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  • shwetaaa 4w

    There yet

    Are we there yet?
    It's just a voice breaking through the dark spell of the night.
    Even darker was his conscience that disturbed his sleep
    With eyes that stared out the windows at the cosmos
    And bright lights twinkling finitely on the land
    He saw the universe, within his reach and easy to conquer
    Never had a train felt so surreal as it raced on the tracks
    Out in the open the world passed by, a bizarre sight to behold
    The trees shadowed on the canvas of illuminating blackness
    And there, right below, settled at the foot of the hill was a universe
    Each house that glittered with the light a star on earth
    A milky way right in front holding hostage brilliant satellites
    We were there
    She answered
    A moon amongst the others, dull and volatile
    Frail was her form, quivering was her voice and yet she was firm
    Vital was her answer, a grounding point to define him
    We are there, he answered
    Amidst the heaven on earth, he was already a list cause

  • shwetaaa 7w

    His hands were rough on her skin, the feel of her warm skin soft and smooth beneath his wide palm and his fingers pressing hard into her waist as if she was sand slipping from under his hands. The passion between them as palpable as his hunger while his lips caressed her mouth, moving over her roughly, devouring the sweetness that was heavy on his tongue.

    His heated skin tingled wherever it touched her, and the rest of him was wild with anticipation, wanting to strip her of the layers of clothing that were keeping him from what he wanted. It was fire dancing on their skin, making his insides light sure as if she had reached within his chest.

    His hands slipped on her waist, pulling her to his chest and holding her in the tight cage of his arms. Her breasts against his chest, the softness a burden he willingly wanted, he tightened his arms around her waist, pulling her ever so closer to him, so much so that he felt her heart race against his own and that evoked another wave of stinging desire inside him.

    His mouth moved on her lips, his hunger evident in the way he nibbled and sucked on her. He licked her lower lip. And when he liked the taste of her, he licked at her some more, pressing his tongue on her lip and moving it in a languid way so he could savor her sweetness. Her lithe body molded into him, bending back a little as he imposed himself on her.

    Pushing her body into the pillar behind them his hands went to the back of her thighs, rising them so he settled between her parted legs, the weight of her something that he readily accepted. Her core was hot and wet as he felt it on an erection that wanted to be free of his pants and into her.

    A groan left his throat and vibrated on their joined mouths, his lips moving in a rash and hurried way, wanting and ever hungry for the feel of her lips. With his eyes closed, he rolled his hips into her, so she could feel what he did to him. How she called the primal male in him that wanted nothing but to mate.

    All of that was until he felt with a sense of urgency that something was terribly wrong between what was happening. His guts going cold even as his body was very much into what he was doing, even as he forced his tongue in her slick mouth to move over her soft tongue. And then he realized why his desire was still stinging and unsated even as he was getting what he wanted the most. He had to forced his lips on her mouth........mouth that remained unmoving.

    Another roll of his hips on her core, his fingers digging into her thighs, and closed her eyes to escape the prison that she had awaited for so long. Nothing about what was happening to her, from this intruding tongue to the weight of his body pinning her down, she wanted nothing of what was being done to her.

    It all took her back to the unpleasant memories of Jarot, back to when he too had been this harsh and inconsiderate, never caring for what she wanted and how she felt.....obtruding on her.

    In the body of a mature woman being held by a stunning man strong enough to hold her like he owned her without a doubt in his mind, she was the same old kid that ran from what was happening to her now. Although her core ached and begged for something to happen and even as her body was ready and willing, her mind held her back, not allowing her to let go of a past that at times kept her awake though the nights.

    She was wary of her own body, aware that he was not Jarot but what was the difference? He too was wild on her, using her body to quench his thirst as she tried to deal with the storm that was eating her alive from within.

    Jarot had seldom been gentle with her, but the memories of when he had used her like any other possession was what made her eyes sting with unshed tears. She was back in the arms of a mate who had abused her.

    But then it changed, the fingers biting into her thighs moved lovingly on her, stroking the skin that surely held his moons of his nails. His lips too changed their pace, his forceful tongue retracting itself, but then as if he couldn't control himself, that soft and slick tongue darted out and quickly swiped on her lip. His lips that were harsher before came down on hers softly, then caressingly moving in a gentle rhythm, coaxing her to respond, open up willingly to him.

    Very gently he shifted her so she sat on the rail of the balustrade, his hands then wound around her loosely, his thumbs tracing patterns on her back.

    He was still between her legs, his mouth was still on her lips, moving and caressing, but the manner had changed, again evoking the licks of desire that set ablaze her insides. She again felt the heat that made her womanly parts tingle with something that she had never willingly wanted.

    He gently sucked her lip in his mouth, the soft nibbles of his teeth travelling straight to her core, making her wet and ready. The way his tongue moved on her lip was a promise to something that she was unknown to, and yet she wanted what he had to offer. With her lip still in his mouth, his teeth captured her lip and his tongue moved to make her moan and tremble in his attention. His hands spanned over her back and waist, caressing and stroking her.

    "Nahtee" he moaned on her lips, his erection still straining in his pants, seeking the relief that he held at an arms length. "I want you, won't you help me?"

    He whispered and leaned back, away from her reach. Her face was as flushed as it could, her parted lips swollen as she panted, her eyes razed with desire as she gazed at him. A proud smile curled the ends of her lips as she breathed hard and her eyes darted to his mouth.

    "Give me what I want, Bhoomi" he demanded in that hushed tone. "please...."

    And then she came to him willingly, her arms going to the nape of his neck and pulling him to her mouth and leaning to meet him in the middle.

    This time, she kissed him, her lips demanding and fervent as her nails pulled him at her. A chuckle sounded deep in his throat at her eagerness. Now she was the one forcing her way on him, and as pure male ego surged in his veins, he couldn't help but feel a foot taller than he really was. She was his, but that wasn't enough, his pride would not allow him to indulge into her if she did not accept him.

    He liked how he came to him, but the hesitant brushes and strokes of her lips were inexperienced, she knew not what to do even as her instincts guided her to him. He smiled as her tongue sloppily came out and sought entrance into him, which he allowed quite readily.

