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  • shweta98 23w

    I don't think I'll ever
    Surrender to God.
    I am in love with death
    Because he will be 
    The only one to
    Take my life away.

  • shweta98 23w

    Six word quote

    Reality is imperfect,
    your imaginations aren't.

  • shweta98 30w

    Six word quote

    Death terrifies me,
    Sometimes mesmerises me.

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  • shweta98 35w

    You came in my life like a fiction.
    The kind of I've only read in books.
    And I immediately fell in love,
    I didn't wanted to see how you look.

    You know everything I know
    You understand the same things as me,
    You have a big void inside of you
    I wanted that to be filled by me.

    Wasn't easy to get inside
    When you call yourself emotionally unavailable
    I guess I was that too
    I wanted to make a story unforgettable.

    You were there when I ceird
    When I laughed, the cause was you
    You never felt bored
    I guess you may love me too.

    But before I break apart
    Or you choose the way to death
    I want you to know that I'll be here
    With you until your last breath.

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    In this sky full of dark clouds
    I found the bright sky in you.

  • shweta98 36w

    My first #alphop
    I tried. Please tell me how's it?
    @writersnetwork @minacarki @itshumera @zenith_ @shaanjindal

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    Deep down despair
    Delusional daydreams
    Death during daylight.

  • shweta98 37w

    Being awake
    Doesn't mean 
    Waking up from a dream,
    It means
    Waking up
    out of the cruel reality.
    Being aware
    Of the reality 
    Of your dreams.

  • shweta98 38w

    One last time
    I felt like doing it again,
    Just one last time
    I felt like releasing the pain.
    My skin was begging me
    Trauma sticking like gum
    I couldn't find anything else
    Anything that could make me numb.
    From counters of cigarettes
    To stack of pills,
    From drinks to sudden chills.
    I'm choking on my own breath
    My overpowering wrath.
    Even in those bright daylights
    The sun couldn't light up
    My deepest darkest corners.
    I felt intoxicated
    I felt this toxic should leave me,
    For one last time
    Can people forgive me?
    I broke promises
    Burned bridges
    I closed doors
    My heart freezes.
    I spent nights drowning
    In my own emotions
    They begged me
    To set them free.
    Just for once
    One last time
    It won't hurt
    It will help to heal
    And it won't leave a scar
    Even if it does
    Nobody will ever see.


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    One last time


  • shweta98 42w

    Whatever it is,
    The thing between you and me.
    I love the way every day
    How you unravel a part of you to me.
    I yearn for you,
    I hate the distance between us.
    It's like one in a million years
    A soul came to similar another.
    You fill every void in my mind
    And I guess I fill yours too,
    But this feeling between us
    I want to give it a name,
    I want to end this distance too.