Live Forever Young-Actually

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  • smartsam 1d


    When darkness oozes out
    and beam of light new rouse.
    Past was gone Alas
    A day new up to browse!

    The weather is cool.
    mostly all calm.
    Blue sky turning out
    golden sunshine warm!

    The birds beauty invigorated
    chirping on thin branches.
    Me too just woke up
    taking yawns & crunches!

    Life is kickstart.
    All narrowed down to their task.
    Few scores of people I see walking.
    In pavement on their mask!

    Life is hope
    All tumults can be even.
    All problems will go away
    as I'm blessed by new dawn!


  • smartsam 2d

    Reciprocate !

    Feelings profound
    in heart disco sound!
    Hankering upsurge
    pulse unbound!

    Feelings igneous
    heartbeat ramp up!
    Not expected therein
    temptations boom up!!

    Heat in soul
    Vibes ecstatic.
    Every now and then
    Spree fantastic!

    I'm of age now
    whats this bewilder awe?
    Unknowingly some feelings deep
    already in me sowed!

    The force is implicit
    Mind going blown.
    I think now I'm really
    adult to be grown!

    Nothing but now
    I want direct.
    All signs confirm
    by modus erect.

    Somtimes I feel blown to be
    Feelings whoosh in me
    soar to be.

    My body is here
    but mind nowhere!
    What age is this
    inbuilt funfair?

    Some sight are so
    apparently obvious
    make me curious!
    Soul secret mine so lasvacious !

    Early before dawn my pulse
    tick tick tick.
    Dreams wet coupled up
    ooze speedily leaks!

    Maybe be I need to
    reciprocate a better half.
    Wonder you too feels same
    in day bright & night dark!


  • smartsam 4d

    Our Poesy!

    Read thy lines
    & I'm aroused!
    Without you a-skin
    This fire can't be doused!

    Your words enchanting
    the meaning just keep ranting.
    In my heart your memory
    keeps then wanting!

    I imagine your womanly hood
    pondering if you too
    Waiting for time good!
    If only we meet akin
    Surely we make a
    time lustrous good!

    Your lines I read
    but in meanings I see you.
    Somewhere down the line I feel
    ablazed like me dear
    maybe you too!

    Poems are mystic lines
    those need to be read!
    The meanings is only realised
    When this poesy rampant ours happens on bed!!


  • smartsam 4d

    ये क्या कर गया वो?

    दिल चुरा गया वो फिर दर्द दे गया वो।
    पलटकर ना देखा फिर ऐसे चला गया वो।

    कमसिन से फूल को चुरस गया वो।
    बस अपनी यादें मुझमें ऐसे छोड़ गया वो!

    ऐसे सिमट लिया उसने
    बस पिघला दिया मुझे।
    जो चाही लालसा उसने सच
    हर हद पर कर गया वो!

    रातों के अंधेरों में जलाई उसने
    हवस की यू आग!
    हर क्रीड़ा काम की करता रहा
    दिन हो या चाहे रात!!

    ऐसी आग लगाई उसने
    उमर भी कम, समझ भी कम!
    होता रहा सब कुछ
    समझ ना पाए हम!

    वक्त निकाल गया
    वक्त निकाल गया
    एक और जान बना गया वो।

    सब दिया उसे मैंने ओर मुझे
    और मुझे छोड़ गया वो!
    बेजान कर गया वो!
    मुझे बेजान कर गया वो!!


  • smartsam 1w


    Without the breeze
    space is useless.
    Same way without
    leaves tree is shameless!

    Leaf gives life it sucks oxygen.
    Without leaf a tree
    is beyond imagination!

    A leaf is small but
    plays a big role.
    Without this leaflet
    tree is naked whole!

    Trees stand not just on roots
    but also on petals!
    Seems as it may humble
    yet plays role in life vital!

    A time it blooms gives life
    later withers silently simple.
    A Leaf renders good lesson
    to all kind of people!


  • smartsam 1w

    Mortal Human!

