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  • siziscribe 5w

    You will still have me

    When your hair will turn grey
    Your eyes will start bluffing you
    You will need a stick as strength

    You will still have me...

    When you will find hard
    to button your shirt
    to find your matching shocks
    to talk about your childhood memories

    You will still have me...

    When you will step into your 80's
    Your smiles will be without teeth
    Your wrinkles will web your face
    You will be counting your last breathe

    You will still have me...

  • siziscribe 6w


    So, who would help me?
    When i will run into troubles like always i do.
    So, who would scold me?
    When i will sleep empty stomach.
    So, who would make me smile?
    When i will chop onions.
    So,who would give me piggy back rides
    When i will act like a kid.

  • siziscribe 7w


    What is love if you ask ?

    I could show you my back being stabbed
    how i took his sorrow and overflowed his cup with happiness.
    I could show you my 3 a.m pillow drenched in tears.

    But i won't,
    I would just say "I don't believe in love"

  • siziscribe 9w


    You will always find me where we first met
    Fog bathed roads and two warm hearts
    I stumbled and couldn't even cross road
    You grabbed my hand and then my life
    Memories of us is so vivid and deep
    that sometimes I feel like getting lost
    And never be back...

  • siziscribe 10w


    Will you be able to give the most precious thing in your life?

    No, right?

    But if you ask me,
    I did

    It took me 3"long months to accept it

    But I did...
    I did...

  • siziscribe 12w

    Can you?

    Can you feed me with your hands for one last time?
    Can you carry me to bed once more ?
    Can you hold my hands for once?
    Can I feel your smell from closure ?
    Can we get drenched in rain like before?
    Can you please?

  • siziscribe 12w


    I love you, I really do !
    But I have to let you go...
    Let you go for me...
    We shall meet above the line of right and wrong
    And where you won"t be out of love.
    Please be mine in heaven
    I need a hope to live.

  • siziscribe 13w

    I really don't know about forever,
    No one really knows.
    When admist all noises there's a voice
    "I am here for you today,
    I will be there tomorrow
    as far as I feel right now"
    #mirakee #writers_community #loveforwrite

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    I don't want a commitment of forever,
    But just a promise of today and tomorrow.

  • siziscribe 15w

    Moments per second(3)

    He -"you know, I can feel you even after you leave"
    I was on cloud 9,I could not believe my life
    While clustering the memories,
    I pinned it up with love.
    Softly and carefully i placed it in my memories.

    I was alive like never before
    I giggled and started building a happy place

    We were chasing memories.
    I knew that I was captivated
    But I could not protest,
    I surrendered and bowed.

    And then
    The happy place collapsed.
    That afternoon it was not us
    But me and him...

  • siziscribe 15w

    Moments per second (2)

    We did not realise and fell in love
    Whenever someone enquires about the exact date
    It isn't a particular date but it's a bit every second we say :
    We did crazy things together
    "Shouting from the top of a roof
    Lingering around 3 a.m
    Kissing the night sky without being planned
    Chasing the morning sun
    Sipping tea holding hands
    Getting drunk and singing aloud
    And what not"

    It was not just mere love
    It was a bond and even beyond...