Published writer�� I'm not his(Daddy's) princess, I'm his proud smile☺ love the date-13/10❤

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  • shraddhacholera 10w

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  • shraddhacholera 13w


    She was peddled by some unruly mob,
    She continues trying to keep them away from her for a week,
    But they are not even listening a word,
    Then one day she killed two of them,
    Her parents proud of their daughter,
    But there is one thing called 'Society'
    Society saw her as murder,
    No one trying to understand her situation,
    That's why she killed herself too!

    I just want to say that so called that,
    Trust me,
    "Kalimata is as holy as Durgamata!"

  • shraddhacholera 15w

    कुछ रिश्ते ना ही तोड़े जाते है, ना ही बीच में छोड़े जाते है,
    वो रिश्ते बस मुँहबंद करके, निभाऐ जाते है।

  • shraddhacholera 15w

    कुछ रिश्तो की डोर बहुत नाजुक होती है,
    इस बात का एहसास तब हुआ,
    जब वो हल्का सा धागा टूट कर मेरे हाथों में आ गया,
    अफ़सोस उस बात का नहीं, की डोर इतनी जल्दी टूट गई,
    गम तो इस बात का रह गया, की उसने एक बार भी कोशिश नहीं की,
    मुझे समझने की, मेरा मन जान ने की,
    झूठी ही सही, लेकिन वो हमेशा साथ निभाने की कसमे,
    तसल्ली देती थी दिल को के चल! तेरा भी कोई है,
    लेकिन अब? अब कैसे समझाए इस नादान दिल को?
    के झूठे थे वो वादे, वो जीने मरने की कसमे,
    दिल कोई नहीं है तेरा यहाँ पे,
    ए-दिल दिल कोई भी नहीं है तेरा यहाँ पे,
    कुछ रिश्तो की डोर सच मे बहुत नाजुक होती है,
    इस बात का एहसास तब हुआ,
    जब वो प्यारीसी डोर, मेरी ही आँखो के सामने बड़ी आसानी से तोड़ दी उसने।

  • shraddhacholera 15w


    If you said I am wrong,
    Okay agreed!
    But first prove that I am wrong,
    Then I will ready to be prove that what I am!

  • shraddhacholera 27w

    तो क्या हूँआ आज कोशिश मेरी नाकाम रही,
    तो क्या हूँआ आज मंजिल मेरी मुझसे ही रुठ गई,
    हार तो सिर्फ आज हुई,
    कल नई सुबह से नई मेरी कहानी होगी।

  • shraddhacholera 38w

    It was charming morning of 14th February❤️ Yeah!! I rememberes that morning as...

    *Valantine's Morrow*

    I still remember that day,
    When I wakeup, that red rose and that gold ring were lying on my bed.
    I was like... OMG!!!

    As we all know *Valantine's day* is for two soul who loves each other,
    That's why on that day we deport special things to our special one.

    And I found that beautiful *Red Rose*
    With *Gold Ring* which makes that morning sweet,
    One minute!!!
    I forgot that Valantine's card!!!

    He wrote *I Love you Darling!!!*
    In that pretty card and attached a sticky note as well,
    He wrote a gracefull lines in that note,
    That is...
    "Don't tell your mumma about these gifts!!! But the fact is I love you more than your mummy,
    Though we loves each other before & after our marriage and forever also but you are my special I love you!!! Andd be ready for candle light dinner at 19:00 sharp, just you and me Okay!��"

    *I love you so much daddy for everything!!!♥*

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  • shraddhacholera 39w

    Insta I'd : shabdanchal_gujrat

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    Love Story 2020

    That day was first day of our new life,
    I was totally blank when I entered in his room,
    I even only 3 times met him before,
    He came into the room,
    And tooked off his marriage dress and weared comfortable dress,
    I was worried,
    He started talking to me,
    And suddenly he lifted me up,
    And we went upstairs under dark sky,
    I was surprised,
    He furnished romantic date for me,
    OMG!!! That lights, that red wine, that rose petals on bed,
    I was like wow I'm so lucky,
    And we started with normal talk,
    That whole night in his arms and that charming morning, was so remembering
    When I wakeup I show bedcoffee which is my favourite one, near me,
    I asked him what he did whole night? when I seen his sleepy eyes,
    And he answered,
    "Just seen you whole night!"
    And I huged him like my teddy bear,
    Seriously, I love him form that day!!
    And that night converts our arranged marriage into love marriage!!

  • shraddhacholera 41w


    He : Why you don't smile? It's your favorite food right?
    She : Cause you're not interested.
    He : Yes! Because your mouth falls sarcasms only, and I don't like that.
    She : It's just because of your stupidity.
    He : What? Am I stupid?
    She : Yes, you are!
    He : okay I am stupid.
    Now you're happy?
    She : Promise me next time you will don't do this.
    He : You are pregnant honey! It's my duty to stay with you, of course you need me in this time that's why I did fast driving after your call, I just thought you're in trouble because you are hungry that's why, I am really sorry!
    She : I love you!
    He : (Huged her) Let's just eat your favorite pizza!!

  • shraddhacholera 41w


    Kindness is something you give to someone,
    And in return...
    You will get respect rather worth,
    That's why kindness is god gift,
    Which can't afford by everyone.