    When she retracted her tongue, she knew what she had given him was way different than how he had pleased her. She lowered her head and she lifted her hands up, he however, grabbed a hold of her wrists and guided her palms to his chest. And then his eyes went down, lowering and settling on the valley of her breasts which was decorated with the beautiful tattoo which he had never seen before on a person with his own eyes. But here she was, a goddess with the marking to prove it, but in his arms and as his own. His smile broadened till his eyes went over the peaks that strained against her blouse, a sign of just how heated and heady he had gotten her.

    His smile turned into that lustful one which he knew very well gave away all the intentions which were bubbling in his mind.

    "Why did you stop, hmm?" his voice was as but a breathy whisper "go on, kiss me." he urged her, and fondly looked at how timid she was when it came to intimacy, so different from that woman who had stepped out of the lake naked and had been an exhibitionist for him. He loved both of her, the strong one who could wield a sword as well as the one who was looking up at her from beneath her thick lashes.

    He cupped her face in his palms and stared deep in her brown eyes.

    He lowered his head so his mouth hovered over her lips.

    "Kiss me Nath"

    "I'm not good at it." she whispered back, her eyes looking up at him.

    "Then learn by yourself. I'm yours, darling. I like the feel of you, doesn't matter if you don't know what to do." A small peck on her mouth "Use me, sweetheart."

    With his fingers weaving in her braided locks, he guided her mouth to him, and it was all that he needed. But he had to admit, she was a quick learner.

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    "Kiss me Nath"

    "I'm not good at it." she whispered back, her eyes looking up at him.

    "Then learn by yourself. I'm yours, darling. I like the feel of you, doesn't matter if you don't know what to do." A small peck on her mouth "Use me, sweetheart."

    With his fingers weaving in her braided locks, he guided her mouth to him, and it was all that he needed. But he had to admit, she was a quick learner.

  • shwetaaa 8w

    Ica snuggled in closer to the warm body of her mate, burying her face in the crook of his neck, her fully clothed body encaged by his half naked body and seeking comfort in his warmth. Connor rubbed her back with one hand while his other hand wound around her waist pulled her closer into him.

    "Connor, I'm sorry about my parents. I should not have taken you to them." She murmured as she recalled the way their encounter had went. The not so pleasant visit to her roots was very disturbing for her to process without the shiver that went through her body.
    The mother that she had went to meet was indeed very happy to see her, she had been welcomed with a hug and tears they were justified. Her father, though he had a stern look on his face with his lips pressed in a tight line, had not thrown her out and was pretty much okay with her returning back.

    She had been offered victuals and called in, told of how her parents had been faring and been introduced to her younger brother. The said younger brother had been wary of her in the beginning but then later on had been all smiles and stories of his training.

    She had also gotten the chance to pour her heart over to her mother over the tea that had been served to her in earthen cups that had colored patterns on it. She had apologized even though she had nothing to be sorry about and in turn, her mother had made sure she knew she had nothing to worry about. Her mother had expressed her how remorse over the way things had turned out.
    Everything was going as smooth as her younger brother's ball that he had thrown at her to play with, until the presence of the two warriors had to be explain, wherein no one had expected that she had left her older mate and was settling with a new man who was looking after her and taking care of her like she was a porcelain doll. And no amount of justification on how her mate was abusive and hit her regularly or how she was covered in bruises and cuts all the was enough for her decision to be accepted. It was still an unfathomable taboo which had not sat well with her parents.

    She had been judged, argued with and so had been the males that were present with her. Her father had been downright offensive with all of them and Connor had been silent all the while. Her younger brother had gone to hide from the wrath of his father and things really went haywire when her father decided that she had no right to live fir the sin that she had committed. When he had raised a hand on her, Connor had decided that to intervene, where he had crushed her father's hand that had stung her cheek. A bruise had already formed on her skin.

    The drama had been stopped by Kahlan who had then declared that there was no need to entertain her parents anymore and they had left, with tears in her eyes and a stinging pain on her cheek and hurt in her heart at even her mother turning against her.
    She was getting away from her house when her brother had come rushing, calling out her name and halting her steps. She had turned on her heels and had caught her brother in her arms with whom she had bonded over the two hours or so that she had stayed in the house where she had grown.

    He had looked up with eyes that mirrored hers and frowned up at her.

    "Are you going?" He had asked.

    "I'm afraid I have to." She had uttered out of a closed throat.

    "Will you come back soon?"
    "I don't know" She had answered at which point her father had shouted obscenities and curses to call her brother back.

    Her brother had hugged her and very discreetly handed Connor, who was standing behind her, a scroll that he had taken and hidden with confusion written all over his face.

    "Goodbye didi." He had said and rushed off.

    Connor tilted her head back and brought his lips down to hers and kissed his way into her mouth, his large palms cradling her face as he turned her on her back and leaned into her. Her hands went to his neck and pulled him closer on their own accord.

    "I would have killed that man had he not been your father." He whispered on her lips as his fingers gently caressed her cheek that was bruised. He kissed her cheek and then trailed his lips on her jaw, placing open mouthed kisses and finding his way to her mouth again.

    His hand came to rest on her waist and caressed her skin, his mouth slowly travelling to her slender neck and sucking her skin, a gasp left her parted mouth as he continued his assault on her and left his mark where people could see it. When he leaned up to look at his artwork, a proud smile stretched on his face.

    His other hand reached to her thigh and pulled it apart to make space for himself and nestled between her now parted legs. His face again buried in the crook of her neck and travelled below, through the material of her blouse, he took the pointed tip of her nipple in his mouth.

    A moan left her mouth and she arched into him, her hands went to his open back and pulled him into her. His one hand came to rest on her other breast and groped her, his other hand going above her head. He moved up and went to work with opening her blouse, but he was not in any hurry to be in her, he was more in the feel of making her beg for him.

    When her blouse was open, his mouth went to her mound and placed feather light kisses all over her chest but not where it counted. His tongue tasted her velvet skin as it neared her aroused tip and then went on to attend her other breast. A groan left her mouth when he was placing a kiss on her sternum and he laughed above her beating heart.

    When he was on her other breast, her hands vanished in the threads off his hair and forced his open mouth on her nipple. Deciding not to trouble her too much he attended to her tip, suckling and nipping with his teeth.

