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  • shoobie 13w

    From time to time

    Isn't it strange to think that you were yourself, untouched before I knew you? Then we were inseparable. Now we sit inside ourselves, once again.

    Before I met you, you were clean shaven. On our first date you sported a moustache. It pricked my skin when you kissed me. I can still feel the burn on my neck.

    I don't know much about the rest of the person you were before I met you.
    And the person I knew doesn't exist anymore.

    I shrugged, pushing it down down down the lanes in my mind.

    Then it blasted open when I saw a picture of you on Christmas Day with a clean shaven face like the one you used to have before I met you.

    Because that's it isn't it?

    Life goes on.
    And we get mad when we don't go with it.

  • shoobie 72w

    Two: rebirth

    I went to a Tarot card reader last week.

    I got the death card first.

    She said I shouldn’t worry, that it doesn’t mean I am going to die, but that I already have.

    What now? I asked her.
    Everything was (un)done.

    Now you are turning sorrow, laughter, and pain into a new type of being. 

    Of being? I asked her.
    Of living, she replied.

    Of existing? I asked her.
    Of growing, she replied.

  • shoobie 83w

    I am a river:
    I am your mother's laugh at Thanksgiving dinner
    I am the back of your lovers head
    I am your first wobbly steps to kindergarden
    I am the crumpled sheets of the poem you wish you said
    I am your heart, hardened
    I am your eyes full of stars
    I am your best freind's front door
    I am the old sweater you left in a stranger's car
    I am your soft spots
    I am the ones, sore
    And it never stops, it never stops, it never