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  • shubhamsingal 1d

    Its only by words conflicts begin,
    Its only by words it can stop.

  • shubhamsingal 2d

    आसमां का तो पता नहीं,
    इतनी दूर गया नहीं में कभी,
    पर हाँ तू बुलाये तो,
    जहानुम तक आने में देर नई करूँगा।

  • shubhamsingal 3d

    #ego #attitude
    मनोवृत्ति (attitude), अहंकार (ego)

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    कहीं शक कहीं नफरत की दीवार है,
    कहीं अहंकार कहीं मनोवृत्ति दिल्लों में है।

  • shubhamsingal 3d

    लिखना चाह रहा हु बहुत कुछ,
    पर लफ्ज़ नही मिल रहे,
    न जाने कैसी ये बेचेनी है,
    न जाने कैसी ये बेबसी है।

  • shubhamsingal 4d


    Dream is not what you see during sleep,
    Dream is what dose not let you sleep.

  • shubhamsingal 1w


    Being a muse in someone's life is the best feeling.

  • shubhamsingal 1w

    Jab chaand yha hai to roshni ki kya jrurat hai.

  • shubhamsingal 1w

    #cologne #mirakee
    PS - cologne have less oil concentration compared to daily perfumes.

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    Relationships today have became
    a blend of different colognes
    with trust correlating oil concentration.

  • shubhamsingal 1w

    Love is a poem without words
    But with feelings, trust, care and attention.

  • shubhamsingal 2w

    Imagination flies....

    Our imagination flies...
    From start to end of the world,
    To make world a better place,
    To formulate medicines to make bombs....