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  • sniper_2971 14w

    Sometimes people will leave you because they aren’t willing to go deep enough with you in fear they will have to face the darkest parts of themselves too.

  • sniper_2971 16w

    The relationship you have with yourself
    is the most complicated because you
    can't walk away from you.
    You have to forgive every mistake.
    You have to deal with every flaw.
    You have to find a way to love you
    even when you're disgusted with you

  • sniper_2971 78w


    Today on this special day I wanna confess something to you
    Honey, the very first day when iI saw you, my heart said you are the one
    Now Every single Night I dream of you, I wish someday that dream come true.
    Will you be my partner in everything?

  • sniper_2971 79w


    There are millions of words to express how pretty you are and how your smile makes me forget all the worries of my life but everytime I look at you and become so numb. I just wanna seize that moment in my eyes and wish the time to stop.

  • sniper_2971 79w

    Thank you

    You made me a person I never would have imagined I could be.
    Some changes are for better good and I always used to think I am born this way but Honey, I'm loving the way you are bringing the best in me.

  • sniper_2971 175w

    Dear Parents

    In living your dreams n making them come true, I forgot how to live a life of my own...


  • sniper_2971 175w


    The sooner you realise your potential the better it will be