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  • siri_goodyear 8w

    Liar Liar

    Liar liar
    Im a liar
    I lie to peoples face.
    Liar liar
    My hearts on fire
    When he faded away.
    Liar Liar
    I see a liar
    Looking back at me.
    Liar Liar
    My desire
    Means nothing, as I seem.
    Liar Liar
    I lie to people
    Saying ill be ok.
    But the brusies
    Said otherwise
    Cause like him, they faded away.

  • siri_goodyear 8w

    I wrote this for people that had trouble with overthinking so that they can really take the time to reflect on how they are feeling. I think in the end of this poem, it kinda works with covid 19 and the way people feel during this time.

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    When Did This Happen?

    When did this happen?
    What happened to the days that I didnt have a care in the world?
    To when I could act as myself in public?
    These days I feel judged.
    What happened when I didn't worry about my future or if I deserved one?
    What convinced my mind to attend a marathon without warning?
    I've raced my thoughts through the tracks built by my demons, asking myself "why did I do this?" or "why did I say that?" Because society doesn't believe in imperfect people.
    They have men appearing tougher, woman appearing prettier.
    Thats not even close to what the world is. It's an image shown to others thinking thats what they should be.
    So they doubt themselves as a human being not remembering thats all everyone is.
    I want those days back.
    The days where I didnt worry about the small things.
    The days when I smiled without a mask on.

  • siri_goodyear 12w

    You Know That Moment

    You know that moment,
    When you can breath again?
    When you used to suffocate,
    When you felt tied in?
    When you lost something,
    You can't win back?
    When you lost your mind,
    And you felt trapped?
    When you drowned
    Deep into a place,
    Where it was so dark
    And you didn't feel safe?
    You know that moment,
    When you feel free?
    You can stand up,
    And you can breathe.

  • siri_goodyear 13w

    This is for people who have gotten cured over any mental illness or any sort of pain in their lives. I used to have panic disorder and I overthought about everything. But im finally feeling ok���� I'm so thankful that I had help before it got bad.
    If you wanna share an experience and connect or have someone to talk to, comment!

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    No More

    You get used to it
    It just takes time.
    It hurts at first,
    Then its alright.
    You get cut,
    Then you heal.
    No more blood,
    Running down the heels.
    You took many deep breaths,
    They finally sank in.
    You prayed to be ok,
    To forgive your sins.
    You're feeling better,
    No more pain.
    No more tears,
    You wiped them away.

  • siri_goodyear 15w

    This was a poem I wrote in middle school that I found and I decided to edit it������

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    The Worst Day Ever

    Today was the worst day ever,
    I dont know why I thought it would get better.
    On the way to school I tripped,
    My english essay was ripped.
    I failed a test in science.
    It was lunch next, no money to buy it.
    In art I spilt paint on my shoes,
    In history I had assignments overdue.
    I had to walk home in the pouring rain,
    Tears rolled down with my chest in pain.
    Sometimes life feels as light as a feather,
    When it really is the worst day ever.

  • siri_goodyear 16w

    I wrote this from personal experience. I appreciate who reads this because you're basically reading my feelings.

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    He doesn't know

    He doesnt know
    That I still bawl my eyes out at 2 in the morning.
    He doesnt know
    That I still think about him everyday.
    He doesnt know
    That memories with him still play in my mind over and over again, on repeat and I wish I could stop it, but theres no eject button.
    If there was, I would have pushed it by now.
    Its hard to watch the amazing memories of him, realizing he is now a memory.
    All the times he's made me laugh
    All the times hes made me feel special.
    He doesnt know that I still hurt.
    And what kills me the most...
    Is that I know youre ok.

  • siri_goodyear 17w

    Comment if you relate��

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    I'm sorry! I can't stop it!
    The tears just keep pouring out of your eyes.
    Flooding the room.
    Lock the door!
    Nobody can see you like this.
    Weak, Vulnerable...sad.
    How about your bed?
    Will that help?
    If I cover you in darkness and let your tears sink into the sheets, will you be ok after that?
    Last time you told me, "yes"
    But you're doing it again.
    Joy always tells me she can change you.
    Make you feel ok.
    But thats not how you feel is it?
    You still feel lonely... disappointed.

  • siri_goodyear 17w

    You pulled me in,
    Made me think I was special.
    Gave me everything,
    My feelings weren't little.
    You made me laugh,
    At anything you said.
    You didn't think you were funny,
    But you stuck to my head.
    From the moment I woke up,
    To the time I fall asleep,
    You're always on my mind
    You have always been sweet.
    I don't know,
    If I should call it love.
    But youre making me insane,
    Which is what love does.
    But if you're happier without me,
    Then thats fine.
    Even though I won't be,
    I will heal overtime.

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    What Love Does


  • siri_goodyear 17w

    Overthinking Again?

    People say life's easy,
    There was no reason to lie.
    Acting like its sunny,
    All I see are grey skies.
    All my problems catching up,
    Hovering over me,
    All my self doubts,
    All my enemies.
    They tied me up in a house,
    Bringing up my issues.
    No wait its just my mind,
    "Overthinking again.. aren't you?"

  • siri_goodyear 17w

    You know what destroys me?
    The fact that I have to act like
    Everything is normal around you,
    But it's not