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  • siddhant_rajput 2w

    the worst feeling in the world is when your life seems to be stuck in mundane's a trap- a cage- get the fuck out of it.

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    One day...

    One day will come in your life. That one day will not be like a mundane choir of events. It will be an extraordinary one.

    One day you will see your baby take his or her first breath for the first time.

    One day you will see the same person getting married and moving ahead in life.

    One day you will see your parents leave this world.

    One day you will be counting your own days.

    One day you will have your heart broken.

    One day you will have it mended for sure.

    One day you will see others going harsh on you.

    One day you will have a bash with them.

    One day you will curse life...

    One day you will learn to accept it.

    One day you will quit it.

    One day you will rejoice it.

    Siddhant Rajput

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    When Mirakee was born!

    I come from a time,
    When Mirakee was new
    But wait, it's still new.

    I come from a time,
    When Mirakee was newer than
    The 'new' it is now.

    We wrote and wrote a hell lot-
    From poems to quotes to tales.
    And reposts 'meant' something then.

    Some people have left
    Some people are sometimes seen
    But their words remain intact.

    I come from a time,
    When Mirakee was born
    And a few lucky ones raised it!

    Siddhant Rajput

  • siddhant_rajput 6w

    Don't look at me that way
    For I've fallen for you and
    I will pull you down with me here.
    You won't be you
    And I won't be me.
    Your heartbeats get numb
    And mine get eerie.
    You lose yourself again
    And I find you in me.
    There we will fall.
    So don't look at me that way.
    For I've fallen for you babe...
    And, I'll pull you down with me.

    Siddhant Rajput

  • siddhant_rajput 8w

    Please share your feedback.❤
    #writersnetwork #mirakee #winter #love

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    A Wintery Night ❤

    All I need on this wintery night is a pack of cigarettes, the book on whose margins I've scribbled my poetry, and you!

    As I light a cigarette, those first fumes of feral cancer fill the freezing air with blurred images- some leave, a few stay. And as the smoke dies, there, I can see you sitting on the recliner in front of me.

    I offer you one but you are busy in your own childhood tactics: pressing two fingers on your mouth, as if holding an invisible cigarette, and then releasing the warm steamy breath by parting your lips. And all of a sudden, you laugh out loud as your innocence has been caught.

    You get up and stroll towards my chair. Meanwhile, I open the book and look up the best work in that pathetic handwriting. You sit on my lap, snatch the cigarette from the box and light it from the one held between my lips.

    And whole night, we waste time and ashes for each other. My poetry warms you and your praises comfort me.

    Siddhant Rajput.

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    Winter Smile!

    She has a winter smile. Although the beauty of her smile is a perennial thing, her winter smile is a bit more beautiful than others.

    If her smile is the green leaf, the winter is like the snow that combs it.
    If her smile is the soft breeze, the winter is the cool tinge that pinches it.
    If her smile is the sky, the winter is the smooth crimson light that shyly paints itself on it.

    When her lips curve, soft miniscule flakes of wintery skin unfold and unwrap themselves, as if they've been woken up from a soft slumber.

    And every line on her face twists and bows to repect the arrival of winter, the queen of seasons, on her face.

    Her eyes shine with snowy vibrance and her heart beats with pompous elegance declaring the arrival of winter.

    She has a winter smile. And, as I told you, it's more beautiful than others.

    Siddhant Rajput

  • siddhant_rajput 11w


    I don't really mind you coming here
    For me, I pretend that I do care,
    But the reality is askew... a bit...
    Since your love was a doomed pit!

    #candid were those pics...right?
    The ones which had you face, bright
    With flushed cheeks and eyes...
    Your lips were drenched with my smile!

    I am afraid...I am scared
    This time 'tis about you my friend.
    You came, you saw and you went away
    The body lies numb, and the soul went away.


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  • siddhant_rajput 11w