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  • shreyamm 9w

    One more NIRBHAYA..

    Barely my words can express

    The plight of that night

    When a girl lost its virginity

    To the hands of indivinity 

    A girl continuously 

    screamed for help

    Even her Trinity did not 

    hear her yelp

    Suddenly an innocent 

    girl turned profane 

    Nirbhaya once again became the

    victim of shameful bane..


  • shreyamm 9w

    Dear Lord KRISHNA

    Dear Lord KRISHNA
    I love u for your charisma
    Your love story with Radha
    Is still an enigma
    U made GOPIKAS the
    Symbol of unconditional love
    U never left MEERA alone
    Her devotion towards you
    Is very well known
    Your cheerful attitude
    towards trouble
    Teaches us how
    to be humble
    The colors of your flute
    Thrills my heart
    If I hold your hand
    I can never be hurt
    Your divine words shows
    us the route to live life
    Worshipping you always
    Give me the good vibes
    You are the ocean
    of fathomless knowledge
    Anyone can get enthralled
    With your elegant visage
    Your pranks earned you
    the name MAKHAN CHOR
    U live in each girl's heart core
    Oh the fountain of
    eternal and unconditional love
    I know you always give me
    the best of what I deserve

  • shreyamm 10w

    Dear mercilesslness

    Thanks for killing️ humanity
    With the prowess of your sanity
    What was my sin?
    I was just hungry
    For which I need not slink
    Have u lost the feeling of sympathy?
    U let me down for believing you
    Trust me u will have to pay for this too..
    Murdered elephant..

  • shreyamm 10w

    Dear cruel human
    Thanks for giving food to mother elephant
    Congratulations for victory that
    You perceive as triumphant
    Never u dare say corona wrong️
    U deserve not to live long

  • shreyamm 10w

    You have your way. I have my way.
    There is no such option except to accept the least wrong way.As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not survive.

  • shreyamm 10w

    All we need to remember is it's LOCKDOWN️ not CORONA that has came to its last stage ✍

  • shreyamm 10w

    Corona and wane life

    My dusty slippers scream..
    We have now waited ⏳to extremes..
    Please take us for a trip✈️
    We want to enjoy liberty again.
    Life due to corona has become wane..

  • shreyamm 10w

    Life is itself a wait⏰ which incessantly keeps on running‍♀ towards its goals✍✍

  • shreyamm 10w

    My heart❤️ loves to sing a song, lyrics of which you imprint on its beat✍✍

  • shreyamm 10w

    Corona took many lives..
    2020 did not give us good vibes
    But let's hope for the best
    One day, corona will also go to rest..