    Her legs dragged on the bed they were lying on and then came over his hips, pulling him into her. Connor's palm caressed its way down her open skin and into the band of her skirt to feel her warm wetness through the material of her underwear.

    He groaned and kissed her mouth, his fingers rubbing her through the fabric, parting her lips and caressing her bundle of nerves.

    When she moaned, he hovered over her, looking down at her face, her lids down om drowning eyes and her her mouth parted to allow her labored breath to come out in sweet sounds which he allowed to echo in the room rather than swallowing them in him.

    When her fingertips pressed into him, he slid the panty aside and slid two fingers into her, working her up through her wetness. Curling his fingers into her, he massaged her and then moved his fingers in and out. Moving his mouth to her breast he sucked her in.

    It wasn't long till he felt her walls slowly clamping down on him....................and he stopped before she got her release. A groan of frustration left her mouth and went up to face her, his eyes staring into hers. His hand that was covered in her juices came up and he looked at them, glistening in the candle light.

    "What is it sweetheart?" He asked sweetly. Her flushed face contorted with her need for a release.

    When she opened her mouth he put his fingers in her mouth, her eyes flared as she stared up at him.

    "How about you clean them first?"

    Looking into his eyes, her lips closed on his fingers and her tongue swirled on the fingers carrying the taste of her. His eyes closed as the pleasure went straight to his cock that was straining in his pants. He felt her suck on his fingers a groan escaped his mouth. When she was done, she opened her mouth. He looked at her and retracted his fingers.

    "You were saying?" He urged her.

    She continued to glare at him with accusing eyes which brought a tipped the corner of his lips up.

    "Why do you look so angry, hmm?" He bent down and kissed her cheek, bringing his lips to her ear, "Is there something you want?" He pressed his arousal in her core and rolled his hips.

    She answered with a moan but he couldn't really understand the language of moans now, could he? He needed words.

    "Connor" she breathed out.

    "Yes, darling?" he sucked on her earlobe, his tongue sliding on the shell of her ear.

    "Pleaseee." she pushed her body into his, her breasts pressed to his chest and the heels of her feet digging into his thighs.

    "Please what, what is it?" he whispered and waited for her to answer.

    "I want you ......pleaseee"

    He shouldn't starve her too much, should he? Time to get serious with her, and so rushed to remove the barriers of clothes between them and she struggled with his pants.

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  • shwetaaa 8w

    The empty walls of her room screamed at Elle as she tried and failed to get some sleep, their noise deafening as they fought with the cold air in the closed room for dominance. The end result of her internal unease and panic was claustrophobia that was rendering her breathless and with a feeling of being caged and shackled.
    Throughout her childhood, Elle had nothing. She had to beg and steal to feed her ever hungry stomach, her young heart had always been denied the love and compassion that it deserved and there was no guardian to watch over her and reach out a helping hand to wipe her tear streaked cheeks. She had been alone, with a feeling of betrayal for those who had birthed her for abandoning her and never enough resources to fulfil her basic needs. Envy for other kids had made her suffering worse as she had seen other parents treat their children with love, and for those same compassionate eyes to turn hard and filled with hatred when they turned on her.
    She had only one thing as her possession, her own thoughts and conscience. It was a weird comfort in feeling blessed for having the ability to entertain herself with her own thoughts. The control that she had on her own mind had provided her with a sense of security that was undefeatable by anyone. No one could take her thoughts away from her, she reveled in the knowledge that her secrets would always remain thus so long as she decided not to give them words. A companion who would never abandon her like her parents did, but as it turned out, that security too was only a mirage.
    When Damien had breached the barrier of her mind, he had done more than intruding into her personal space. He had taken more than her memories and had left her with a feeling that she was not safe anywhere. People's mind were their sanctum sanctorum, a sacred space for no one to obtrude. But Damien had entered her mind, and it felt like he had violated her individualism. He had no right to do what he did.
    And yet, instead of feeling angry, she had drowned herself in self pity and misery over the invasion of privacy which her mind had connected to the melancholy of her younger years.
    As breathing became more and more difficult and she started choking on air, she realized that she had to calm herself, but the realization did not help with anything. Her hands started shaking, the ringing of her ears so loud that she was developing a headache, the sound of her heart beating against her chest somehow managed to echo in the barren room and her face felt numb. In her mind, her thoughts made no meaning and yet they were buzzing with meaningless words. Her blood running thin in her veins as her eyes continued to burn and in turn set her whole face ablaze.
    She could make meaning of nothing, not even the reason behind her sudden panic attack. Through her blurred vision she looked at the walls that appeared to be closing in on her and then as she mover her head her eyes fell on the closed door of the room allotted to her.
    She gulped down a lump in her throat that was aiming to tear it apart and and then got up to leave the room. She tripped on her own legs, lost her balance and fell down, the side of her head hitting the corner of the bed and another wave of pain, solid and strong, went through her head.
    Through the haze she pressed a hand approximately where her head hurt because she could not pinpoint where she had hit her head. Putting one step ahead of the other with a gait similar to that of a drunkard and opened the to get out which was led solely by her survival instincts.
    Through his window, Damien watched as she got out and fell on her hands and knees, her hair falling all over her. His eyebrows furrowed as he heard her uneven breathing and her too fast heartbeats.
    Without a conscious thought on his part, his legs started carrying him out of the huge gothic Victorian room and down the red velvet covered stairs, through the foyer and vestibule and out in the open where cold air chilled his robe covered form and winds carried to him her mesmerizing smell.
    It was as he started striding in her direction, with the glass of wine that he was emptying into his otherwise perfect body still in his hand, that he smelt his Butler. He pressed his lips at how much it bothered him.
    He slowed down when he neared them and then stopped where the shadows covered him to watch what transpired. Aiden rubbed her back and sat her up so she was sitting with her legs outstretched. And when she leaned into him for support as her body gave up on the task of keeping her upright, the surge of possessiveness that hit his nerves was a surprise to him.
    And more than that, the lust that grounded him at the sight of her flushed face with her delectable lips parted and her bosom invitingly going up and down. He had not felt this attraction for any woman after his darling had met her end.
    And as that thought gave birth to a sense of betrayal towards his mate, his shame had him crushing the glass in his hand and turning around to leave them two be. Had he really rushed all the way here just to comfort her? Why was he acting so impulsively? He as a monarch for Devil's sake, he was in charge of handling a whole species, how the fuck was he supposed to control the whole vampire population when he couldn't even control himself?
    Aiden took her into his arms and held her to himself, the sight of her so rattled and unable to breath was enough to scare him. While he rubbed her back slowly and felt her catch her breath again he looked down at her beautiful face which was masked by sweat and worry.
    He gave her a smile but his relief was short lasting as she was quick to back away from him. As she stood on her slightly shaky legs and apologized him for the inconvenience, he faked a smile and pshawed away her worries while internally his heart ached at her gesture.
    With a curt thank you the lady went on her way into the room and away from the cold but Aiden's conscience didn't grant him that privilege. He was unsettled by her response, as if his touch had burnt her.

