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  • shubhway 9w


    With no purpose--
    I creep inside my wall
    A battle within--
    Besieged-- unarmed--

    Through the Chambers--
    And screams therein
    Blindfolded-- I forced to walk--
    A-- Dante's journey--

    An Ocean on the other side--
    Still as the 7th day--
    Its waves-- pleasant--
    For the souls on the Beach

    The battle lost within--
    But the lips narrate otherwise--
    A few can see--
    Others can't read

  • shubhway 13w

    The Dweller

    Smile is that gift—
    That I wish—
    I could afford—
    To offer thee—

    With a box—
    Embellished with diamonds—
    I beg for one, every Morn-light—
    'Tis still— empty—

    I should drop the Compass—
    And sail to my Heart & the Dweller within
    Either— I may have one—
    Or the Dweller would be free


  • shubhway 15w

    The Play

    An uncertain Curtain frees—
    The Spirit of Remorse
    We— on the front seat—
    Try to sit— untouched—

    And, the Darkness engulfs
    Our Brains— the easy hosts—
    For we abandoned—
    The Light of Blunder—

    The Vision—
    Leaps out and flees— the Play
    Oh! Poor Souls—
    The Play plays like a stream—

    The Souls in the Heavenly Ocean—
    Regretting— the lost Spirit—
    Vacate their seats—
    And mourn for the closed Curtain


  • shubhway 16w

    Two Sagas

    The light reminds me of-
    A black-cloaked Shelf-
    Clutching a Legend
    Two Sagas It reaped;
    A saga of love-
    From the biblio-field of mine,
    And left me-
    With the pages of yours-
    On the corrosive Shelf of-
    A dazzling life


  • shubhway 17w


    Life is a poem
    Written as an aesthetic ballad
    It tests your toes-
    On the highland of-
    Iambic Verses
    Don't know the ballet?
    Just creep on the rhythm of-
    Its feet,
    For it never alliterates
    Nah! You can't dodge its loop
    To break its cryptic spell-
    You've to sing the Meter-
    Up to six-
    Where every secret gets a rest


  • shubhway 17w


    A hushed Breeze,
    With no bounds-
    Carries an odour of void
    The only Truth, it whispers-
    No one can hear it- twice

    When it comes,
    A Banshee chirps, Souls shiver
    When it departs,
    The earth smells laments-
    As a Fragrance is lost

  • shubhway 21w

    When you're into someone

    You don't count the falling leaves
    Whether gold, red or brown
    Your heart comes at a standstill
    In the calm brush of a breeze
    With the fragrance of love
    That shows the promised land of the Autumn

  • shubhway 21w


    The more I hope
    The more I get closer to the stars
    I might be Icarus in the sky
    But only wind holds the secret-
    How to sail through it
    And how to illuminate the night

  • shubhway 48w

    I FEEL like a sapling kissing its
    first blaze of the Sun
    when your fingers
    crawl all over my neck

    Gently....when you wander your eyes
    over my face
    I feel a wildfire in my heart
    rising higher and higher
    than my passionate love

    I love being an unchained creature
    of the full moon
    When shades of your velvet skin
    fall onto my virgin lips

    Beneath the naked roof,
    in the holy world,
    I love to be a sinner with you

  • shubhway 80w


    Your head on my chest
    My arms around you
    No words, No thoughts
    we both gazing at our own stars
    Your face looks prettier every time
    when I find myself
    in the Galaxy of your eyes
    Bubbles in my Heart,
    filled with love
    The way your breath
    touch my neck,
    I'm afraid it could burst
    No Rovers, No fame
    No Heaven, No hell
    Under the Tree of peace
    We are happy to live
    in our little World