Its all about perspective.

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  • shrankhla 3w

    We were always like sea and the moon,
    Together we make an epic love story.

  • shrankhla 3w

    The one who stayed- calls me 'home'.


  • shrankhla 4w

    Heal so beautifully, that the light within you
    Shines right through your eyes; repeling every negativity finding it's way towards your life.


  • shrankhla 7w

    I know
    There are going to be days
    When I won't feel like loving you
    And days when you'd feel the same too.
    But even in those days
    There would be enough reasons
    For me to hold on to you.


  • shrankhla 12w

    दिलो में अरमान पनपते देखा है,
    इश्क़ का तूफान सुलगते देखा है।
    उस यार को अपना सब कुछ मान।
    वफा के रास्तों में भटकते देखा है।

    किसी और के दुख में अब सुकून,
    कोई अपना ही जब दे जाए जुदाई।
    मोहब्बत, प्रेमी कलम स्याहि का'
    ने मुस्कुराकर यह बात दोहराई -

    "फना हुआ तो जन्नत हूं मैं,
    जुदा हुआ तो जग रुसवाई।
    मैं आज भी तेरे दिल में बसता,
    था यार तेरा कर गया बेवफाई।"


  • shrankhla 13w

    This was a dark evening, louder than always. The curtains were blown by the wind. And the clouds changed it's color. I was always afraid of thunderstorms. So, I closed the window and hid inside a blanket.
    It's ironic how incidences of past can leave a wound so deep inside your soul that even a mere idea of it can threaten your mind.

    That awful scary night, still brings chills down my spine when that monster tried to exploit me, a small girl with a chocolate in her hand. Could've never imagined that this world was so devious to look at her innocence with nothing but lust. I bit his hand and ran for my life with my frock torn and blood running down my head.

    Even today, I'm afraid of nights, rains, thunderstorms. I only find evil in every face that smiles at me.
    What else could you feel growing up with fear of the world? You can't expect to see the good in people when all you got was viciousness.

    There are going to be darker evenings, louder than I've ever seen. But I'll still live that nightmare everyday like a curse to be born as an innocent little girl child.

    . @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    "There are going to be darker evenings louder than I've ever seen. But I'll still live that nightmare everyday like a curse to be born as an innocent little girl child."


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  • shrankhla 13w

    Make sure your mind is a happy place, you've to spend your entire life in it.


  • shrankhla 14w

    They asked me once to paint my love,
    I painted it as black and white.
    With him it flows like flying dove,
    He taught me what was wrong or right.

    They laughed & mocked, said we won't last,
    Then waited to see us loose that glory.
    We held our hands and walked them past,
    Cause ours' was a timeless love story.


  • shrankhla 14w

    And some days you'll be less than loving.
    In those days darling, I'll love you harder.


  • shrankhla 15w

    Fall in love with a poet

    We won't say I love you,
    We'll make you feel the same.
    We won't choose a fancy date.
    We'll talk about life, walking through the lane.

    We won't cling on to you everytime,
    We'll love you more when you're away.
    We won't tell you,"you're right".
    We'll say you're not, and that's okay.

    We won't sing to you when you're down.
    We'll write for you to let go of that frown.
    We won't give you, what costs a tonn.
    We'll give you a memory to forever hold on.

    We can't promise to bring you the moon,
    We'll make you laugh with 'words', our art.
    We won't leave you alone in the crowd.
    And we'll never ever break your heart.