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  • siddiqua_ 7w

    The meticulous emotions dripping with high viscosity from his honey glazed eyes proved to mesmerize all her arcane devotion. Perhaps, he possessed that spirit which is eminently innocent, a spirit of decorum and piousness always having a tint of careless satire.
    Strolling on a narrow street a scintilla of thought swiftly came dashing the waves of her curls leaving a selcouth memory on the walls of severed heart. Where he muttered teasingly in the hours of darkness;
    "Turn thine lashes behind."
    Her eyes cracked open with a zizz sound saying;
    "Oh darling, let me sleep."
    He caressed her cheeks extending forwards gazing at her temple and whispered,
    "Let me catch a glimpse of thy eyes, so I can dream of stars tonight."

    Though I never wanted to return here, idk what made me post this:/
    Hope y'all are doing well. Thank you soo very much for asking about my whereabouts, I'll surely reply to everyone of you.
    Have a great day ahead!

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  • siddiqua_ 16w

    I've absorbed Z I L C H
    The very first attempt was a succulent cowping out of a cerulean blue pot that I kept in the bathroom window. It drew a finger across the rosa salmon tiles on the walls of lavatory and cuddled itself to the fog on the glass, like it pecked the cosy dawn and the sunglare was a blush that whispered the leaves it was al right. At every feeding I saw the risqué intimacy that absorbed the water provided into the leaves, the stems and the coquettish flare of the petals cupped to feel. The roots in reaching and a vine crept down the windowsill to draw a finger along the entire vibrant plant, while the crown I was wearing slipped behind, my tongue held to the brightness of sunrise, tasting the prism of morning filled in my room. I open the cabinet of clothes and the light reflecting off the mirror cuts the plant down the centre. I can see a brown vein choking the stems neck. I noticed the petals withering slowly in a hush. I watched it until my lease is up, not realising to close the cabinet. Grabbing the plant, I move outside, clenched it's carcass by the nape, shouldered by the dirt and the water gushing outside the vase. I feel the brittle roots which are now still, broken at the touch, I hurl the plant off the porch and kept it near the street, where the light rain tries to make a spilling into the sewer gate, where this succulent might catch a fleeting breath, where it may be trampled till it crumbles and washes away, no longer RECOGNISED.


    Hope y'all are doing well, buds. ��

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  • siddiqua_ 19w

    Actions speak loud but words speak in complexities.

    Idk if this makes sense, but if it does then yayy you got my point :D

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    It's funny how the universe is viewed
    that actions are the only truths
    when words can carry the story too
    much complex than thoughts consumed

    pretend the words aren't believed
    and even that you've been deceived
    now pretend the actions are been forced
    more complex but worst in verse.

  • siddiqua_ 19w

    Got this olddddd one from the drafts:)


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    Here between the trees of joy
    where the sun watches,
    The leaves play with the wind.
    Where the calming sound of light,
    creep through the skin.
    Where even the mightiest hurricanes
    become children.
    Where there's no site for
    neglected dreams.
    Where humanity neglects toxic bitterness.
    I stand here,
    on the mountains carved
    With nature's most beautiful Panorama
    my feet sink into the golden sand
    Where the oceans are filled with eternal joy
    I see,
    How the sun gently kisses the
    And melts into the host of life.

  • siddiqua_ 20w

    Tried to pour my heart out.


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    There are elysian places I'll always cherish
    I try to whelve the realities and
    cicatrize the throes of delusions of happiness.
    All my life, some have changed,
    some for better, not so longer
    some lamented while some remained.
    Now all these places, has quiddity of affection,
    the affection of amiable souls and emotions
    divinely anchored with love.
    All such moments, memories and flashbacks
    with beloved and friends, I still recall.

    In my life, the obstinate redamancy I serve,
    for some who are dead and for some who remained.

    But all of these friends and beloved
    there's no one to compare with you
    and such memories lose it's meaning
    when I ween of Love as something new.

  • siddiqua_ 22w

    Well, I'm here with some spiritual talks after a longgg time. Forget about poetries, I think I lost that privilege, lol. Yeah, I've tried but all I came up with is really crappy. Nonetheless, I'll try to ink after writer's block, In Sha Allah let's see what happens.

    Okay, sooo today I'll share something related with our spiritual heart and the feelings that come from the qalb.

    ...But those who believe are stronger in love for Allah."
    (Surah Baqarah i.e Chapter no. 2, Verse number 165)

    Al right, so starting with aql (a place where we think from) indeed, a blessing from Allah Subhan wa ta'ala, nafs (place of our desires) it can also be a gift if it becomes nafs-e-mutmainnah. Qalb is our spiritual heart, similar to the physical body that contains heart. The heart of the rooh (soul) is called qalb!

    I hope I'm not making this very difficult to understand.

    So, let's say this, somebody may die from a heart disease, yet they can still go to Jannah. Somebody may die with a perfect physical heart, yet they may go to Hell. It is not connected with our physical heart. Our spiritual heart is our most critical organ, some make nafs the imam of their life.. they follow their desires. But always following such desires will only make us go astray in this ephemeral pleasures of life.

    For lot of us, our relationship with Qur'an is just at the level of wordings-we only recite, we don't feel! The real love with Allah is to have feelings, like we have for our beau.
    We should test ourselves-most of us knows the words and meanings, but how many times do we feel it? Does our heart burst with praise when we recite the first ayah? When we pray the second verse, does our heart melt when we think about the countless mercy of Allah - do we know the difference between Ar-Rahmaan and Ar-Rahim? When we recite the third verse, do we think about Allah being the Master?

    So how many people can say, they feel this?
    Is our relationship of surah fatiha with the wordings, or with the feelings?
    The feelings come from the qalb and that demonstrate the love we have for Allah!

    I'm getting high on nerves writing this, anyway tell me How many of you believe in afterlife?

    Also, I would love to know any of the surah or a long verse you know with translation and complete tafseer.

    I love this quote, so thought of sharing it with you guys:)

    Let not your remembrance of Allah
    be limited only to the periods of your
    rosary bead circumambulates your
    fingers but remember Him many times
    as possible, for in the remembrance of Allah
    do hearts find tranquil.( Abdul Rahmaan Niass T)

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    this temporary place of ephemeral desires
    will never make us satisfied

    a heart

    this void of heart will
    never find solace
    losing ourselves
    in the aura of

    our hearts
    will find contentment
    in the remembrance of Allah

    and we will come to know it

    and we will come to know it
    after this transitory

    and we will wait
    and wait

    for that eternal destination.

  • siddiqua_ 22w

    One fine day when a strangely subdued girl
    among the throng
    will see herself with no predicaments prolong,
    One fine day when a dream possessing alate will fly high along the moist galaxies
    and the uncertain nightmares will turn into fallacies,
    One fine day when the agony will shift into abditory
    like a reaction engulfing chemicals in laboratory,
    One fine day a smile will let all the wound heal
    leaving the scars of earliest memories conceal,


    And one fine day when the enigmas of cosmos
    I'll stand before you all and hear this universe call
    In the quiddity of glittery stars,
    I'll read the seer's rune
    In the silvery shadows of moon
    I'll survive absorbing yugen
    And see the fiery illusion,
    of how



    I know this is absolutely senseless and crap. I forgot how to jot down posies, I sware I did.
    Nonetheless, I tried to opt my old style of writing again.

    You can definitely skip this.

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  • siddiqua_ 24w

    My deific love, "why are you hiding yourself beneath those nimbostratus clouds?"
    "I'm here darling, stashing myself near the paradise, so that no one could adore me besides you."