Diary of a person is a whole mystery of the life of a person. Its each and every word has some worth and directly proportional to the person's life.

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  • simranne 5h

    The goal shouldn't be to get rewards by helping others, but it should only be to help others.

  • simranne 18h

    India resides in our blood.
    India resides in our heart.
    India resides in all of us
    Cause we all are Indian
    Let us recall the bravery of the soldiers.
    Who fought with valour
    Who fought for the nation
    Who fought for us all
    In this auspicious day.

  • simranne 2w


  • simranne 3w

    I write poems and diaries so that after me they would exist.

  • simranne 3w

    A note to this world

    My dears,
    I don't know
    And, even we don't know
    When this flood of end of our life will come.
    It can be now,tomorrow or someday else.
    But, a note from me is always with you.
    You can remember me through that.
    You can remember be if you have time.
    You can take help from me as my memories will exist.
    Just don't forget me.
    That's all.
    From One of your Addlepate.

  • simranne 3w

    Prepare yourself to fight alone.

  • simranne 4w

    Memories-Your companion

    When I felt lonely I recalled,
    Every moment of my past
    Sometimes I laughed
    Sometimes I cried
    Those days
    Those friends
    Those neighbours
    Those teachers
    Everything went on in my mind
    From first to last
    But everywhere there is something common.
    I was there and that I is also here.
    Then I understand I am not alone.
    I am carrying with me
    The evocations of my past.
    That made me feel relaxed.

  • simranne 4w


    When the trouble is within our family,
    All the family members unite.
    When the trouble is within a society,
    All the neighbours unite.
    When the trouble is within a city,
    All different societies unite.
    When the trouble is within a district,
    All the different villages unite.
    When the trouble is within a state,
    All the districts unite.
    When the trouble is within a country,
    All the states unite.
    When the trouble is within the whole world,
    All the different countries unite.
    This the biggest logic.
    We don't understand,
    That when there is problem
    We all unite.
    But then why we fight within us?

  • simranne 4w

    May this Christmas comes to your house with a lots of happiness and cherish.
    May this Christmas makes you as much as merry as it contains in its own wish.
    May this Christmas gives you the courage to celebrate new year.
    May this Christmas takes away all the pain that you bear.
    Merry Christmas!

  • simranne 6w

    Be better at what you like.
    And, Master at what you don't like and you think, that it is impossible for you.