spilling my heart

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  • smithswords101 23w

    When i died long ago

    Bring me hemlock and holly berries,
    Nightshade and aconite.
    There is a funeral growing in my mind
    Bury my hands, my heart and my head
    Consume me
    Hide me in the mosaic shadows
    Of leaves rustling on old oaks
    Hear my name on the high winds
    And in the hungering howls of wolves
    Embrace me

  • smithswords101 25w

    Mirror, mirror

    Press your face closer.
    What red lips you have and eyes of hyacinth blue beneath your folded brows.
    Each lingering moment brings you closer, to closer gaze you linger longer
    To catch a fleeting glimpse of a familiar stranger.
    Each marching beat, falls a bit shorter, speeds up or stays, easier each day
    to say, 'I am not you. I own master.' And to say, come closer, my love, my sweet one, I only begin when beginnings are done.

  • smithswords101 25w

    No one lives here

    No one stood upon the stair
    No one breathed a sigh
    And no one stared from unseeing eyes
    And whispered as you passed by
    A daffodil left by a window sill
    A sparrow laid broken and bare;
    it''s tiny beating heart now still,
    Yet no one said beware.
    But when the day has wandered far, and night crawls down the sky, someone waits in the dark, for the last flickering light to die.

  • smithswords101 25w

    Under the bed

    The arch of your feet, dainty and sweet, like a sliver of moon against the dark floor, makes my blood beat and slither to meet your siren call.

    I trace the shape that you make, the dip of your spine, where you would have felt mine and wonder that monsters could love after all.

  • smithswords101 26w


    The delicate trill of a moth's scream
    Tells me the witching hour is near.
    You shall dance at the foot of my bed,
    Your hair shall mingle with mine.
    We do not need the quiet of the woods
    Nor the quiet of the night
    Quiet is the fawn among the reeds
    We are things of teeth
    That gleam in the moonlight

  • smithswords101 26w


    A white rabbit with white hair, lies with a wolf shaggy and bare. Light and dark, soft and hard. Never was there a sight to compare.

  • smithswords101 26w

    I have left my dreams behind

    Colour prisms screening by, falling through the endless skies.
    Down into the seas below, shatter as they hit the shoals.

    Be brave enough to turn
    To gather dreams left astern
    To swim through the breaking waves
    Though it may take endless days

  • smithswords101 26w


    Consume my lips and let me breathe my voice into you
    I have been bowed too long.
    The creak of my body as I unbend hymns through your temple
    Loud, louder still, till you are on your knees in supplication
    Men are only gods after death
    But I am mortal temptation
    And you are no longer my religion

  • smithswords101 27w

    The nightrise

    I come by midnight
    My cloak of stars and nebula sing the song of spheres high into the universe
    I place my hands over God's eyes, and blind, he does not see
    All the ways mortal men rise to greet me, who delights in the darkling ways of darkness in their hearts.
    Light me aflame with stolen fire, there are always secrets, sweet in the folds of the dark.

  • smithswords101 27w


    Waking, the streets I wander. In the mist I ponder life's asymmetry.

    Is it no wonder that in this exchange of hearts, mine was the larger lost, the lesser left?

    A broken heart isn't what it used to be.