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    And more than that, the lust that grounded him at the sight of her flushed face with her delectable lips parted and her bosom invitingly going up and down. He had not felt this attraction for any woman after his darling had met her end.

  • shwetaaa 9w


    For the two days that followed her arrival in the temple premises, Nath was utterly numb. She had lost everything that her body owned, from her sensations to her senses, she was a clean slate.

    No thoughts troubled her mind, no emotions erupted in her chest, Even her awareness about her surroundings had fled her as her eyes remained closed.
    She was painfully aware of her existence, she knew nothing apart from her conscience that was alone in the depts of cosmos. She was floating even if she was still laid flat on the ground, her form ethereal and surreal.

    Where am I?

    She questioned without opening her lips, her unsaid words were too loud as they echoed in her inner space. She knew someone was watching her, she knew someone was listening to her, gauging her reactions to the emotionless state that she was deliberately put into.

    Where you should not be.

    The voice that answered her was neither feminine not masculine, it was neither expectant nor disappointed. As if all was well and as clothing nothing was as it should've been, everything is as it was destined to be.

    Destined to be.

    Should I leave?

    Nath asked again, knowing well that she even though she had nearly no well wishers, she now by some miracle had a place where she belonged to. A person who belonged to her. A person who listed after her dusky skin and fierce eyes, any mayhap even the way she wielded a sword.

    A person who was pursuing her.

    Do you need to?

    The voice asked instead.

    She wondered if she did need to leave. Whom did she have apart from that one person? Who awaited her with worry and wished to see her happy? And that one person too was a stranger to her. But the question wasn't if many people waited for her. How could she measure emotions and compassion by the number of people who felt them for her? The question was whether the desire and passion of that one person were worth returning from this blissful state of nothingness to the harmful parallel reality of the colourful world.

    Was Kahlan worth returning to that place which had only harmed her. But was she right? Had the actualization and awareness of her surroundings only brought her harm? Then what about her childhood that was painted in cheerful colours of joy and excitement? What about all the clothes and jewellery and love that was bought to her by her naive kid self and the passion of her parents?

    She had a wholesome life. The pain of her adulthood to match the pleasure of her childhood. When she had it all, she was invincible so she never experienced the darker side of the world. And when she had lost it all, there was joy in life but perhaps she had not looked for it.

    When Jarot had kissed her, she had been in denial of the reality only because she had not asked for it, because it was forced on her. But there was no harm in being kissed, only love if he ever possessed that for her. Had she not been so stubborn, then perhaps love would have blossomed between them and maybe now what she defined as her bad phase would have been defined as something livelier and lovelier. Maybe she would have found a different joy had she not always ran away and stayed hidden.

    I owe you an apology, don't I, Jarot?

    He forced himself on her to make her accept and she ran away because he was forceful. Whose mistake was it? Who was responsible for their ruined affair?

    You don't.

    Came his reply. She would've smiled but although her conscience had returned, it had failed to bring with it the emotions that ran her body.

    We were each other's poison, and we negated each other.

    The voice talked to her. For once, she wanted to talk to him. She wanted to feel him, to know that he was not all evil.

    Do you accept Kahlan?

    She asked him instead.

    I accept your decisions.

    She closed her eyes in the dark space of her mind, a creation that connected her to the otherworldly forces, that served as a communion between her and the wild.

    Say it, Jarot.

    There was a silence that was neither comfortable not depressing. It was just there. Like she once had been a few years back and she would be a few years later.

    I love you, Bhoomi.

    This lit a spark in her chest. Brought back her emotions sure as if someone had lit a candle in her heart. A smile forms on her lips now, she knew that he too had been burdened by the what-ifs. That she was not alone.She was never alone.

    You want me to stay.

    Nath declared. She knew this space could at once last forever and end in a moment. And she knew there were a lot of things to talk and sort out between them. After all, they had been each other's venom.

    I wouldn't stop you from leaving.

    He answered her with all the sincerity he could muster and she knew his words to be true. She knew he would not stop her from leaving him, not even if she was leaving him behind to be one with Kahlan. And for some reason she knew she would not leave him behind.

    At that moment she recalled all the good things about Jarot, about how he had taken care of her and loved her. Her mind showed her the time when he had come to their chambers drunk and taken her crying form in his sloppy arms. He had slapped her earlier that day, and now he was taking her still slightly numb cheek in his rough palms to place feather light kisses on it. His eyes were bloodshot as he had held her that night and massaged her cheek with some lotion to help with the bruise and pain.
    He had returned with a deep cut in the palm of the hand that he had raised on her.

    Another moment popped up from when he had saved her from her nearly successful suicide attempt. He had tended to all her wounds himself as she had trembled in fear of the hard strikes that she anticipated for her audacity to think of ending her life.

    Those strikes never came, only his gentle gestures.
    And then when he had fed her himself when she had refused to eat anything, starvation to death to escape the misery that Jarot imposed upon her. He had raised his voice on her, even his hand to scare her, but surprisingly that hand had not reached her that day. That hand had only forcefully fed a very Nath who had starved herself for four days straight.
    She realized with an alacrity that there were a lot of such moments, where although he had cared for her, she had never considered it because even that care had came hidden in the cloak of domination and fear

    He had abused her and she had let him. And when he started caring, she knew him only for his abuse and nothing else. She associated him with everything bad that had happened to her and never looked past at the man whose harsh eyes used to soften a little whenever they had looked at her.

