Just decorating my feelings with the help of words.

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  • siddhitiwary 3d

    @thesparklingpoetry @vaibhav21@thewingedpen @kermech21 @kaju_kd @iammusaafiir @laughing_soul

    बावफ़ा - faithful, loyal
    फुर्कत- separation of beloved
    इनाएत- blessings, kind
    मेरहुम- passed by
    मक़्बूल - popular

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    चलो आज आँसूओं को बेनकाब करते हैं,
    प्यार का इज़हार तो बहुत किया,
    अब कुछ दर्द बयाँ करते हैं।

    बावफ़ा मोहब्बत की थी मैंने,
    पर तुम्हारा जवाब कुछ बेवफ़ा सा था।
    हाथ फैलाया तो कुर्बत की मुराद थी,
    पर इनाएत में फुर्कत पाया।

    चलो आज असरार को ज़ार- जा़र करते हैं,
    झूठ का जि़क्र बहुत किया,
    अब कुछ राज़ बयाँ करते हैं।

    हम तो खुद को मेहरूम समझते थे मोहब्बत से तुम्हारी,
    पर तुमने तो हमें मरहूम कर दिया।
    अब तो जिन्दगी इसी उलझन में है,
    कि जाम पियूँ तो तुझे खोने के गम में,
    या मोहब्बत में मक़्बूल होने के जश्न में।

    चलो आज मोहब्बत से सवाल करते हैं,
    इबादत तो बहुत किया,
    अब बदनामी बयाँ करते हैं।

    ©सिद्धि तिवारी

  • siddhitiwary 5w

    This is what under I breath

    Barren heart sings melancholy,
    Tortured soul dreams death,
    This is what under I breath.
    Desire for life is washed by tear,
    Till graveyard the pain I will bear.
    Filled with sorrow from the depth,
    This is what under I breath.
    Smiles are scratched with the nails,
    Sadness flows through my veins.
    Hanging between life and death,
    This is what under I breath.

  • siddhitiwary 9w

    Healthy world
    Human have lost
    Heals hatred on earth
    Hurricanes of cruelty hovered above.

    -Siddhi Tiwary

  • siddhitiwary 9w

    Cherished dream
    Path with thorns
    Yet the pious feeling

    -Siddhi Tiwary

  • siddhitiwary 9w

    Unconscious mind
    No age restrictions
    Better than the reality

    Siddhi Tiwary

  • siddhitiwary 9w

    Caring souls
    Beauty with scars
    Wrinkled face shivering hands

    -Siddhi Tiwary

  • siddhitiwary 9w

    The light was dim,
    And I was with him.
    Lying on the rose petals,
    Entwined in arms.
    Listening to the lyre,
    My heart was on fire.
    It was twilight,
    And the burning candle light.
    The cherry lips and lovely kiss,
    Oh... What a romantic scene!!
    That I always miss.
    With the starry sky, and the feeling high.
    The chanting winds and dancing love.
    That was something I always want to come.
    There was something in my mind,
    And I was gilding towards his side.
    Suddenly I fall aside and open my eyes.
    Oh.. It was a dream, with my king .

    - Siddhi Tiwary

  • siddhitiwary 10w

    If you have melodious mornings which makes you happy of having me,
    then why you think of that melancholy moonlights which makes you fear of losing me.

    If you have carved my name on your heart,
    then why you think a cut on it.

    If I am the spring of your life,
    then why you think of the thunderstorms to destroy your love life.

    Dear it's love which gives freedom to live,
    not the fear to lose.

    You have promised to love me at your maturity,
    and I promise to live with you till eternity.

    - Siddhi Tiwary

  • siddhitiwary 11w

    मुकाबिल - face to face
    मक़्बूल - popular
    मुराद - wish
    मुख़ालिफ - opponent

    @thesparklingpoetry @vaibhav21 @thewingedpen@writersnetwork @iammusaafiir @laughing_soul @kaju_kd @royalhighness

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    पता न था मोहब्बत से मुकाबिल होते ही,
    हम इतने मक़्बूल हो जाऐंगें।
    जिसकी मुराद दिल में थी,
    आज उसी के मुख़ालिफ हो जाऐंगें।

    - सिध्दी तिवारी

  • siddhitiwary 14w

    When we were in kindergarten and if one day I missed my bus then it was confirmed that second day she will missed her and if any day she don't go to school then it was fixed that another day with any reason I will also not be able to go to school. I remember when I was in class 1 and have started wearing spects just after one year when we were in class 2 she also started wearing specs. Our luck is as much as same or say coincidence that even we both are suffering from the same disease that is thyroid the only difference is one is suffering from hyperthyroidism and another is from hypothyroidism. In school almost all the teachers and the students things that we are sisters. One more similarity between us is that I started writing and just after me she also started writing and because of that today I am posting this on Mirakee. And this special person whom I described till now is my friend who looks like a sister but she is more than that and she is Shreya Mukherjee (thewingedpen).
    Now coming to the point that why I explained this much about us or her because today is a special day today is her birthday.

    Wish you a very very happy birthday Honey (her nick name).

    Stay blessed and happy. And remain as same as you are. And our bonding will also remains the Same.

    From your friend-

    Siddhi Tiwary

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    Happy birthday Honey