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  • silkreads 4d

    Between The Hustle And Bustle Of The Streets
    I Saw A Dupatta
    Lying On The Ground
    Torn, Tethered And Bleached
    Into A Rusted Shade Brown
    From a Lively Deep Rhenish Wine
    Among The Villages And Among The Huts
    Unpainted Canvas Of Brick Walls
    Lie Untouched Forever
    Yet Most Vibrant With The Lively Spirits Of
    The Toddlers,Young Gentlemen And Lovely Granny’s
    Baking, Weaving, Stitching, Knitting
    Pieces Of Their Love Threads One By One
    Caressing The Sweater
    With The Warmness Of Their Heart
    In Between The Sunrise(s) And Sunset(s)
    Small Eyes Look Out Of The Window Sills
    Of The thatched Roof Huts
    Tracing The Sky-Touching Buildings
    Beyond Infinity
    Among The Fused Night Bulbs And Dark Midnight Sky
    Love Doesn't Happen Anymore
    With Tinted shades of Pink Or Brownies
    But Behind The Shut Doors
    And Closed Curtains Of Life
    Among The Golden Dandelions And White Lilys
    Cactus Is The One Which Offers
    Dew Drops Of Water
    To Quench Your Thirst
    But Is Despised Off And Scoffed At The Most
    Among The Magificent Buildings And Tumble-Down Huts
    Some People Are Running For A Penny
    Down The Streets
    While Others Have Millions
    And Want Some More
    Beyond The Land And Beneath The Sky
    The Horizon Is Painted With Vibrant Hues
    Of Reds, Indigos, Violets And Blues.
    On The Other Hand
    Huge Bottles of Black Ink
    Has Been Spilt On The Paper
    On Which The Society Is Scribbled
    And Then Blended Again
    With Some Pure Droplets Of White
    Which Ultimately Gives Nothing
    But The Grey Shades Of The
    SOCIETY At Present


  • silkreads 1w

    A letter to the sweetest dumplings ever!(my eyes),

    Dear Eyes,
    Well I have no idea where I should start with! Neither am I going to ask about your health nor to open up your feelings about me because you have seen everything since my birth and I guess there is hardly any spot nudging behind the trees which your DSLR couldn't capture! Even visualizing fairytales in the mere darkness of your shut curtains would have been practically impossible without you!Well can't deny the fact that you are so good at handling situations, better than ME you know! You do understand when winking helps and when wetting the margins of bay makes me feel so much better! However sometimes you shift your vision from the beautiful places I never want you to and tell me truly how many oceans have you there? Honestly you are like one of those naughty kids out there who kind of gets so out of control sometimes or better to say most frequently.Your white blank spaces states what I am outside but your dark sacred pupils holds the wildest secrets of my life.Without you I would have never imagined constellations out there blinking in the midnight sky.Well I know very well that you can never be the navy blue or the perfect brown just because these pigments can never replace your natural MELANIN! Remember those eyelashes don't define your beauty because you are in yourself one of a kind.That's it for today or I know you will start rolling down my cheeks any moment now!

    Your Loving owner (My sweetest pet),


  • silkreads 3w

    It's Much Easier To
    Rupture The Veins With A Blade
    But Connecting Chords Of Vibrations To The Heart
    Is What Life Is All About!


  • silkreads 5w

    Gardening permits the essence of life
    To peek its head out
    Through the tiny cracks and fissures.

    Biology answers the question
    Of the flowers being stroked
    Into shades of
    Reds,indigos,violets and blues.
    The way how flowers unite
    To welcome the new bud
    Maturing in their ovules
    Is what Biology is all about.

    Perfect strokes, vibrant hues and silent cries
    Is all what Art is
    Compassionate about.

    History holds nothing
    But an era of darkness
    Filled with shredding tears,voices shouting freedom
    And the crushed flowers in somewhere
    Between the filthy particles of soil.

    Geography points out
    That the deserts can never have
    Such wondrous beauties
    Because a warm and wet climate
    Is where they feel cosy in.

    Magic is all about
    Turning a thorny cactus
    Into the most vibrant flower ever
    With quick flashes of radiant light.

    "Tear apart all those
    Brightly coloured petals,
    Deprive her of all
    Her happiness
    In terms of
    Water,soil and ample sunlight
    And at last what remains
    Are the dull green stalks and sepals."
    Is what S O C I E T Y says.

    "Bring her to this world
    With purity and chastity,
    Dress her elegantly in pastels
    And let the pride preside
    Over her virgin hue."
    Is what the F I C T I O N books say.


  • silkreads 8w

    A year is not only supposed to be marked a period of 365 days with each day being striked off from the calendar as if nothing excites you more than watching the sun travelling from one corner of the sky to the other.A year itself brings with it colours of joy and happiness and without festivities, celebrations and friends it is almost incomplete just like the year 2020 is incomplete without a cake on the table at your birthday!

