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  • shradhajagadish 9w


    Don't live your life to impress or satisfy someone,
    Live your life for yourself
    Self satisfaction is most important than anything...


  • shradhajagadish 10w

    Too Much Is Too Bad

    There is a limit for each and everything in life, whether it is a Love, Care, Importance, good or Bad anything it may be.
    We end up losing ourselves

  • shradhajagadish 10w

    Life and Reality

    Life try to fool you
    Questions you
    Gives pain
    Gives love
    Gives care
    But you have to Annalise what is true what is fake
    And some come behind you for your beauty
    And some for your body
    And some for your money or some for just time pass
    So it's you who really have to think and do right move