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  • so_relatable 4w

    As far as I knew, It was okay to be emotional, to seek help, to confidently tell him I enjoyed being around that I was infatuated with him. There was nothing wrong with being human, being the lover.
    But now, I silence my instincts, and at the end of the day instead of feeling good about myself, I feel alone, I feel misunderstood.


  • so_relatable 5w

    Ye ishq

    Ishq hi to h janab.........
    Jo purana hone pr bhi khaas hota jae,
    Samay k saath besharm hota jae,
    Or darbadar behisaab hota jae!

  • so_relatable 7w

    In periods

    When I feel grumpiness,
    Feel alone enormously,
    Want to keep mum but can't,
    My outlandish behaviour,
    That time, I just have a modicum of senses.
    I speak no sense
    And then he,
    He takes me in ataraxia ,
    Tries to give me relief,
    Extol me and cherish the things,
    Out of the blue, he kisses me and surprises me with gift,
    Ameliorates my mood,
    And loves me alot..

  • so_relatable 8w

    Lockdown m jiske khyaal m aap din guzarte ho,
    Usse baat krte ho, uske online aane ka intezaar krte ho,
    Saara kaam khtm krke fir usse baat krne k lie wait krte ho,
    Khane, peene, sone ,uthne ka news dete ho,
    Jiske srf ek khyaal se ki wo dur chala jaega , aap sehem jate ho,
    Bhtt mehnat kr rhe ho ki casteism beech m na aaye kuki alag alag caste k ho,
    Parents maan jaye,
    Bhtt himmat jutani or mehnat krni h fir chahe kuch bhi ho,
    Jiski hr baat aapke dil ko chooti h,
    Fir ek raat ajeeb sa lagna , gnde khyaal aana ki abhi h saath,
    Baad m nhi hue to................
    Kaise jiya jaega, kya hum bhi kisi k pyaar m bichdkr khud ko kho denge,
    Kitti bhi mehnat ki pr saath nhi ho paye ,srf caste ki wjh se,
    Kaisi life ho jaegi, hm jeeyenge , zrur jeeyenge pr jeeke bhi khush nhi reh paenge,
    Iss pyaar ko hdd m m nhi kar pai,
    Ye or behad hota chla ja rha h ....
    Aap khud hi socho na jiski srf shkl dekhkr aapki aankhon ko aaram milta h ,
    Uska saath khone pr soul ko to aaram milega hi ni....
    Ye pyaar kya h !!!!
    Kyu aisa h !!!!
    Kaise koi aakr apna sa lagne lagta h !!!!

  • so_relatable 8w

    No complaints from him ,
    Earlier there used to be a lot of talk, now it is less;
    Earlier, couldn't sleep in anger, now couldn't talk;
    It has become a habit to talk only twice a day,
    Nevermind, it's a habit now.
    Still, no complaints from him.

  • so_relatable 9w

    Perfect relationship is not when u live happily with your partner, and don't get upset anytime
    But, it is when u apologize , u don't become egoistic and still love them deep down from the heart.
    Because, every relationship has love and some fights. Perfect is one when you don't give up on each other and resolve it as soon as you can.


  • so_relatable 10w

    #love #mirakee #firstmeeting #mylovestory #real

    Hey everyone! A BEAUTIFUL incident from my life✨❤️

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    That day - 25 February 2019

    That day, we decided to meet the very first time
    I was waiting at the bus stop
    My heartbeats were fast
    Butterflies were flying in my stomach
    I was blank
    Although I was not feeling confident as I was in college uniform
    But yeah! I was so excited.
    He was late
    And only the last bus remained to take me to my home
    So I went in the bus
    Suddenly, I saw him at the entrance of the bus
    He was looking at me, coming closer to me
    And as he sat next to me, I felt that my heart jumped.
    Me, the bubbly girl , was quiet before him
    I was looking out of the window
    He started talking to me
    I was not able to look into his eyes as my heart was not normal, seriously it was jumping
    Oh God!
    That day, I was at my home in a blink
    Ah, the distance seemed to be short
    When I was getting off the bus, we shook hands
    He gave me my favourite chocolate
    I was thinking how did he come to know my favs
    But I was happy and blushing
    He touched my palm,
    A sensation of warmth was running in my arteries
    That day, I felt the very first stage of my true love

    It has been a year and three months
    Till now, he is on my mind.
    And I fall in love many times,
    But always with him.


  • so_relatable 10w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short tale on Entire

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    Attracted by his entire damn attitude

  • so_relatable 10w

    I and you,
    Sitting on the green grass with dews on it;
    A silent breeze touching our face,
    Has diffused the love in it.
    Let me enunciate furtively,
    Pandemic has intricated our relationship;
    I yearn to see you,
    So that our relationship will be back again.


  • so_relatable 14w

    Missing missing

    Do u know how much I miss you ?
    But u always stay busy
    Wat do u do that u don't get time for me
    Okay, tell me do u also miss me?
    I love you right, do u do more than me ?
    Hey hero, don't just read ....who knows some girl is waiting for u like I always wait for my hero❤️