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  • smile_at_life 12h

    I'm here... With nulled possessions & those possessions ain't food, health or wealth! This is something more, where I'm standing without good human bonds, eventually at this point of time everything has fallen apart.! They say we don't get everything we want!! That's true..! We don't..! We know, we move on eventually setting ourselves stronger to adjust to the new possibilities!
    The question is should you still hope among the zero possibilities or just move on to the next step.Things are always obvious but it still hurts right???
    © lil'heart

  • smile_at_life 12h

    Staying without me? Possible? Or are you making it obviously possible?
    Rude to the world, Sweet to me.,
    I still liked that rudeness..!
    You act like you're heartless but deep inside you're heartful.,
    I have felt it..!
    However, writing is what is left, connecting me with you!
    Now, the lines seems cheesy, stupid or irritating..but still I wish you to be here, consoling my always crying eyes, making me laugh;
    I'm here.....sitting in a dark room, remembering You & Me!!!
    Then there's light....light is my MOM(enters, turns on the light)!
    © lil'heart

  • smile_at_life 5d

    Not everything we wish for,
    Resides in our destiny!!
    © lil'heart

  • smile_at_life 2w

    I watch the moon and miss you with the thought striking the mind that we cannot be forever while
    imagining myself without you is like the sky, shaded pale blue color!
    Still when I know that you cannot be mine- I do make a wish at the sight of falling star, with the wish being "Myself to be yours and only yours forever"!!❤️

    Muchh Love Muddu❤️
    © lil'heart

  • smile_at_life 4w

    I loved you more than I loved black..!

  • smile_at_life 4w

    Hating and living is easy
    Accepting and living is the difficult one!!!
    © lil'heart

  • smile_at_life 4w

    At the end you only gotta try'na catch the stars moon& the sun;
    while everything is meant to fall apart..!

    © lil'heart

  • smile_at_life 4w

    Everytime when I close my eyes,
    I wish, I see you by my side;
    Kissing my forehead,
    Holding my hands,
    Like it's gonna be "Forever"!!

    © lil'heart

  • smile_at_life 6w

    If you ever know you are my colors!!
    © lil'heart

  • smile_at_life 8w

    Be strong
    Live strong