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  • silverjade69 1w

    I seem to be miles away here lately, you know way off in Never land, noville someville. It's not daydreaming I ensure you. Infact dreaming hasn't been an option in quite some time, sleep hasn't come easy either.
    Every day that passes I hope for things to improve,bthey don't. Can't seem to find my way back.
    I'm not necessarily lost, but temporarily displaced.
    I'm not really alone, but I am alone.

  • silverjade69 9w

    Thank you

    Haven't been on in awhile so many people to thank thanks for likes and reposts and so grateful to all of those who follow more writings to come soon

  • silverjade69 10w

    Money can and can't buy happiness

    Money is nice, but I don't think it can buy happiness. Don't get me wrong, having it can make you happy to a certain extent. Being able to buy things you want and need with out struggle, would be great. But if you have chronic sadness, bipolar, or any other illness, money can't take that away. Money is the root of all evil.u0m

  • silverjade69 11w

    Believe or not

    Believe it or not dreams can come true
    At least that's what they always say
    Everyone's view is different
    I do not believe it
    Do you think it's true
    Mine never have
    So I don't
    Do you

  • silverjade69 11w


    Happiness is sitting under a tree soaking in the the smell of jasmine
    Happiness is walking along the edge of the water, at sunset and the feel of the ocean running over your feet
    Happiness is dancing in the rain without a care in the world
    Happiness is the laughter of a child
    Happiness is being with the family
    Most of all happiness is being able to do all these things and more with the one you love.

  • silverjade69 11w


    I'm Entirely entangled

  • silverjade69 11w

    Our end was like my hardest struggle

    There was no air, it felt like I had a weight on chest, I struggled with every single fighting breath
    The devastation was so overwhelming, it brought me to my knees and captivated my heart that with every beat the pain was unbearable.
    I cried so many tears that I was trapped by
    A deep pool of utter confusion and despair
    No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get out
    The fear started to consume every inch of my body causing a heavier weight that made it hard to even move
    Trying to get clarity, you only caused more damage with your lies and deception, leaving me lying in darkness of desolation
    We were not perfect together for we made our share of mistakes
    We hurt each other with our words and actions
    Even years later I still feel the anguish and perplexity
    Failure seems to be around every corner just waiting on me
    Believing in myself in any aspect is not easy for me to do
    It is so hard to me get out and meet people now my walls have gotten so thick, I'm not sure if they'll ever come down
    My life seems so off track, I'm not sure if I'll ever be back to normal, what ever that is

  • silverjade69 12w

    Word of the day:

    Flummoxed, write your version.
    @mirakee @writersbay @writersnetwork @writersofmirakee

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    Loss of self esteem

    I was Flummoxed when he said not to come home, and I needed to fix myself.
    Fix what I said. You just need to do something with yourself. Devastation set in and I was whirling out of control. I felt like the pain would never go away. It's been a great deal of time, and I'm still a little lost.

  • silverjade69 12w

    We Do

    The trials and tribulations we face are sometimes so much we think we can't bare them, but we do.
    We may not always come out on top, but we do come out. We face all kinds of ridicule on the daily, and it really tears up inside and we think it's just to much to handle, We do cause we're still here. I'm just as guilty as any body, but if we can turn all our negative into positive the it could make for a sunny day. I'm not saying it will take away our illness or pain I'm just saying there is a silver lining.

  • silverjade69 12w


    I'm overwhelmed with sadness. My body aches so I tremble. Chaos rambles through my mind. My pensive mood is causing havoc on my emotions. I have to sit in the rain to hide the tears,
    I don't know why cause no one really pays attention anyway.