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  • singhbharti 8w

    Me and you

    The sublime beauty of your soul,
    Bringing me towards you,
    I don't care about the mundane world,
    The galaxy the stars have already written our fate , my love !
    Just find me I am lost in the myriad of people,
    Take me somewhere beyond the horizon,
    Just me and you,
    Let's create our own world, just me and you....

  • singhbharti 11w

    Janti hu.....

    Mai janti hu tu mere pass nahi, dil rehta tha udas par ab khuch khas nahi, tune ignore kiya mujhe or meri dosti ko jis din, mere dil ne ye maan liya tu ab wo pehle wala yaar nahi....

  • singhbharti 12w

    Wo pyaar mera

    Wo pyaar jo teri aankhon mai tha usey dhundhti hu har jagah,
    Wo chuwan jo tere ishq ki,
    Mahsoos hoti hai har raat bewajah,
    Tu aayega nahi ye janti hu,
    Par palke bichaye baithi hu usi jagah......

  • singhbharti 15w

    Aye dil tu dhundhta kise baar baar hai

    Koi nahi hai aye dil, tu dhundhta kise baar baar hai,
    Tasawwur mai kiske tu khota har baar hai,
    Koi jhankta nahi tere dil mai jo toofaan hai ufaan par,
    Tu fir v kisko apna haale dil bant ta kai baar hai,
    Teri khamoshiyon ka shor tere ander hi dum tod raha,
    Tu apni umeedein sunata kyu baar baar hai,
    Koi nahi hai aye dil, tu dhundhta kise baar baar hai,

  • singhbharti 15w


    Remember that day,
    I woke up clinging in your arms,
    I can still feel that kiss, and smell the fragrance of our love,
    We shared a cup of tea, and now these are just memories,
    We talked about our future family,
    And laughed together endlessly,
    I still remember your smile, and I was proud because the reason behind that smile was me,
    Now these are not just memories,
    I feel you never left me,
    You are still walking with me through these memories....

  • singhbharti 15w

    I'll come

    Come my love! and excavate deep very deep inside my heart,
    And you will still find your name on each and every brick of the monument of our love,
    It was not a temporary feeling, my love!
    Come and excavate the deep very Deep inside my soul,
    You'll find an immortal love,
    And just you,
    This one life can't decide our fate I am sure,
    I'll come for you in every life till the star will shine, and again when the new galaxy's will will be formed....

  • singhbharti 16w


    Kabhi jajbaaton ke taar tere hathon mai diya tha,
    Tune chuke meri zindagi ek surili sangeet se bhar di thi,
    Aaj tu nahi hai wo taar chedne ko,
    Par aaj v wo sangeet mujhe tere kareeb le aati hai,
    Tu mujhe chahe na chahe, teri yaadein tujhe humesha mere kareeb paati hai....

  • singhbharti 16w

    Muddaton baad

    Muddaton baad mile ho,
    Jara fursat se dekh lene do,
    Dil taras raha tha deedare aab ko jara
    Jee bhar ke pee lene do,
    Kya pata tu aage meri kismat mai ho na ho,
    Jab kismat ne aaj milaya hai tumhe mujhse to, to ye lamha jee bhar ke aaj jee lene do.

  • singhbharti 16w

    Budding emotions

    My budding emotions,
    Stop here! There is no one who can see your tears, who can feel your pain,
    My budding emotions,
    Stop here! I know your expectations,
    There's no one who's waiting for you,
    The road to heaven is lonely and one n only truth....
    My budding emotions,
    Stop here! M with you❤

  • singhbharti 16w

    Her love.....

    He was at the pinnacle of his life,
    And she at the lowest depth of sea, but she survived,
    She still wanted to see him on the top,
    Regardless of her pain, and failure which was rife,
    She always wished for his happiness from the falling stars,
    She pretended to be happy without showing her scars,
    Her love was so pure,eternal and divine....