    Gently, she got on all fours and crawled like she used to back when he was around. The only difference was that this time she was crawling to him instead of from him. Soon the darkness led to a place of light.
    Previously where her state of consciousness was dark where only his voice echoed, this place was bright where there was nothing leave for his form that stood a few feet away.

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    We were each other's poison, and we negated each other.

  • shwetaaa 9w

    She felt a feather-light touch on the inside of her thigh, it was a lazy drag that ultimately settled between her thighs. In her sleep, with her eyes closed, her legs clenched together to stop the tickling she felt, her back arching into his hard body. Her hips pushed into a very big ridge that was ready to penetrate her and she tipped her head back, finding a place to rest on his shoulder.

    Connor watched as his beloved made that sound again, that sweet moan that left her even sweeter mouth was enough to wake the primitive man in him. His finger played with her soft nub of pleasure and as a gasp left her delectable lips, he bent down to capture one of her erect nipples in his mouth.

    The wet warm suckling on her very sensitive nipple evoked another melodic moan from her and he dipped a finger in her slick core. As he went to work with moving his finger and curling it inside to hit that sweet spot, she arched her back even more so his length settled in between her ass cheeks.

    That was how Ica was woken up by her mate. In a frenzy of pleasure that she struggled to distinguish from her dream. But soon she was awake to know that indeed, it was no dream.

    She moaned his name out to echo in the room and he captured her mouth in a passionate kiss, sucking and nibbling on her lips. When his finger moved easily in her, he added another finger and putting his arm from beneath her enticing body, he gently pressed the area of her pelvis. Instead of moving his fingers in and out, he curled and uncurled them over her bundle of nerves and he grinned upon her mouth when her breath laboured and her gasps increased. He had never been happier to know his way around a woman's body.

    He intended on continuing his assault on her. He really did......but the knock on the door had put stalled his intentions. He had half a mind to let the maid knock and leave, and so continued to pleasure his Ica.

    That all stopped when he heard his cousin Kahlan's irritated voice from the other side.

    "Connor, I want you out of her and in front of me right this moment or so help me God I'll have her sent away to Quier."

    That pretty much got both of them out of their trance. He jumped out of the bed and snagged his pants from the floor. As he fastened the zip he looked at Ica and found her likewise putting on some clothes. He hated how she naked skin got covered and hid beneath those awful lot of layers of clothes.

    That was made up with the way she ogled his torso and when her eyes reached his own, he dared to fluster her even further by winking at her. His chest puffed at how breathless she was and the way her lips were swollen.

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    That was how Ica was woken up by her mate. In a frenzy of pleasure that she struggled to distinguish from her dream. But soon she was awake to know that indeed, it was no dream.

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    Across the floor, in another room, Ica was laying on Connor's chest. She was an ethereal being floating over a very naked and satisfied Connor, her body was thoroughly sated. And yet as she traced mindless patterns on his gleaming skin, her thoughts were diverted. As much as she wanted to be in the now and enjoy his strong arms around her waist, she was back to Pavanpadh, her home town. The town of healers and the land of purity. But of course, that was all ostentatious display and rumours. The land of purity was not so surprisingly the land of black magic as well. Where although the Lord who formed Devnagar had blessed the place, a curse was trapped in its core.

    Her world suddenly spun around and in a quick passing moment, she found him hovering over her, balancing on his forearms. His eyes were boring into hers, heat emanating from his body and she was sure that if she concentrated she would be able to hear his heartbeats.

    She had a random thought of him wanting to go another round, it was dawn and they had had sex at the beginning of the night. It wouldn't be a wonder if he was aroused again. But then she noticed the sleep that lingered in his eyes, his eyelids drooping not because of lust but cause he was still in a sleepy trance.

    "You haven't slept at all" his groggy voice inquired. She just had to smile at his caring gesture. He was always like that, looking that she ate properly and assuring her that he would be with her for everything. After a marriage went wrong, where she was mistreated and abused, he was a benediction to her begging heart. She needed him, and here he was, perfect in all the sense of the word.

    She glided her fingers from the base of his neck to his beard, moving her fingers upwards through the coppery stubble and then entangling them in his long hair. Then she slowly pulled him down, guiding his face to rest in the crook of her neck. He did not resist, he still had to rest so his warrior's body could recover and be at it's best. Mostly so he could service her again as well.

    But that didn't matter at the moment. Right now, she just wished to feel his weight on her body, to assure her that he belonged to her. His hands tightened on her waist and to adjust his weight and thick thighs she parted her legs and welcomed him. Feeling him skin to skin, his breath on the tender skin of her neck, his body pressing her into the mattress........she was in heaven. He was her heaven.

    "Sleep Connor. We'll talk later." She whispered in his ear, her fingers massaging his scalp while her other hand stroked his back. His heart was beating against her chest, and he mumbled something on her skin that came out as incoherent vibrations going straight to south where she wanted him in her.

    He nibbled on her neck, his tongue lousily slipping on her skin, and she very well knew that he was slowly drifting off to sleep, taking delight in using her body to reach that blissful state. A small smile graced her lips as his hand travelled up and groped her breast, his hand was harsher than when he had been awake, but she liked the feel of his fingers probing her skin, the tips of his fingers pressing into her body where it hurt a little. And she loved it. How he was memorizing the landscape of her body and exploring her made her satisfied in herself as Woman.

    That was how they spent the morning, with him sleeping upon her, his hand on her breast, the tip of which hurt by how aroused she was and his mouth half-open in the crook of her neck.

    She had everything she wanted at that moment

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    She had everything she wanted at that moment

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    His mouth moved to her other breast, making sure that her other mound was not unattended, his hand caressed it. His hips rolled into her core through the layers of clothes that needed to be discarded very soon. Leaving a trail of open mouthed, wet kisses down the flat surface of her stomach, he proceeded to remove the skirt with his hands, his fingers tugging in the waistband and pulling it down. Ica lifted her hip so he could be quick with the removal and then even quicker with his own pants.

    Moving over her body without giving her a chance to admire his erection, he covered her body with his own and brought his lips to her ear.

