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  • sloppy 5d


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  • sloppy 1w

    At first sight

    A breathing Flora like you've been watered with heaven water,
    At first I perceived you as having a beauty disorder,
    Tough to believe God is a man when I'm around your aura,
    Hardly receive benedictions, having you is an honour,
    Never would I mind if my skin was coated in your odour.

    - 16

  • sloppy 7w


  • sloppy 10w


    A cruise ship, more like the Titanic,
    The fit likely survive if they don't panic,
    Let it teach like experience,
    How would you learn it if you don't let it ?
    How would you learn to swim if
    there's water but you barely get in ?
    Like your mind on the alarm
    but you never set it,

    Being on the horns of a dilemma
    - as difficult as a Greek puzzle -
    leads one's eye's to
    the Earth's feathers
    and the blue skies,

    As you get attached to mother nature's placenta,
    Yet there's no such thing as a miracle,
    Some humans are just delusional,
    Figure it out if you are authentic & original

  • sloppy 10w

    I'd rather

    I'd rather shoot before I run,
    I'd rather work if procrastination
    would be in having fun,
    I'd rather build my own paradise
    before death & heading there,
    Leaving loved ones with great
    memories and stun.

    Cool T

  • sloppy 10w

    Let me love you for me

    Let me claim you're mine cause I'm lonely,
    Let me see you everyday, as you make my
    dead emotions look lively,
    I was getting used to getting announce you
    As my lady proudly,

    Your ways of treating other kindly,
    Turned me into a day dreaming smiley,
    A day without having to talk to you you
    makes my night cloudy,
    Being a friend, you allowed me to,

    But I won't omit letting you know when
    you look or smell lovely,
    You can shout, hit or ignore me,
    Reality is after text, call or meeting,
    I desire to hug and kiss you and
    let you know how much you mean
    to me loudly.

  • sloppy 11w

    Hate sleeping alone

    This should be the end of our road,
    Independence is good, except now
    there's been sudden raises of your tone,

    Lack of patience shown,
    Way too many grands on strip clubs blown,
    Don't even know the password of your phone,
    Since tires come of sleeping alone,
    Don't miss my goodness when I'm gone

    Cool T

  • sloppy 11w

    Vitiated heart

    She'd be dumb enough to love me back,
    She'd be dumb enough to
    open arms and hug me back,
    She'd be dumb if she swallow
    my words and trust me back,

    threw me her heart instead of
    Catching it, I threw it back,
    But yet I took it then flipped
    it into a punching back,

    Never landed an ear, perceived
    her sayings as mubble rap,
    Summertime, strip clubs
    would really cuff me bad,

    Wintertimes, I'm on her side
    for cuddles in bed,
    merely time I saw the need
    for me to be running back,
    Guaranteed my turn will come
    and I won't be ducking meds

  • sloppy 11w


    Occasional pops up at the gang,
    Louder its bound to go,
    Family, love & money is first
    on what we want to know,
    Though cards black, hands
    tied keeps us on the role,
    Nobody pin points or jags
    the others flow,
    Every n*gga in the circle pleads
    on the gang to get his dough blown.

    Cool T