    Dresses looks more beautiful than woman.
    I dont know what's happened to humans.

    No matter how best thee
    colour thy hairs.
    Soon ye get bald in
    time & age warfare!

    So much you cherish
    fresh skin & dimples.
    Before any long old age
    brings all wrinkles!

    He praised so much
    your eyes in college class.
    Soon swept away those moments now you can't see without eye glass!

    Those mind blowing
    two perfect curves.
    Now lagging all down
    no strip well serve!

    That mystic curves
    and figure mind-blowing.
    Sadly age takes over
    no eyes now prying!

    Mind-blowing one time
    wispy curved figure.
    In years few lags becoming so meager!

    Your voice warm & so crispy.
    Contour on your lips
    beautiful than any lipstick!

    All is wrenched sadly
    as time passby.
    Whatever you do
    old age can't be denied!

    So beauty thy look
    praised in nations & cities!
    Before any long is captured by
    terrible death diseases!!

    Soon you human dies,
    packed in wooden rag.
    Why then oh human mortal
    so much do you brag?


  • smartsam 1w

    What I want!

    I don't want that money
    can someone give me life!
    All I want is peace
    Can any silence this strife?

    I ain't seek those pretty cars
    rather I want a fresh walk.
    No no no those lectures
    but someone with me talk!

    I don't want false crowd by me
    but a friend in truth see me.
    Neither that group delights me
    spying on eachother as troops!

    Fear wickedness uncertainty.
    I seek freedom, Joys & Peace.
    Incidents & news horrible
    from these I seek release!

    Drained hearts & fake beauty
    no costly grim smiles.
    Talking overly nice but
    deep in heart wiles!

    I don't yearn so much
    but in love we both as couple.
    Care, love, agape
    Our life happy & simple!


  • smartsam 2w

    True Beauty

    Dark she may be
    yet she is Beautiful.
    Not just color
    even matters soft wool !

    Her skin has no brightness
    but her feel is so velvet.
    If not close to me
    I feels so agitated!

    My Darling is dusky
    Her feel but is
    maddening than whiskey!

    Color is everything
    She is talented.
    For myself patented!

    Oh we love and happy
    take it for granted!

    Her eyes are jewels
    She often loves
    when I says
    We both are perfect couple!

    She is dark yes
    But her glory is blooming.
    The secret of beauty
    often goes unseen!

    Her touch is warm
    Very attractive her figure
    Beautiful her eyes
    No doubt she is so juicer!

    Colour doesn't matter
    but true heart and behaviour.
    Souls beyond the looks
    is secret of true happy lovers!


  • smartsam 2w

    I love my Parents & School!

    My name is Natasha.
    I study in Indian school
    in abu dhabi.
    I am a nice daughter & student
    so I get toffees & trophy!

    My school name is
    Abudhabi Indian School.
    I'm studying in class 3.
    My school is very beautiful!

    I have nice teachers
    they help me to learn.
    Be it maths, lessons
    or sports fun!

    My teacher says I'm nice,
    my parents praise me Beautiful.
    That's the reason
    I love my Parents & School!



  • smartsam 2w

    9/11 Twin Towers USA

    The day was beautiful
    almost all were happy!
    Some on way to work
    some having coffee!

    The morning was sunny
    life as usual daily.
    On twin tower in new york glorious than any!

    Havoc erupted
    disaster such a worst!
    Glorious twin towers
    by airplanes crushed!

    All USA & worlds heart wrenched!
    Lone to crowds faint.
    No-one could understand
    what wrong went!

    Glorious beauty of
    New York tall stories 110.
    In few minutes by cruel hands dust flat became!

    Who hurt beautous towers twin
    In world trade center?
    paradigm of world
    cruel hearts flattened!

    The beauty of America
    who dare to shook?
    Wows over wows
    to neutralize the crooks!

    Pages of history marked
    in blood & unforgotten.
    Inhuman barbarous acts
    marked day black
    2001 september 11.

    The worst of human history in downtown manhattan.
    Never oh god terror such worst
    never again happen!