Just decorating my feelings with the help of words.

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  • siddhitiwary 1w

    When we were in kindergarten and if one day I missed my bus then it was confirmed that second day she will missed her and if any day she don't go to school then it was fixed that another day with any reason I will also not be able to go to school. I remember when I was in class 1 and have started wearing spects just after one year when we were in class 2 she also started wearing specs. Our luck is as much as same or say coincidence that even we both are suffering from the same disease that is thyroid the only difference is one is suffering from hyperthyroidism and another is from hypothyroidism. In school almost all the teachers and the students things that we are sisters. One more similarity between us is that I started writing and just after me she also started writing and because of that today I am posting this on Mirakee. And this special person whom I described till now is my friend who looks like a sister but she is more than that and she is Shreya Mukherjee (thewingedpen).
    Now coming to the point that why I explained this much about us or her because today is a special day today is her birthday.

    Wish you a very very happy birthday Honey (her nick name).

    Stay blessed and happy. And remain as same as you are. And our bonding will also remains the Same.

    From your friend-

    Siddhi Tiwary

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    Happy birthday Honey

  • siddhitiwary 6w

    Holding roses and with bending knees,
    Everyone is busy, in impressing his lovelies.
    But I am busy in turning the pages of my diary,
    To feel the love again,
    To be excited again,
    As I was when,
    You gifted me rose in the rain.
    To feel your presence,
    To get that essence,
    That rose is immense.

  • siddhitiwary 6w

    Oh honey you are my only moon,
    To come close to you waiting for a boon.

    Love is the destiny and you are the way.
    Although you are my Bae.

    I am the only allice of your wonderland,
    And you are the only flower of my garland.

    So let's start the journey of love from the yard to the graveyard.

    With binding souls to melting hearts ��
    Collecting all my guts
    In my words
    And putting my heart on a shack
    I just wanna say

    I love you the moon and back.

    @vaibhav21 @thesparklingpoetry @writersnetwork @kaju_kd@ehsaas_arav@kermech21 @thewingedpen

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    I love you the moon and back.

  • siddhitiwary 6w

    मेरे गले की प्यास हो तुम,
    मेरे आँखों की आश हो तुम,
    मेरा नाज़ हो तुम
    मेरी जिन्दगी का आगाज़ हो तुम,
    फिर भी मेरी तलाश हो तुम।

    मेरी रातों का ख्वाब हो तुम,
    जो मेरी बदन को जलाये वो आग हो तुम,
    मेरा हर त्योहार हो तुम,
    मेरी जिन्दगी का बहार हो तुम,
    फिर भी न जाने कहाँ बैराग हो तुम ।

    मेरी रगों में बहता जुनून हो तुम,
    मेरे मन में रहता सुकून हो तुम।
    जो हमेशा मेरी कानों में बजे वो धुन हो तुम,
    फिर भी न जाने कहाँ गुम हो तुम ।

    जो मुझ तक पहुँचे वो आहत हो तुम,
    मेरी राहत हो तुम,
    मेरे दिल की चाहत हो तुम,
    फिर भी न जाने कहाँ गायब हो तुम।
    - सिध्दी तिवारी

  • siddhitiwary 13w

    Darling you know my heart beat follow your every foot steps which goes far from me.

  • siddhitiwary 14w

    You were....

    You were the hope of my eye,
    The star of my sky.

    For me you were the beam of light,
    the dream of my night.

    You were the Desire of my heart,
    the reason behind my gut.

    With you I wanted to take my each breath,
    in your lap I wanted to greet my death.

    If I was the shell you were my pearl,
    for me you were my whole world.

    From something to nothing,
    you were my everything.

    I was the bird and you wear my Wings,
    then also you left me alone at life's swing.

    - Siddhi Tiwary

    @thesparklingpoetry @vaibhav21 @thewingedpen @kosachaya @kermech21 @kaju_kd @ehsaas_arav

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    Read the caption please.
    -Siddhi Tiwary

  • siddhitiwary 15w

    I still have the glimpse of you in my eye,
    And heart full of Stoic from the time of your departure.
    Instead of this I never cry,
    Because each drop of my tear is full of love which is buried in me for you and I don't wanna waste it.

