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  • shwords 4w

    Don't think about tomorrow
    just turn up the music
    and we'll get lost
    until the sun comes up


  • shwords 4w

    I finally understood it today,
    the sadness at the zoos,
    She accepted the ring he gave,
    I watched the wild leave her too

  • shwords 5w

    Why is she so different?
    Why can't you leave her in the past?
    You play it safe with other women,
    "I'd burn the world down if she asked.."

  • shwords 6w

    You want me to chase,
    I want you to beg,
    while your heart speaks morse code
    against my lips..
    between your legs

  • shwords 7w

    Maybe I'm not like them,
    I give things too much meaning,
    words, pictures, looks,
    turning people into day dreams..

  • shwords 7w

    I think that she's sick of me,
    I'm sick of running away,
    I promise I'd never leave,
    if she just asked me to stay,
    Maybe she's had enough,
    Maybe I've finally changed,
    Does she miss how I touch,
    like I miss how she tastes?

  • shwords 7w

    You know when your pet wants a treat
    and then you pull it away?
    I think that's what god was doing
    when he made you and me..

  • shwords 7w

    You can play pretend,
    You can run all you want,
    You know as well as I do
    that we're not fucking done...

  • shwords 7w

    Maybe it's the tension
    or maybe it's lust,
    but some nights I swear
    I can sense it when our souls fuck..

  • shwords 7w

    God dammit,
    one day I'm going to
    get these words right
    and you're not going to
    be able to stop yourself..