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  • shivillex 116w


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    Locked in your prison no hope to escape, 
    You should be hanged for committing childhood rape. 
    You will never abscond the guilt you feel, 
    life time of pain, wounds will never heal. 
    Come from a good family, attended the best schools, 
    met a young girl who you thought was cool. 
    Girl so innocent, full of zeal, 
    thought your concern for her was real. 
    You invited her to your home, drank a little wine, 
    started filling her head with old used lines. 
    Asked for a dance, you started to grind, 
    the fact she's ten escaped your mind. 
    She told you to stop, 
    when you tore off her top. 
    You lost emotional control, she didn't stay alert, 
    started ripping and tearing at her pretty skirt. 
    Took her virginity and her dignity, 
    along with her pride and propriety. 
    Waiting to be sentenced, eyes full of tears, 
    never been to jail, die with your own fears. 
    Her tears tell her condition pretty well,
    You pig,deserve the Satan's hell!
    Vishal Koul

  • shivillex 119w


    Feelings are morn and tears are wet,
    From a memory of pain lorn's beget's.
    One tender moment that once was,
    A perfect relationship that ended because.
    Of music so sweet from a lover's kiss,
    Being beside her is what I miss.
    My night is a moment of thought,
    Of feelings I've somehow brought.
    Whisper me a tune of love,
    For to night my heart float's above.
    Above the heaven's above my soul,
    For once love was my goal.
    Now I'm alone in sorrow's pit,
    Listening to thought as I sit
    Bleeding in pain swolling my pride,
    Because love for me has darkened and died!!
    Vishal Koul

  • shivillex 163w

    Love your fucking life.Take pictures of everything.Tell people you love them.Talk to random strangers.Do things you're scared to do.Fuck it,because so many of us die and no one remembers shit we did.Take your life and make it the best story in the world.
    Don't waste that shit.

  • shivillex 164w


    From the time I dived
    Into crazy new fads
    To the moments when I let
    Petty issues make me sad
    You’ve been with me
    Through it all
    After all of life’s falls
    You’ve helped me stand tall
    I know I don’t fit the bill
    But I deeply care about you
    And I always will
    Day in and day out
    I might have always been
    Very nonchalant with you
    A little too laid-back
    And least bothered too
    My attitude may have sucked
    For I never cared enough
    I have given you anxiety
    And a time in your life, so tough
    In the movie Transformers
    Had you got any acting time
    You would have been
    No one else but Optimus Prime
    You battle all odds
    To keep us going
    So we want to keep
    The love flowing!
    Vishal Koul

  • shivillex 165w

    I am not really single.I am dating myself.I take myself out to eat,I buy myself clothes.I love me!

  • shivillex 166w

    The Night

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    His phone's screen flashed at 2 am which made him wake up with a smile.
    The notification read,
    "Mia Khalifa_GangbangFun.mp4
    Download complete".

  • shivillex 167w


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    The biggest lesson l've learnt this year is
    That no one is really your friend or truly loves you
    Until they have seen every dark shadow inside you

  • shivillex 167w

    The Instinct Of Hope

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    The Instinct Of Hope

    Is there another world for this frail dust 
    To warm with life and be itself again? 
    Something about me daily speaks there must, 
    And why should instinct nourish hopes in vain? 
    'Tis nature's prophecy that such will be, 
    And everything seems struggling to explain 
    The close sealed volume of its mystery. 
    Time wandering onward keeps its usual pace 
    As seeming anxious of eternity, 
    To meet that calm and find a resting place. 
    E'en the small violet feels a future power 
    And waits each year renewing blooms to bring, 
    And surely man is no inferior flower 
    To die unworthy of a second spring?
    Vishal Koul

  • shivillex 170w


    One day you are going to see her holding hands with someone who took your chance.She wont even notice you because she is too busy laughing with the stupid jokes he makes.And it will burn your heart seeing that beautiful smile on her face and realizing you are not the person anymore.And then it will finally hit you : It was her,it was always her.

  • shivillex 172w

    The Poet

    There was strength in him and the weak won freely from it,
    There was an infinite pity, and hard hearts grew soft thereby,
    There was truth so unshrinking and starry-shining,
    Men read clear by its light and learned to scorn a lie.
    His were songs so full of a wholesome laughter
    Those whose courage was ashen found it once more aflame,
    His was a child-like faith and wandering feet were guided,
    His was a hope so joyous despair was put to shame.
    His was the delicate insight and his the poignant vision
    Whereby the world might learn what wine-lipped roses know,
    He builded a castle of dream and a palace of rainbow fancy,
    And the starved souls of his fellows lived in them and grew glad;
    And yet there were those who mocked the gifts of his generous giving,
    But he smiled and forgave them who deemed him wholly mad!
    Vishal Koul