    “I promise I’ll make it better next time, I’ll give you all the attention and care you deserve. But right now, I want to be in you. Fuck, I can’t wait any longer.” His breathy voice whispered, as if talking normally would break the spell of lust and desire that was making the moment otherworldly.

    “Then what’s holding you back?” she questioned him and pushed into his hard length. Her hands were spanning his back, carelessly moving on the smooth skin till they came to rest on his shoulders.

    “Sorry, sweetheart.” he whispered again. One of his hands going down to align himself at her entrance.

    Before she could ask what he was apologizing for, she felt his thick length penetrate her core, making her scream out as he stretched her walls so much it that it bordered to being painful.

    She had had sex before, had liked it at times, but nothing from the intercourses with her husband could ever prepare her for how Connor filled her. Her past experiences put to shame her whole sex life before the man above and inside her. Tears prickled in her eyes as he stilled in her, a curse leaving his mouth as he cradled her face in one hand and slowly kissed her.

    Connor was enveloped by her, her walls clenching around him and sending waves of pleasure through him. He was buzzing beneath his skin, goosebumps making his heated skin prickle with the need for a release and to be sated.

    But for her sake, he stopped himself from moving in her. He looked down at her flushed face, her eyes wide as if she had never had a man like him service her before. And didn’t that do a thing thing or two to boost his ego. But now wasn’t the time to think of how he hated her husband for having had shared this intimacy with his Ica, or to feel good about himself.

    He kissed her cheek, placing kisses all over her jaw and then returning to her lips. When he moved his lips against hers and she returned the kiss sloppily, he buried his face in her shoulder and then traced the shell of her ear with his tongue. The taste of her on the tip of his tongue worked better than any alcohol he had ever consumed.

    “It’ll get better, darling.” he kissed her ear and found his place in the crook of her neck, where her soft flesh called out to him.

    He knew he was big, the women he had previously been with had always been astounded by his size. He recalled how one of his partners had been hurt and needed to be looked at by a healer, but it was on him though, he had been careless, he was fucking in all the sense of the word.

    With his Ica? There was no chances of being careless. For one, he was too much into the moment, alive as he slowly started rocking his hips. Grinding his teeth to stop from pounding in her, he fought to find a rhythm for pleasure.

    As he continued marking her neck with hickeys, he moved in and out of her slick, wet folds with care, so as to make his woman have her own comfort and pleasure. It all changed with she moaned and locked her legs over his waist.

    He moved in her a little faster, his hands coming to her waist and stroking her skin as he continued to roll his hips. The sounds of pleasure that she made echoed around him, the best music he had ever heard continued to play in the room.

    Only for his ears to appreciate. Only for him. And only he would ever draw these sweet symphonies from her mouth. She was as crazed and into it as he was, her head rolling back into the mattress and her thighs getting tighter around his waist as she started moving her pelvis and matching the rhythm he had set.

    He smiled against her skin as she started enjoying the sex, meeting his thrusts and gripping his shoulders.

    "faster" she moaned in his ear, " pleaseeee"

    Who was he to deny them both the pleasure?

    His thrusts became faster, harder as he pounded into her and heard her breath getting caught in her throat.

    "Gooddddd, yes." Her voice urged him and he found himself moving in her with a new vigor.

    "Fuck....... I............L-lo-ove t-thi-sss" she uttered between the thrusts in that breathless voice of hers that added more to his pleasure. He felt her walls clamping on him as she cried out his name while reaching her release.

    The tightness of her core took him on an another level of pleasure, one he had never felt before.

    "Fuck" he mumbled and closed her eyes before moving faster in search of his own release. She had left a few marks on his back and their burning sensation just added to his pleasure.

    He came up on his forearms and looked down at her blissful face. She was so lost in her orgasm, her eyes rolling back, her lips parted as she lived the moment and her hands gripped at whatever she could get. He captured her mouth took it in a passionate kiss, moving his tongue on his her lips that did not respond as she still enjoyed her release and he helped her through it. His one hand moved and cupped her breast, his fingers playing with the pointed tip.

    She moaned and then her lips were moving against his.

    And that was his undoing.

    But he had the mind to not finish in her. Just before he orgasmed Connor pulled himself out and released all over her swollen pussy lips. He kept caressing her back and kissing her as he went through the pleasure and saw the stars.

    Once he came down from the high, he collapsed all over her. She was whispering something in his ears, her fingers weaving through the lengths of his hair. But he was too far gone to actually hear what she was saying.

    He came up and looked in her eyes, they were were so happy, so willing and..................loving.

    He knew in that moment that he had done the best thing in his life by taking her as his mate. She was going to be the sun in his universe, and he would happily revolve all around her.

    He leaned down for one more kiss to convey all the passion that he felt for her and then flopped on his back. They were both breathing heavily with broad smiles on their faces.

    She shivered beside him and pulled her upon him, he was meant to carry her weight, pulling the quilt over them, they went to sleep together. Naked and warmed more by the skin to skin contact of their utterly exhausted bodies than what covered them.

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    He leaned down for one more kiss to convey all the passion that he felt for her and then flopped on his back. They were both breathing heavily with broad smiles on their faces.

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    His lips were rough as they kissed her, he was a famished soul, his desires were too substantial to rein in. He had held back, but now as she was bathed in the angelic golden glow casted by the candles, she was a dream come true as he felt her weight on his thigh.

    He was avaricious for her, a starved animal finally getting his what he was hungry for. His senses were more alive than they had ever been, her intoxicating smell consuming his conscience, her hesitant lips moving along with his in a languid rhythm that came to them as naturally as breathing. His eyes closed on their own accord as he sucked and licked his way into her hot, awaiting mouth.

    It was all about her, for her, because of her.

    His Ica.

    The grip of her fingers on his forearms urged him further, giving him confidence on the unsure ground of doubts. Connor let his hand explore the lengths of her long hair, removing all the restraining pins that bound her hair.

    A moan left her mouth and just as quickly it had left her busy lips, it was muffled by his tongue. While his teeth nibbled her lower lip, his hands went to her waist, and the layers that obstructed contact with her skin were an error he was just too willing to correct.

