remembrance is resistance, remembrance is resistance!

    ©shisherganth (Zeeshan)

  • shisherganth 8w


    One of the key aspect to remain happy in life is to live a contented life. Life comes with both ups and downs but that doesn't mean we should form a shell around us once something untoward, unplanned incident happen in our life and subsequently forget to live, to love, to cheer, to enjoy, ...... !

    No one's life is perfect and lacks something or other. But as soon as we try to complicate things, life starts to take ugly turns besides that other circumstances and factors do come into play as well and therefore has detrimental effects on our physical and mental health.

    Mental stress starts from the point when we try to compare ourselves with others. We try to set those parameters for ourselves as well without giving a thought about it and as soon such parameters are not met we begin to curse ourselves which finally leads to mental stress, guilt and emotional breakdown.

    Instead of having belief in ones potential and accepting oneself, we try to become someone else thus doubting about our own self. Such stress and guilt is preventable, be what you are and excel in your own set parameters according to your own pace. You can take another persons success as an inspiration for motivating yourself but it should never ever cross the limit and later tend to become an impeding element. Never pave way for such thing to happen.

    Apart from the above, there are innumerable circumstances and factors which leads to mental stress, depression and even suicidal tendencies. Some of the factor that I have observed are

    > Living in a conflict zone acts as a catalyst for depression. The loss of loved ones, loss of property during encounters, humiliation, oppression, physical and mental tortures in conflicted zones like Kashmir always takes toll on mental health. The cases of depression, anxiety, insomnia, fear are increasing here in Kashmir and psychiatric clinics and hospitals bear witness to that.
    Moreover the lockdown and curfews adds salt to injury.

    > Unemployment is another factor that leads a person towards the pit of depression. Everyone wants to be independent and sustainable to met his/her requirements. But even after toiling, completing requisite degrees one can't find a job, particularly in Kashmir, which in turn cause depression as one feels somewhat like parasites who depend on family for meeting pity things and even take extreme steps to end such humiliation. But it's natural tendency to feel low at that time but one should not lose hope and he/she should have firm faith on Allah (SWT) that Allah (SWT) is best Sustainer.
    Here the family has to play a vital role as well in boosting their morale, to back them, to support them and not to taunt them. I have observed in many instances that family members and even peers try to make fun of them by saying "You remain idle whole day without earning a penny and live to eat only" But such statements though for a fun could have serious repercussions on his/her mental health.

    > Broken Hearts/Pain of separation.
    Broken hearts are more vulnerable to depression or mental health issues. It could be triggered by ignoring your loved ones. Parents who are abandoned by their children are worst hit. They are broken from inside and go through such mental trauma that one can't even express.

    Love birds who were in relationship and suddenly break up also go through mental agony, stress and trauma. Don't break heart of the other person if your aim was only to flirt with him/her. When you fall in love with a person then remain committed through out life. Trust each other and pave way for pious relationship of marriage and become each others soulmates. If you don't remain committed and have no will to marry him/her then you don't deserve to love as it could have serious ramifications. Many young and aspiring persons opted to suicide to end the pain of separation. Newspapers are witness though the actual reason of their suicide is kept anonymous but good ratio of such incidents are due to painful separations.

    > Family Expectations.
    Students excel in the field in which they are emotionally and intellectually connected and interested. But when parents try to dictate things regarding subject selection and career then it could take an ugly turn. Such pressure and expectations could cause mental stress, lack of interest to their children because they don't met such criteria that has been kept by their parents. Such students lack focus later and find themselves in a space of uncertainty.
    So it's important for parents to support their children, back their decision regarding subjects and career and even facilitate some sort of career counselling for them instead of dictating and dominating own egoistic terms. When such tall and egoistic expectations are not met then automatically the guilt is born in the mind which ultimately takes shape of depression and other forms of mental issues.

    There are innumerable factors that can lead to depression which I will point out later.
    The question is what is depression?

    Depression is some sort of feeling in which the mood of person remain somewhat sad most of the time leading to loss of interest,
    feeling of hopeless, loss of concentration, feeling somewhat trapped and alone which inturn can lead to a range of behavioural and physical symptoms like changes in sleep or insomnia, appetite, or avoiding eating, loss of energy level, loss of concentration, self infliction, changes in daily behaviour or self-esteem and even can bring thoughts of suicide in mind.
    Suicidal tendencies prompted by depression often arises when one feels that he/she can't cope with the pain or don't have hope for the future then such persons mistakenly think suicide is a solution as they want to kill the pain they are battling with.

    But my friends suicide is not a solution. Life is beautiful and what ever problems we face we need to think practically and find practical solutions to solve them.

    Here I want to add that anyone can go through mental stress or depression. It's not something taboo. It's not something that we need to stigmatize. It can happen to any one depending on circumstances. Instead of helping him/her in coming through it we should not stigmatize them and push them deep towards it.

    Like consultation of other doctors like physicians, cardiologists, neurologists, endocrinologists etc we can consult and take appointment from psychiatrist as well. Don't ever try to label "pagal/ paranoid/mad" to a person who take consultations from a psychiatrist.
    Like physical health we need to take care of our mental, psychological and social health as well. So my humble advice to such persons possessing such mentality is if you don't want to help them then at least don't label them and ruin their life further. They are battling with an invisible enemy from inside that your narrow orthodox mind couldn't see and feel.
    I'm neither a psychologist, psychiatrist nor any self styled counsellor but as a human being let's pledge to help those who are battling with the enemy of depression from inside. The friend circle can play a pivotal role in helping their friends to come out from mental stress.

    Remain positive and enjoy small moments of life. Believe in yourself and always try to share things that bother you from inside because every problem comes with a solution. Think practically and enjoy life to it's fullest.


    ©shisherganth (Zeeshan)

  • shisherganth 10w


    Za'hir Ti Batin Hu'e Agar Mai Aa'se'hei

    Sharmand Gachecht Ma Wah'th Pa^gah

    Roz-e- Mahashirass Manz.

    ©shisherganth ( Zeeshan)

  • shisherganth 11w


    Ra`ech He`nz Ta`riqee Cham Zamerass

    Aqsar Yei Sawaal Karaan

    Kum'e A`ter' Ka`reth Douhas Insaan Ae'sith

    The darkness of the night often questions/confronts my conscience;

    What henious sins/ wrongdoings you committ

    throughout the day though being an

    intellectually highest creature

    [ of Allah (SWT)]


    ©shisherganth (Zeeshan)