a bundle of mess

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  • silentpurr 16w

    "Do you love me?"

    she asked

    With all my heart.

    my mind replied

    "Not anymore."

    my guilt took over

    Leaving her before she sees the life leave my body..

  • silentpurr 16w

    Nakatala sa mga tala
    ang mga sana
    na hindi inakala para sa kanya

  • silentpurr 18w

    Gone are the days of deep somber
    Replaced with new hope to ponder
    As you own your life embracingly
    And see things transpire amazingly

  • silentpurr 20w

    I wish for the days
    we no longer need to hide
    what we truly feel
    just for the fear of rejection

  • silentpurr 20w

    Raed tihs my lvoe
    my jbumlbed up touhtgs
    taht are tyinrg to raceh you
    Tuoch yuor suol in hpoes of aenw
    Birng me bcak to the cmorfot you srpaed
    Lvoe me eevn if I'm a mses

  • silentpurr 20w

    Hold my hand
    hold it real tight
    I won't ever let you go
    even if they said so

  • silentpurr 20w

    that 3 letter word
    that I found in 3 persons
    God the Father, God the Son
    and God the Holy Spirit

  • silentpurr 21w

    Wish I could lie
    and tell everything's fine
    Even though every night I cry
    As if my life's on the line

    Scars that I find hideous
    That has became a part of me
    Has taken a toll so serious
    That refuses to set me free

    One, two, three
    Breaths of pain and surrender
    and I told you not to worry
    Even if I'm the weakest whenever I remember

    Tire me out
    Throw me out
    Unto depths of mind
    In complete oblivion

    This emptiness incomparable
    to pain ever known
    how to make life tolerable?
    as lies and truths had overgrown

    I watched life seep out of my veins
    I watched myself wrapped up in chains
    My heart nor my mind reigns
    Over the tears that won't bring change

    #tired #pod

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  • silentpurr 21w

    2 line story

    I wanted to give up
    and so I did.

  • silentpurr 21w

    I stand here before you; worthless

    Then you came along..

    and in your eyes, I saw my worth.