    Her palm flattened on his heaving chest as they parted for air, and as he looked in her eyes, he knew that she too was aware were going to end up naked. She stared into his eyes, her gaze lustful while he waited for her to move. His fingers stroked her waist, subtly urging her closer to his chest, until she ended up flushed against him, her arms going around his neck. Although he was eager to recapture her open mouth, he wanted her to make a move. He wanted her to know e wouldn't do anything she wasn't willing to do. He wanted her to know he could give all the control up if she wanted to lead. He wanted her to know that he was hers to claim as well.

    Mating bonds worked both way, after all.

    She took her sweet time to lean into him, and when she was an inch apart, and he parted his mouth to engage in another heated make out session, she smirked and kept him hanging and wanting. That tantalising tongue made an appearance and dragged on his lower lip, making a shiver pass through his coiled and muscled body.

    With a groan he decided play time was over. He was too starved for small plays like these and he had an aching and throbbing erection in his pants to prove his desperation. He put an arm around her waist and held her close to his chest, his lips capturing her mouth again as thoughts of mounting and taking her like a caveman kept his mind crazed for what was yet to come.

    Standing up, he turned around and all but threw her on the soft mattress. She looked up at him, her breath laboured and an urgent call for his body to respond to, and his hardening length hurt more and more as he took in her sprawled form. Her arms stretched out and then she propped herself on her elbows, her lips pouty from his abuse, her eyes hooded with anticipation as her chest went up and down. He put an arm on the bed and reached for the cloth that covered her over her blouse.

    A harsh pull on the dupatta and she was left in a blouse and a skirt which were a heartbeat away from meeting their fellow companion on the floor. The consent was asked for and received in by their heated gazes, no words required to make their needs known.

    She tipped her chin in his direction, her eyes quickly moving to the tunic stretched over his broad chest and returning to his face again. Not his eyes though, nope. Her eyes stayed locked on his lips, even as she spoke.

    "Your turn." her raspy voice demanded and he was just too happy to comply. With a quick tug and pull his chest was bare for her eyes to wander. The sight of her eyes roaming over the expanse of his pecs and abs was a boost to his masculinity like nothing had ever been.

    He wanted to undress her himself, like a child does with his wrapped gift, with elation and enthusiasm of finding out what he knew was meant only for him, precisely chosen for him. So he crawled over her until she was flat on her back and he was looking down at those luscious lips of hers, his hands on each side of her face. Putting his weight on one arm, his fingers traced the graceful arch of her jaw, taking pleasure in how she leaned into his touch. From over her jaw in traveled down to the tender skin of her neck and the collar bone that pressed against her skin. He wanted to mark her then, leave his claim on her neck where everyone could see it.

    Witches weren't like their enemy vampires or even the hideous wolves who could mark and claim their partners. Witchboods had no animals in them, they were elated in a sense where they connected on a very primal and intimate level. The mark was left on the soul rather than the body.

    But he still wanted her to carry his mark on her.

    Nestling into the crook on her neck, he went to work with his mouth, even as his hands continued to the buttons of her blouse, making sure not to touch her breasts just yet. Her gasp was a melody in his ears, calling forth a groan from deep within him.

    His mouth sucked and nibbled on Ica's skin, the seal of his soft lips driving her crazy, making her core ache with need. She could feel the wetness between her thighs, could also feel that her hands and feet were moving, but cared naught for anything other than the expert movement of his mouth. The licks of his tongue and the grazes of his teeth, everything about him from the heat of his large body to the how how he had trapped her between himself and the bed, she craved the man like she had never wanted anyone before.

    Her man, Ica corrected herself.

    Connor was hers.

    She felt him lifting himself and protested the distance he put between them as he straddled her waist, standing on his knees so as not to put any weight on her. And it was when his eyes went to her chest that she noticed her blouse was undone. The two halves parted at her sternum yet stubbornly covering her breasts.

    Ica didn't knew where she gained the self confidence from, all her life she had always been self conscious of her body- in a bad way. The shy and scared girl that she had been for most of her life had vanished somewhere, here, on the bed with this great man was an Ica whom she herself didn't recognize. She was guided by the ache in her core, how desperately she wanted him to cover her again, how her pointed nipples were begging for attention as they itched against the fabric.

    She needed him.

    So with a boldness that was foreign to her, she brought her shaking hands up and made a great show of languidly uncovering her mounds. When he sucked in a breath at the sight of her bosom, she looked at his bobbing Adam's apple as he gulped air like a fish out of water, his eyes were strained at what she had presented him with.

    You are perfect, Connor thought as his woman rose up and removed the blouse from her arms and laid back down again, arching her back and putting on display her generous breasts, the tips of which were brown and delectable.

    Without actually thinking, or rather totally giving up on the act of using his brain, his hands slowly moved up from her waist, over her ribcage and then finally reaching their destination and covering her breasts.

    They fit perfectly in his palms as he caressed them, his thumbs moving on her pointed tips as she moaned her approval out for him. He moved down and placed his lips right over her wildly beating heart, and then moving to capture a begging nipple in his mouth. As his suckled on her, his tongue swirling and lapping, he was aware of her legs parting and her hands pulling him down. As if she wanted to feel his weight on her, her legs wet over the back of his knees and her fingers went into hair, tugging and arching her body up.

    He wanted to explore every bit of her body.

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    She took her sweet time to lean into him, and when she was an inch apart, and he parted his mouth to engage in another heated make out session, she smirked and kept him hanging and wanting. That tantalising tongue made an appearance and dragged on his lower lip, making a shiver pass through his coiled and muscled body.

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    He was sitting on a chaise lounger, the seats and cushions of which were made of red velvet and as his hand rested on it's arm, Connor had to admire the gold that lined it's frame. Much like everything in the manor, the room allotted to him made him agog and awestruck. From the delicately carved balustrade to the chandeliers hanging from high ceilings and even the paintings and draperies, everything was mesmerizing and he hated to admit it, but it made him avaricious. Devnagar's Lord had not left a single chance to put on display the wealth it possessed.

    Connor stood from where he was sitting and strode to the huge carved doors that led the way to the hallway, as he walked further down to the room given to his Ica, his ravenous eyes wandered over the walls that reflected the soft golden lights of the candles from the overhead chandeliers. The walls were decorated by paintings of past leaders and their wives, children and even horses. His eyes skimmed over them while his hurried feet took him to where his heart was.

