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  • sn_ehaaa 4w

    As I Felt The Warmth Of Your Arms Around,
    I Smiled After So Long
    Noone Else In This World Can Make Me Feel More Loved,
    And All The Seperation Has Finally Come Closer,
    That Smile On Your Lips
    And That Eyes Which Speak Million Emotions
    As You Held Me From Behind,
    The World Has Freezed The Time And I Wanted To Remain Still
    I Spent Some Hundreds Of Days Waiting For You To Come Back
    And Hold Me The Way You Used To
    All The Sorrow And Pain Flashed Off Just By Your Presence
    Every Moment Felt Like I Had You Forever
    Nothing Feels Better Than Being With You

  • sn_ehaaa 6w

    And All I Felt For Him
    Remained Unnoticed,
    Days Passed Soon And We Graduated,
    We All Chose Different Places To Settle Down And Began The Mid-Life,
    Contacts Shared,Groups Formed,The 'Miss You' Texts Were Only Visible In The Early Months
    And Then Everything Seemed To Be New,
    Texting Or Calling My Friends Felt Unusual
    We Spoke Formally As The Distance Happened,
    And As The Wedding time Arrived,
    Formal Invitations,Forwarded Mails And Images All Popped Out In All Our Devices.
    And Few Who Were Settled Thousands Of Miles Away Sent Gifts As Their Replacement.
    As The Few Met,
    Little Formalities Of Drinks Lead To The Involvement Of Everyone Of Us Into Those Stupid Conversations
    It Began With Smiles And Turned Into Laughs
    We Remembered All The Beautiful Times And Laughed At The Circumstances We Faced.
    We All Are Grown Up Now
    We Deal With More Difficult Tasks Than During The Med - School.
    While He Couldn't Reach For His Bestfriend's Sangeeth On Time,
    He Managed To Attend The Reception.
    As I Was Having My Drink,My Back Felt Someone's Eyes.
    As I Turned Back
    He Spread His Hands Wide And Welcomed Me
    We Hugged
    We Joined For Drinks With The Other Friends
    And Spoke All About How Our Lives Changed.
    Everything Changed,
    But The Spark In His Eyes Is Still The Same
    I Felt Just Like Back Then
    As The Music In The Backdrop Began
    Red Heart Balloons Bloomed Up From Nowhere
    He Was On His Knees, Asking Me
    I Felt The Butterflies in My Belly
    I Never Knew He Felt The Same For Me Until Then,
    And We Happened.


  • sn_ehaaa 9w

    As I Glanced At All The Boys In The Class
    My Eyes Met Yours
    And I Felt
    The Chills Down My Spine
    I Never Felt This Way In All My Early Adolescence
    This Was Something New
    I Saw Blush On My Lips In My Reflection
    And I Felt The Soul Connection
    The World Held For A Moment
    Then I Was In Love

  • sn_ehaaa 9w

    And On The First Day of The Med School
    I Came Across Someone Unusual
    Someone Who didn't Bother About Starting The New Life
    Someone Least Interested To Know The New Human Like Creatures Around
    Little Did I Know that He Was Right In His Terms
    Does It Really Matter?
    Is It Necessary To Get Close To Someone To Finally End Up Heart - Broken?
    Though I Have Been Through A Lot
    I Always Had A Hope That Life Would Be Better This Time
    I Never Thought Change In Me Can Bring Change In My Life
    Life Doesn't Randomly Change Favourable To Us
    All Lies In Our Efforts To Turn It Into A Beautiful One

  • sn_ehaaa 9w

    One Last Time
    I want your lips on mine
    One Last Time
    I want to feel the warmth in your arms
    One Last Time
    I want to see you
    One Last Time
    I want you to come back