I have been writing poetry for a little over twenty years. I want to share, learn, and grow.

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  • sjhawthorne 8w

    Awareness Of Your Own

    The dopest line I have ever wrote
    Were simple lines on a note
    Just ink in my pen

    Blending words
    Creating layers of feeling
    Composting a symphony
    A rhythm, a beat

    Stimulating the senses
    Illuminating the heart
    Educating a caged mind

    Thoughts and sentences
    A Collective not a rap
    Freeing another generation
    Giving a chance for evaluation

    Think for yourself
    Blinding lights to closed eyes
    Open to see the truth

    Voices from before provide words
    Whitman, Emerson, Thoreau
    Decarte, Hughes, Angelou, and Mojgani
    These are names of a few

    Forget the frivolous and extemporaneous phrases
    Hear the themes of life
    Tones a fever pitch
    Marching like drums going to war

    Some soft as a gentle whisper to a lover's ear
    Others bombardment over Baghdad
    Strife through Mogadishu
    Everlasting into a conflict on your mind

    Seek explanations for "Why"
    Full yourself with truth
    See and hear both sides
    No one side is the gospel

    Be satisfied in your mind that the facts are heard
    Don't play to the fiction of a story
    Be critical for yourself and stand alone
    Avoiding become a puppet or drone

    Using your own intellect and wit
    It will take you further than you might see
    Anyone's fool follows blindly
    Be of your sanity and reason


  • sjhawthorne 8w

    Heart String's Path

    A tapestry of expression
    Written by a shaking hand
    Nonsense words
    Illogically composed
    Tangled up thoughts
    Mixed up feelings
    Trampled on heart strings
    Intermingled strings creating knots
    Must follow each string
    The strings from to scattered points
    Gently pull through
    Discover the clues
    Finding the finite details
    To reach those ends
    Undue emotional entanglement
    Replay the pain, stress, and angst
    Southern by joy, ecstasy, and happiness
    Clear the path of clear strings
    The heart will find your true self there


  • sjhawthorne 8w

    Colored Tattooed Spirit

    Tattooed color words
    Pitch black, saddened blue, gristle grey
    Color the vision of perspective 
    Crestfallen, depressed, and downtrodden
    Heaviness of the heart and mind
    Confront the spirit to slow change
    Renew the heart, mind and spirit
    Sunburst orange, royal blue, kelly green
    Hues of purples and pinks
    Uplift the man set adrift
    Breathing deep the peacefulness of content
    Amending the bitter sight
    Approach gently the mindful consciousness


  • sjhawthorne 10w

    Darkest Sanity

    The darkness of man
    Teeter toters on a razor's edge
    Delicately balanced on an apex
    Too far off the edge
    Leads to the slippery fall

    Too far right a depressing slope
    Sinking into a most deep sadness
    Wallowing, howling, silent cries
    Pleads, unheard prayers of comfort
    Reminiscing of better days and times

    Too far left is the call of madness
    Uncontrolled screams and dreams
    Hallicutions, imaginary figurines
    One voice speaking in your mind
    Many voices speaking in your imagination
    Slow decent to disconnected reality

    The darkness of man on either side
    Fighting to keep a stable mind
    Working to keep sanity
    Through any means


  • sjhawthorne 11w

    Grieved Spirit, Strong Soul

    A wordless disease of my affliction
    Indescribable, parasitic infection
    Institutionally, indisputable crumbling
    Collapsing upon timeless soliloquies
    Dialect chosen of a fragmented marrow
    Squander opportunities for harmony
    Grieved pyche, trekking an omnious valley
    Sanguine heart speaks an candid intellect
    Weathered, broken, tanned, and dehydrated
    The spirit yearns to grow fully
    Authentication of a promised beginning again
    Feeble spirit hydrated by self awareness


  • sjhawthorne 12w

    Reflection In Ink

    The end is near
    The hole of the heart is deep
    Wretched with pain and sorrow
    Anguish over this time

    Years of reflection
    Joy for small moments
    A home, pets, kids, and a family
    Securely locked in memories

    Sorrow that is all falls down
    Slowly faded love
    Harsh words destroyed
    Once happy life

    Pain inflicted by words
    Hate spoken to each other
    Unforgiven hurt and actions
    Denied healing of the soul

    The end closer than we knew
    Signature sought for a dotted line
    New hurt and pain
    Beginning again


  • sjhawthorne 12w

    Pain, Growth, and Healing

    Pain, hurt, darkened heart
    One decision for happiness
    Changing a life for the better
    Civility strained without lashing out

    Your drunken rage, an outburst
    Set wheels in motion
    Pushing me out of there
    Finally done with the drama

    Heart fell down but knew it was right
    Leaving a long note with a signature
    Implication of your signature, too
    Walking away from the hurt

    Welcome the pain of recovery
    Grow to a stronger self
    No grudges to beheld
    Only care of my little legacies


  • sjhawthorne 13w

    Finding You, Finding Me

    My truest heart comes at night
    In the silence of my empty room
    Listening closely, it rings like a bell
    Spoken gently in my soul
    Appealing for someone known
    An understanding deeper than words
    To be heard and connected souls
    Tethered together in a single mind
    Still remaining true you
    Staying true to myself
    At night, feeling those fears
    I send my heart out to you 
    Hoping to find you 
    Trying to find me, too.


  • sjhawthorne 14w

    Questioning Existence

    What am I here for?
    Illuminating the darkened space
    Of the trickle that haunts you
    Sharing compassion and grace
    Like a present on your birthday
    Express the hellish dreams you live
    A blow by blow of a tormented soul
    Vivid depiction of the greatest sunrise
    Orange, blue, pinkish hues painting the sky
    Speak love languages that attracted a heart
    Abundant joy of not being alone
    Travel the road of a broken relationship
    Telling of the pain and grief of love missed
    Explain the mind twisted by the fabric of life
    Bent and turned from a life lived each day
    Finding the voice is where you will find
    A space where my vision is complete


  • sjhawthorne 14w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word one-liner on Sentimental

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    Hold on, love