Simmi Chakraborty |18| 'look at the heaven above as our love gonna shine brighter than these stars'

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  • simmi_16 27w

    Our chains of love so well built and getting deeper and deeper
    In love with you I'm falling
    So sweeter and sweeter
    Thinking of you
    Gives warmth to my skin
    I do kiss those thoughts about you
    That I've painted from within
    I love the way your sugary voice hugs me when my heart fears of loosing you
    I love you
    As I promise to be among those few
    Yes we're lovers amorous and so true

  • simmi_16 28w


    So freaky but Still a lot funny
    Yeah people try to say that I act little in a hurry
    I wish that our story to never end
    As I promise that even the silent suns to meet the night will be abashed and never offend

    My mind's a mess
    I do agree my insecurities
    At times put my loved ones in distress
    Sometimes I laugh
    Sometimes I do cry on behalf

    My mood swings Change and switch
    At times so auto functioning ��
    That in sad moments I do laugh
    And in happy moments I do not even need a reason to cry .

    I can't control my mood swings anymore
    Well I really do wonder
    How can I have two emotions at once ?
    Sometimes the darkness becomes so scary
    And sometimes I love to dance with shadows of the darkness.

    So irritated
    Biting my nails
    Over thinking
    Confused at times
    miserable and unmotivated too
    Bumping my legs up and down constantly

    Blue turns to grey
    To all the different birds out there I say
    I have found the girl
    Who once I used to be
    So free and the real me

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    All those mood swings


  • simmi_16 28w

    My expressions are the emotions of my poetry
    Memories are lost in waves of vocable as metaphors
    Heart's a broken rhyme
    Scribbled so unrivalled tragedy
    but in a rhythmic symmetry.

  • simmi_16 29w

    @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #yaminiread

    The holy branches of hope have started growing
    the river of Life keeps on flowing
    Broken window of heart holds lucid dreams
    In the calmness,in the stillness I do breath the silence

    Many tears of mine
    In waves of golden brown
    With all the deep scars and failures
    You fall and rise

    Without the dream's crown
    I will be lost in the haunted shore
    Where I might drown
    Leaving all the past tales behind
    And search for the way I find

    The inner voices ,so wild or tame
    Up from the pain's edge they came
    A wish upon a heart
    I promise to never let my dreams get apart ...

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    Peace in my dreams


  • simmi_16 30w

    The wind whispered Me
    About our love
    That autumn rainstorm
    The season of enchanting lovers
    My skin became avid
    As it was foible of the taste of your touch
    I can see millions of stars on the heaven above
    Painted so pulchritudinous white
    I was lost in the depths of your thoughts
    Across the sky

  • simmi_16 34w

    #narrative_poem #first_time

    #laughing_soul #pod #yaminiread #ceesreposts @writersnetwork

    Did you remember the girl who I used to be ?
    So shabby and wary
    but still always used to be the real me
    So many pain and bruises to show
    But her innocence with much hefty and valorous skin, her beauty appeared to glow

    She was just like a book
    Beautiful by cover
    And yet she carried with herself that forever changing look

    I never was in love ; and since
    He proved me wrong,
    Now what's more left to convince
    Me for any long

    Little did she know
    Let a little bit of courage and her enthusiasm show
    my love is sized
    And my fear is so
    True friends from flattering foe
    I can grant thou
    I never saw a goddess though

    As a princess that I was
    being treated by my lovely parents
    In light of recent events
    Well who are ready to hear
    The worst for her disappearance ?

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    Did you remember the girl who I used to be..?

    Hope you all the talented writers on board won't be dissatisfied reading this very first part of the narrative poem .
    Lots of love and blessings to you all .

  • simmi_16 39w

    Don't know what I need to do to get rid from that crazy dumbo
    As whatever he speaks sounds mumbo jumbo .
    Even that coffee jumbo
    Seems to be more stronger than that soulful gumbo

  • simmi_16 40w

    A fun and beautiful challenge by @monikakapur ��

    To all the talented writers on board hope you will enjoy reading this small piece of writing .����

    #pod @writersnetwork #laughing_soul #yaminiread @mirakee_reposts

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    Wished every Monday's
    To be a fun day
    The Monday machine rolls
    Those weekly test and daily schedule in school that it holds
    Unwittingly yours ocean blue eyes on me
    During the lunchtime
    Wished you to follow my lead

    Those chuckling memories
    As our friendship never had any boundaries
    Even on those boring Monday's
    You are Still being the better half
    Who never missed a single chance to make me laugh

    Those boring lessons of phyto chemistry
    Those Archimedes principle's to Graham's law
    and about those photosynthesis and respiration
    Well some heads I could find just nodding
    To be pretentious

    Those dreams so feeble and murky
    Veristic and perky
    You forged
    You gave a better life
    And made us as sharp as knife
    Teacher like you
    As you are among those few

    Headed for the home
    So hassle
    Voice sounds like rustle
    Those delicious foods arranged on the diner
    With shows of Jerry springer

    All your cures and care
    When sickness caught me unaware
    Cuddles and nourishment
    Baking those skills
    And providing a surface to my talents
    Even every single boring days
    Like Mondays
    The best thing that I always have
    Small or large
    your love that I crave
    With no charge

  • simmi_16 40w

    Writting it for the very first time if any mistakes would be glad to know.
    Reverse collom lune

    @writersnetwork #laughing_soul

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    God, the almighty
    Countless blessings and infinite love
    Merciful to all.

  • simmi_16 40w

    Beauty in veins
    Treacly emotions with exquisite pain
    Lost and mewed with guilty stains
    Burning my dreams into flames
    Those voiceless sympathy
    Tendond tearing
    Fragile life
    At last that's what it remains.....