    Indeed, Connor had not been able to rest since he had arrived her and was kept away from his darling, on accounts of them not being a mated couple, which was all good sensible stuff that he cared naught for. He wanted to be by her with his Ica, and so he will be going to her, no offense to the owner of the palace, but he could fuck off.

    From what he knew, Ravi was already knee deep in trouble with Kahlan for involving Kairen in their lewd dealings, and Ravi might as well end up under the ground based on whether or not Kahlan got his obsession by his side. Nath truly was his obsession, why else would Kahlan have made Connor search for her like she was a criminal left off the hook?

    It all depended on Kahlan's mood, which depended on where Nath was. If he didn't find her soon enough, the Lord of Iral was liable to extort provisions from Devnagar and Queir for his brother's death just out of frustration and maybe even for his entertainment. Kahlan could get petty and even evil, if his soul was triggered, and as of now, the distance between him and Nath was driving him insane. Anyone with a well functioning brain could sense his inner turmoil, and if he was sane enough, he would also make sure not to be anywhere near Kahlan without a good news.

    Everything depended on Kahlan's whims.

    Connor took a left turn and down a few doors, the one with the doors of blackwood and carvings of nightingales and vines was where his Ica was staying for her days in Devnagar.

    He felt sad for her, the fifteen day ride here from Queir was not an easy one for her. She was not a person made for travel, his bespoken had thrown up her guts in numerous buckets throughout the sea travel to Devnagar. She was motion sick to the point where even the lightest of swaying of the ship had caused her to be a retching mess. Not to mention the constant headache that she had. And after all the trouble, she was to sleep alone in an unknown place with her nightmares and insomnia.

    Part of the reason why he was outside her room and knocking on the door was because he knew she would lose her mind if she had to stay in rooms as luxuriously large as these. And the other part that urged him to have her in his arms and do things to her body was deliberately put to the back of his mind.

    His patience with Ica was running as thin as the blood in his veins was running thick with need. and his eyes glared at the closed doors while they continued to remain close.

    He raised his hand to knock again when the doors were opened inwardly, the figure standing before him was draped in cloth from her head to her feet. Seeing her like that made his hands itch with the want to undress her.

    As she noticed who it was, she moved what they called a pallu from over her head and revealed her perfectly crafted face to him. Her deep set Asian eyes drew him in the room sure as if she had cast a spell on him, her set of lips sculpted to definition for him to exploit.

    She stood aside as an invitation and he walked in her room, his hands fisted by his side as he thought of the things he wanted to do with that mouth of hers. He took rest in an armchair that was as lavish as his chaise lounge had been and intently watched as Ica closed the doors behind her and walked in.

    She was wearing what he had seen Nath wear, except Ica's skirting did not have that large slit in the side and what the blouse and skirt exposed of her slender waist was successfully covered by a heavily embroidered piece of cloth that went around her waist and over her head from her shoulder. Thank the Moon for that, Lord only knew how Kahlan fared with Nath being so exposed to the eyes of others.

    "Did you want something?" She asked as she stood a few feet away from him. His eyes roamed over her covered body, he was fine with the clothing in front of others, but before his deserving eyes, Ica was way over dressed.

    His eyes went from her elegant face to her fiddling hands before they finally fell on the covered plate on the bedside table. He frowned as he looked at it.

    "Did you eat?" he asked her as he stood up and went for the plate.

    "All that my stomach could fathom." She planted her plump ass where he was sitting a moment ago. He could feel her unease, she was nervous as she always was, but he could sense that she was troubled by something.

    When he removed the cover from her half eaten plate his shook his head in disapproval. Half of what was served was still uneaten and he wondered if it was because her stomach was still recovering from the trip.

    He sat on the quilt covered bed with his face to her and took he plate in his hand. He could always make some place for extra food, especially if it was from her plate.

    "You're back to eating less." he said while he took a bite of the spicy rice with a side curry of chicken. Th food was to his liking, spicy enough to make his tongue burn and nostrils flare.

    "I don't have an appetite for too much spicy food." She mumbled and went back fiddling with the hem of her chunari. She was utterly engrossed into playing with that piece of cloth as he continued stuffing his mouth with what should have been nourishing her.

    Her eyes kept glancing at him once in a while, and when she found him staring at her, she was quick to avert her gaze, her face remained flushed and she tried to hide a small smile.

    Connor smirked at how he affected her. He wanted her so much that it hurt to know they were yet not close enough for him to claim her body as his. To bare himself for her to do as she pleased.

    He scooped a white fluffy ball in his spoon from where it was soaking in sugar syrup inside a bowl. He looked up on a whim and found her eyes locked on the dessert, she was about to say something, maybe ask for a bite, but then she held off her tongue and bit the now healed flesh of her lip.

    When her eyes met his, he motioned her to come closer with his finger, still holding the silver spoon between his fingers.

    She visibly gulped and took wary steps at him while he gazed at her with the eyes of a predator. Her two small feet carried her between the space his spread out legs created. And just when she was about to ask him what he wanted, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her to his such that she sat on his thigh, which she might add, was strong and thick enough to accommodate her.

    She shivered at the proximity but before she had a time to reach he shoved the rosgulla in her opened mouth which was about to protest. Her eyes watched as his lustful blue stare was locked on her parted lips, her tongue being coated in the sugary sweetness of the dessert.

    Connor watched as she held the rosgulla between her teeth, syrup oozing out of it and dripping over her lower lip as she closed her mouth. Without a careless thought about anything, he let go of his restraints and leaned towards her. He was aware of his hand picking the plate from off his other thigh and placing it back on the table and his tongue came out and swiftly licked the sugar concoction that made her lip shimmer in the golden light.

    As he tasted the saccharine on his tongue, he wondered if it was because of the sugar or because it was her. But then he lost control of his thoughts and went to work with kissing her.

    He planned on devouring her as the night progressed. She would learn first hand how hunger was sated and how a good male could satisfy the needs she didn't even know she had.

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    As he tasted the saccharine on his tongue, he wondered if it was because of the sugar or because it was her. But then he lost control of his thoughts and went to work with kissing her.

    He planned on devouring her as the night progressed. She would learn first hand how hunger was sated and how a good male could satisfy the needs she didn't even know she had.