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  • sike_adele_icacy 18w

    Times two

    Take all my love for you
    And make it times two
    I know it's not enough
    But loving you sure is tough
    Trying and trying,failing inevitably
    Hoping for events unrealistic
    The land however, never meets the sky.
    Call it destiny or fate.

  • sike_adele_icacy 18w

    By unknown writer

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    A dream is an escape
    from the world we live in,
    The harsh realities of life.
    You see what you want to,do what you couldn't
    Get to be with the one you can't
    But some things aren't meant to be
    Glass breaks,so does the heart and so does a dream
    Why is it that we always dream of the impossible?

  • sike_adele_icacy 18w


    And just like that all my pain and suffering had vanished
    In that moment,all I wanted was to be with you
    I chose to be happy, I chose you.