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  • shockia 1d

    What’s a body with a heart in a soul

  • shockia 1w

    Sinful silhouettes

    I met a girl with candy lips
    Upon her lips I placed a kiss
    The kiss was sweet and gentle
    This kiss they say is sinful
    Just like the apple
    Just like me
    I guess the rotten apple
    Doesn’t fall far from the rotten tree


  • shockia 13w

    The music has stopped so I'm done dancing

  • shockia 14w

    The best day is when love says he's here to stay.
    The worse day is when love walks away.

  • shockia 15w

    Let it go
    Let it be
    Walk away
    Accept defeat

  • shockia 15w

    For Her For You

    What's the sun without its light?
    What's the moon without the darkness we call night?
    Aren't we all in need of someone or something to make us useful?
    For her, it's you, it's you who she wants to be the light.
    She wants to be the darkness so you can shine your light.
    She wants to be weak so you have the strength to fight.
    She wants to be the one you hold close to you in the middle of the night.
    What's the world without its creator wouldn't it be null and void?
    What's the earth without other spheres wouldn't it be lonely just sitting out there?
    For her, it's you, you who she wants to be the world so you can create all things bright and beautiful all emotions great and small.
    She wants to be the spheres so you'll never be lonely even though a distance is clear.

  • shockia 15w

    Needs are greater than wants

    If the day ever comes when you stop needing me

    Let me know

    So I can pretend I don't need you

    I don't want to need you
    I need to need you
    That's a big difference

  • shockia 16w

    Dearest friends

    I had a crush on death from that one time we met
    Since then I've never seen him again.
    Today once again we reunited face to face
    Nose to nose, eye to eye, and mouth to mouth.
    He came so close I could feel his breath.
    Upon my lips, he placed a kiss and I thought that was my end and my time had come but he pulled away so quickly it's like we didn't even kiss. He didn't take me and I asked why he said I can't take you because she won't let me and you can't leave here until your ready
    Again he left me but I know we'll meet again
    Death and life my dearest friends

  • shockia 16w

    Greener on the other side

    I want to be where the grass Is green and the sun shines bright.
    Where the moon never comes with no stars in the sky
    I want to be where the birds sing the sweet melody and the wind the harmony.
    I want to be where flowers are born so smooth and beautifully.
    I want to be where the elephants drink pure healing water from the stream. I want to be at great peace knowing the sound of eternity. I want to be playing with lions, tigers, and bears, running together greeting trees as we pass.
    As we grow tired finally at last we'll lay at rest on the delightful green grass

  • shockia 16w

    The silence is so loud