Try to be better everyday by experiencing your past��

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  • shreyanshsamaiya 14w

    # mirakee # feelingshared

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    Cool winds
    Favourite songs plugged in and walk on terrace at night
    With the wind sound in background is best feeling in the lockdown

  • shreyanshsamaiya 15w

    That what I did...

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    If you accept the world to be fair with you because you are fair.. it means you are fooling yourselves...
    It is just like a dear who is expecting not to be eaten by the lion... Because he did not eat him...

  • shreyanshsamaiya 16w

    Self love....✌️❤️

    Whenever I'm feeling down..... I look at my pictures and smiling own smile makes me happy

    That's called self love

  • shreyanshsamaiya 17w

    I stopped telling people how to treat me... and started walking away....
    Blocking and distancing myself.

    Life may be lonely but it's become peaceful.
    Sometimes being alone in life is better than being surrounded by worst people.

  • shreyanshsamaiya 17w

    Best revenge

    The best revenge is to live on and prove yourself......
    The best revenge is never talking to someone again......who gave you so much pain....
    Best revenge is move on and be happy...
    (If you will do all this, they will be jealous)

  • shreyanshsamaiya 17w

    The more i meet people....
    The more.... I love and believe myself♥️

  • shreyanshsamaiya 18w

    The shining stars above good they look....when they shine they take away....all the negativity of life...just stare at the shining moon today....see how bright life can be....see the positive aspect of life....look how deep is the connection.... which we have with our soul....evening is a graceful time....embrace the evening with that we have a loving while..

  • shreyanshsamaiya 19w

    Happy birthday Didi

    Aaj Aapka din hai....
    isliye thodi tareef Kar rahe hai
    चलो प्यारी बेहना अब उठ भी जाओ।
    सबके साथ मिलकर जन्मदिन मनएंगे।।
    सबसे पहले तुम्हे दे रहा हूं बधाई।
    वादा करता हूं आज तुम्हे ना सताऊंगा।।
    जो तुम कहोगी वहीं खुशी खुशी करता जाऊंगा।
    एक बार फिर से अवतरण दिवस की बहुत
    बहुत बधाई........
    Hamesha hasti raho .....
    May your life fulfil with happiness❣️
    And all your wishes come true

  • shreyanshsamaiya 19w

    The fact is

    Having more valuable feelings for someone makes you more cheaper in front of them

  • shreyanshsamaiya 19w


    Your mind is a powerful thing...
    When you fill it with positive thoughts,
    Your life will start to change..
    Life should be enjoyed with every moment
    Life is a most beautiful thing
    Happiness has the highest level in life