    The spread of this deadly virus, COVID-19 has resulted in large scale death of people and we ended up locking the doors and windows of our own house to remain protected. The summer days in which we were found munching on ice cream cones has been replaced now by the time where we struggle to gain immunity.The small bag jiggling up and down around a woman's stylish dress has been reduced to just a hand sanitizer in our pockets.The cold winter mornings of attending classes was more enjoyable than attending online classes being cozy wrapped up all in a blanket from head to toe.Spending most of the time with family seems as though the huge circle of people we used to stay with has reduced to a point sized object on the ground.Office goers were restricted to their homes and this time saw a tremendous increase in the rate of unemployment and the employed people being laid off.However this virus also brought some positivity in the lives of people.Lockdown prevented people from going out and the decreased usage of vehicles for a long period of time has made our environment pollution free and this world a much happier,healthier and smiling place to live in.This time gave us a chance to look around ourselves and to discover the undiscovered.This time made you realise that even you can be an imperfectly perfect artist, even you can hum melodies and even you can weave beautiful poetries.Considering all the parameters we can say that huge bottles of black ink blended with some pure droplets of white to give some grey shades of the year 2020.

    The positivity which this year brought to our lives and negativity which taught us to deal with situations were both important for us as salt and sugar are required in equal amounts to enhance the taste of life and thus this year will always be remembered as a lesson to life because even to step forward sometimes you have to look backwards.


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  • silkreads 8w

    "Will I be the one among the countless stars
    Or be the sky who preserves its scenic beauty,
    Will I be the one among the Shining dotted figures
    Or will be merged away with the pale blue colour of the sky."


  • silkreads 12w

    It is already midnight and the cold outside is killing me from within.It is so fascinating to know that how big the world actually is and point sized figures we are strolling down the streets at 12.00am.Rubbing both my palms against each other I looked up at the starry sky.Will I be able to become a shining star in future or will be mixed with the pale blue colour of the sky. I felt your cold breath lashing against my cheeks and saw that you were looking at the tiny traces of light shining through the buildings and reaching the sacred brown pupils of your eyes.How days are and will be in the future.Will it be the times when the sun would be at the top of the sky, scattering its golden rays all around with the sunflowers dancing and fluttering in the breeze or will it be that people would have to walk following the small traces of light emitted by the moon.Will we bloom like the pink flowers of the spring tree or will be permanently detached from the autumn tree as rusted shades of red.Will we become the daring ones or will we become the scaring ones.Will you still hug that photo of your grandmother tightly clutched in your hands or will you be busy yourself framing your pictures and placing them on your chocolate brown shelves.Will you still share the one half of your perk chocolate or will be selfish about eating the heart of the dairy milk alone.Will you still say that brown is beautiful or would rather say that white is gold because in today's time I have seen more lovers of tea than milk.As soon as you had put your warm hands around my neck I came back from my memories.We rided your bicycle and headed towards the downhill as bumps will always occur through the roads of success.


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  • silkreads 15w

    @writersbay : Thanks a lot for this amazing prompt!Gave me a chance to open the closed shutters of my mind!:)

    "To the person who unknowingly noticed me."

    So finally got a chance to write to you inspite of knowing you would never reply back. I still remember the day when you first entered into our school premises with those flushed cheeks of yours.Not only you but many unfamiliar faces had just made an entry through the corridor when your eyes caught mine for a moment and then again moved towards my school diary. I was such a shy baby that I could hardly open my lips to make my voice familiar to other kids my age and specially the new ones.Our carpool had just admitted some more kids and on the very first day I got a surprise! I saw you crawling up the back seat and getting yourself seated.Well as every curious kid even my heart was pacing fast to hear how your voice sounded like and believe me when I heard it I was already off the seat with my mouth wide open laughing irresistibly as if I have had a large bottle of laughing gas! Your voice was girlish and not partly but mostly! Little did I know that the person I someday made fun of would come so close to my heart one day.It was in class 5 that I realised I had a sudden liking towards you.But as earlier mentioned being an introvert I never shared my feelings with anyone except my best friend.Even talking to you seemed as though it was milestones away.I had to choose between two.Whether to miss a train completely or to get on the right platform.Well I chose the intermediate stage of waiting for my platform until it arrives!But then the platform never came until one day someone...... someone told you the truth.You kept asking me if it was actually the truth and one day I decided to confess.I told you whatever I felt about YOU. I know I wasn't that sort of girl who was a perfect S-SIZE or chirpy as one should be but ya then also had something in my mind which I could not keep long enough and spilled the beans.From that day till today we never talk much but yes we still have that bond of friendship between us and I hope that this piece of thread never gets detached.You always tried to show infront of others that you didn't if you were a black hole!But even the black hole isn't so black as it might appear to be that is you never spoke much but whenever we sat alone we always had a smile whiletalking and I hope that never gets painted off from your glowing face and wishing that in future your life blooms like a flower and glows like a piece of diamond!After all we know that not all the halfs can make an imperfectly perfect heart!

    From your (CHINI)......


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    "After all we know that not all the halfs can make an imperfectly perfect heart!"

  • silkreads 15w


    Sky Today Was A
    Dark pitched hole
    With All The Clouds
    Locking the doors
    And The Crystal Clear
    Moon Peeping through
    The skies With Worried
    Looks and breathless sighs
    Clusters of blue, orange indigo
    Didn't burst in the sky
    The grey smokes did not
    Swirl And Dance
    Through the streets
    We Heard only the trumping
    And The Beats!
    No chocolate bombs
    Only Sugary Sweets!
    Never mind Never Mind
    Diwali is the festivals of lights!


  • silkreads 17w

    Not Are
    Tiny Droplets
    But Oceans Deep Blue
    Which Wet Margins Of Bay
    Only And Only If
    They Cannot Settle
    Down On