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  • snkn_n_dizzy 2d

    Buoyant Delusion

    Waltzed into my days dark and dire,
    Tearing apart the sinister clouds with fire.

    Bringing upon a wishful illusion,
    When happiness was still a sinful delusion.

    Sacred feelings noble and pious,
    Scared to crumble our castle of desires.

    With all your affection, tell me where would I go,
    With my boat still ashore, oh! my dear you ask me row?


  • snkn_n_dizzy 1w

    Yeah on somedays you do feel like , words don't suffice your emotions and feelings.
    "I'm Groot " could save you from great deal of awkward situations or worse can create some��

    #mirakee #marvel #imgroot

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    "I'm Groot"

    If only someone was Rocket enough ,
    Explaining myself wouldn't have been tough.


  • snkn_n_dizzy 1w

    After long I've tried writing something which is more of a rhapsody and less of a melancholy.

    This one is for you my baby sister, you've always been my reservoir of happiness, love , positivity and energy.
    Despite of our age difference, you come up with ideas that blasts my mind and motivation that pulls me up.
    Thank you for making me believe that angels are alive and for being the best gift of my life.

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    Pristine aura , fresh as morning dew,
    Mermaid or unicorn , what are you?

    With every memory fresh and new,
    I still can't believe how fast you grew.

    Couldn't witness your first win in a row,
    You made sure I was the first to know.

    More than a sister, a guardian to you,
    Chronicles of mischief, known to a few.

    I've grown old matching your enthuse,
    Thanks for curing my wounds and bruise.

    You always bring my lips to askew,
    Packet of energy, photon, are you?

    Amore ❤️

  • snkn_n_dizzy 1w

    My first composition in hindi ,। Hope it's readable ����
    आशा करती हूं आपको यह रचना पसंद आए ।।

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @hindiwriters @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @hindikavyasangam

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    वो एहसास।

    लफ़्ज़ों की कमी होने सी लगी थी ,
    सांसों की नमी खोने सी लगी थी।

    ज़ुबान पे कुछ और मन में कुछ और था,
    मानों फिर्से दिल्लगी होने लगी थी।

    अंधेरों से होके निकले थे दो राहें ,
    बहुत ठोकरें खाके मिलें थे वो राहें।

    अंजान चेहरे से मिलने लगा सुकून था,
    पिघलने लगा मानो मन का गुरूर था।

    क्यों तलाशते रहे वो खोए हुए पल,
    जब सामने खड़ा एक सुनहरा कल।

    बातें ना होती करने को ज़्यादा,
    मानों रह जाता मन का गुबार आधा ।

    फ़िक्र दोनों के खिद्मतें नसीब था,
    आखिर दूरियों से ही उनका दिल करीब था।।

    © स्निग्धा कोनार

  • snkn_n_dizzy 2w

    The SciFaiku is what the name implies, science fiction haiku an invented verse form introduced by Tom Brinckin 1995. Scifaiku combines science fiction themes with some of the elements of the haiku.
    Presenting an amateur try at composing a haiku , or say scifaiku!

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    Like wavelength and frequency
    Our feelings were in inverse portion
    Mine blossomed, his died.


  • snkn_n_dizzy 2w

    There was a time when the wet soil and the heavy clouds would make me crave for you.
    But with time my heart has known,
    Nothing stays apart from the soul my own.
    I see how old these feelings have grown
    Old enough to fetch a new throne.

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    It rained ,once again.
    This time it drenched my soul
    Thawed the chains,
    Freed me from the weight it bore.
    Which had once held me,
    from getting soaked.

    This time no longing was there for the downpour.
    It wasn't the usual mist anymore.
    They were my expectations,
    Melting down.
    Setting my ship off the shore


  • snkn_n_dizzy 2w

    If you care for someone like they belong to you,
    If compassion is a divine lens you see the world through,
    When you radiate love to every soul, not just to few,
    You aren't just being nice, your are a Mother too.

    If you accept a dear one , even when they aren't right,
    When all others reject them and you stand by them quiet,
    Offering forgiveness if you heal their aching heart,
    You aren't just family , you are a Mother too.

    If you co-operate with colleagues, lending a helping hand,
    Helping them do well, their flaws you understand,
    If they out perform you, you celebrate and don't mind,
    You aren't just a colleague , you are a Mother too.

    Happy mother's day everyone ��


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    You are a Mother too❤️

    A mother is not the only one who brings forth a new life,
    A mother is one who nurtures, adds value to another life.
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  • snkn_n_dizzy 2w

    A tribute to every parent out there.

    A very happy Mother's day ❤️❤️❤️

    I know I won't rhyme the way I usually do, coz sometimes it takes more of my heart than my words to describe.

    I might fall short in words to express my gratitude for your contribution and sacrifices , but your love surpasses every possible limit.

    I've been the star of your eyes,
    I promise I'll never cease to shine.
    You my lady have never been less than divine!

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    To, Maa❤️

    Thank you for being the strongest pillar in my life which gave me all thrust and trust to follow my dreams and reach the zenith.

    Your presence and assurance alone
    could steer me to change the winds.

    When you are with me I know no force in this world could perturb me even for a while.

    The name you gave emblazed my existence and the pearls of wisdom I received adorned my living.

    Even an epoch wouldn't be sufficient for me thanking for everything.

    From bringing me to this world, to
    decrypting this world's working.

    Thank You!

    For not letting me fall rather to
    stand back and fight my way.


  • snkn_n_dizzy 2w

    As much as I want to feel you, be with you and love you , still you are the moon out of my reach.

    "Staring at the ceiling in the dark
    Same old empty feeling in your heart
    Love comes slow and it goes so fast
    Well you see her when you fall asleep
    But never to touch and never to keep
    'Cause you loved her too much and you dive too deep"



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    Unposted letter

    Dear ex,

    You'll always remain that Abstract noun of my life

  • snkn_n_dizzy 2w


    For all I know I'm not ready for another blow.
    You had once shown me the same love that they are about to show.

    You chose to depart without a goodbye,
    I've now learnt that it's better not to respond to the first Hi!

    I guess this "love" is forbidden for someone like me,
    As I can't stand the suspense of an incomplete story.