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  • silentpoetry27 7w

    My love for you is like a raging sea
    So powerful and deep it will forever be
    Through storm,wind and heavy rain
    It will stand in every pain
    Our heart are so pure and love so sweet
    I love you more with every heartbeat...

  • silentpoetry27 7w

    As long as the birds are singing
    As long as the fish can swim
    As long as the sun keeps shining
    I will love u in bright & dim

    As long as the wind keeps blowing
    As long as the ocean waves
    As long as the stars are shimmering
    You will have my heart enslaved

    As long as time keeps flowing
    As long as the sky is blue
    As long as the planets are spinning
    My love will forever be with you.....

  • silentpoetry27 7w

    Silent soul yell the most

  • silentpoetry27 8w

    I miss you every moment of the day
    I keep me awake just to listen to you
    I keep me empty just for you to fill
    I keep me alive just to see you

    I want to hold your hand and walk a mile
    And don't want to miss you even for a while...

  • silentpoetry27 8w

    So weird and funny but its true
    I have fallen so deeply in love with you
    And no matter what people say or do
    I'll be here forever loving you...

  • silentpoetry27 8w

    No Chocolates,not even roses
    No special dates,never gone to a places
    But its ok for it didn't matter
    Cause you promised to hold me forever...

  • silentpoetry27 9w

    I love your kind and thoughtful ways
    And the joy u bring to my life every day
    I love you as I have from the start
    I'll love you forever with all my heart...

  • silentpoetry27 9w

    It makes me happy just being by your side
    All these feelings I just can't hide

    You'll always be in my heart
    Can't bear the pain when we are apart

    But when you need me I'll be there
    To wipe those tears when u r sad
    To make u happy when u r mad

    All these things I can really do
    Just remember iam thinking of you....

  • silentpoetry27 9w

    I love you not because you are cute
    not because you are funny
    I love you for not being fake
    I love that smile on your face
    you stay true...
    you don't pretend to be somethingi you are not
    and thats one of the thing that makes you hot
    you are you
    and this the reason why I love you....

  • silentpoetry27 10w

    When I was born
    I didn't know much
    I was introduced to this world
    With a soft touch

    Its cause of your love
    That you hold in your heart
    You want me to experience life
    But don't like to be apart

    If all girls had a guidance
    And a dad's shoulder to cry
    They had grown up with confidence