Don't have a gloomy day, just breathe, and free your mind. There is only a matter of time, when you hear the bell chime.

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  • smeegzgad 10w

    Fuck Em White Supremacist

    It ain't hood politics
    Do you respect the white pigs?
    Killing all em black kids.
    Now momma had to call for, the medics.
    Popo, the pig had his knee below his neck
    He said it's self defense.
    Now to me that shit doesn't make sense
    "Please I can't breathe," says the black man.
    "Shut up and take my knee," says the white supremacist.
    They ain't no hood politics.
    Shut up.
    Listen what's going on.
    It's the 3K's coming back revived
    Apparently blacks had to learn how to unite
    Just the survive
    Cause the Klu Klax Klan wants our death so they can stri--

  • smeegzgad 10w

    AFRAID 2

    She was astonished, by his charming words.
    As they lighten her cloudy day.
    She strayed deeper, into his abyssal thoughts.
    Unexpectedly; she was warpped inside his mind.
    There she hear his soft, whisper
    Saying "don't be afraid".
    My mind has been tamed.
    your heart is safe.

  • smeegzgad 10w

    The Black Poet

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    AFRAID part 1

    She felt afraid.
    Afraid of falling in love
    Getting her heart raided,
    by that one person she trust
    Yet she stayed.
    Not for the love, nor the lust.
    She then procrastinate the need to be afraid.