16 y/o Silvi Pathak here. Just write my mugged up thoughts ��

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  • silvii 3d


    It clearly needs second to fall in love with these amazing pretty souls, BTS
    But maybe not all cheers them up
    But those who does they know the feeling of a true fam and fan both
    They are no less than angels in person
    Who supports these boys everytime, no matter how they are or where from these boys belong,
    Yes this fam defines true support and they are no other than A R M Y.

  • silvii 1w

    It's never too late to forgive someone
    But always too early to forget what they did.

  • silvii 5w

    No one appreciated my hands so much until Fleming.

  • silvii 7w

    Why do we embrace only the good moments of life and not the bad ones , when the bad ones just makes us more stronger and free and bold?

  • silvii 18w

    Words fail sometimes.
    Actions don't.

  • silvii 18w

    You were just like 3 A.M thoughts

  • silvii 18w


    "It's so easy to say but hard to do"
    I felt this today.
    I knew how terrible it feels how to say something you feel to the person whom you tend to trust the most but you can't.
    I knew how much it pains to say 'move on' to someone without you with whom you made memories a day ago.
    It feels heavy at your heart to wave the last goodbye.
    But, you can't hold back the person.
    Just let it go.

  • silvii 31w


    Everyday is a new challenge that we are unaware of. Its clearly unpredictable what kind of a day we going to face today. So dont lose hope. Everything happens for a reason. Believe in that reason. You will have success in your hands.

  • silvii 31w


    Life has soo much planned about you so why you want to give up? Wait for life and I know you will deffinately love the surprises waiting up for you.


  • silvii 33w

    He was just like a mayfly.