  • siddhitiwary 15w

    माना आपकी इस जिन्दगी में मेरा कोई मोल नहीं,
    पर फिर भी इक बार गौर फरमाइए तो सही।

    मेरी इक तरफा मोहब्बत के ही खातिर,
    एक बार अलविदा बोल जाने आइए तो सही।

    रुखसत हो जाऐंगे आपकी जिन्दगी से,
    एक बार रवाना हो जाने को बोल जाइए तो सही।

    हम तो दिलों जान लुटाने को तैयार हैं,
    बस इक बार रूबरू हो जाइए तो सही।

    जनाब हम तो इश्क भी उसूल से करते हैं,
    आप इक बार अपनी मोहब्बत का जि़क्र हमारे सामने कर जाइए तो सही।

    वादा करते हैं आपसे हम अपनी दिल्लगी को वहीं छोङ देंगें,
    बस इक बार हमसे इन्कार करने किसी मोङ पर मिल जाइए तो सही।

    - सिध्दी तिवारी

  • siddhitiwary 18w

    Flowers are one of the most beautiful gift of nature. Isn't it. I don't think there will be any person in the world who don't like flowers ��. It's another thing that if the person is having any ellergy from that or any other problem.

    I also love flowers a lot. And also have a variety of flowers in my garden as planting is one of my Hobbie. But I am an unique gardener as much as I love to plant flowers as same as I love to pluck it. But now I really feeling ashamed of my habit after reading a very heart touching post of @clingypanda.

    As same as her I used to pluck flowers for decoration, for impressing anyone or to put it in my books. But most often I used to pluck flowers for worshiping gods and this is my regular habit after worship I used to put flowers in my hair or braids, because it gives me a very refreshing feeling and I always think that putting flowers in my hair makes my day. But I have never think that the one who makes my day is going to end its life after being in my braid for sometimes.

    How we feel when our loved ones go far from us or leave us as same as flowers also must be felt when we separate them from their mother plants or from their mother lands.

    It's a question from all that what's the reason for plucking flowers? Or why we pluck flowers? May your answers will be because it attracts me, I love them, I like them or may its smell refreshes your mind. My answer is also same as these.

    But it's accurate answer is because we like flowers, that's we pluck it.

    The lord Buddha had asked a question once that what's the difference between I like you and I love you.
    So he beautifully answered that -
    If you like a flower you will pluck it but if you love a flower you will water it daily.

    And it's same in the case of flowers, that we like the flowers we don't love the flowers.

    So let's try to love flowers not only like them.

    - Siddhi Tiwary

    #mirakee #writersnetwork
    @vaibhav21 @clingypanda @thesparklingpoetry @thewingedpen @carolyns_lovenotes @iammusaafiir

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    If you like the flowers you will pluck it
    but if you love the flowers you
    will water it daily.

    - Siddhi Tiwary

  • siddhitiwary 18w

    Thanks a lot @carolyns_lovenotes for Giving such a wonderful challenge. It was a great fun for me to describe my all name. As before I have never describe my names to anyone like this. So thanks a lot.

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    My good name is Siddhi. Origin is Indian. This name was given to me by one of my relative. Well, it's a spiritual name and it said that it was the name of lord Ganesha's wife. The meaning of my name is to prove anything,achievement and having spiritual power.

    And I also have three nick names.
    1. GULLA, actually it means nothing but there's a sweet in India known as rosogulla it a bengali sweet and it's often call as gulla . This name was given to me by one of my cousin brother, who is one year elder than me. At the time of my birth he was not able to speak clearly that's why he wants me to call gudiya which means doll but but instead of saying gudiya he said gulla and then everyone started calling me by this name.

    2.TIYA, this means gift of gord or a bird . This name was given to me by one of our renter. At a time that family (who gives me this name) was our renter but they too close to me even more than my parents. They decided to give me this name after watching a bollywood movie named Dil Ka Rista. In which it was the name of very famous bollywood actor Aishwarya Rai.

    3.PAKHI, this name was given to me by my martenal grandfather as he was having a pet parrot, and in bangla parrot is known as' tiya pakhi ' and as same as parrot I speak a lot in my childhood so he give me the name Pakhi as already my name was Tiya so he added pakhi. But this both are separate names and pakhi also means a bird.

    I really love my all names and I have full proud on them.

    - Siddhi Tiwary