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  • solitary_reaper_ 8w


    They told me to forget and move on,
    And he was just a chapter of my life...
    But how do I explain it to them,
    That he is my life, and not just a chapter...


  • solitary_reaper_ 9w


    Why do people keep on repeating the same mistakes, even after getting a lesson from each of them... ?


  • solitary_reaper_ 10w


    That one moment, when you are so much helpless...

    That you wish to just rewind everything and get back to the same state...

    Accepting the consequences once again...
    Taking a chance once again...



  • solitary_reaper_ 16w


    With the fast running time, and increasing responsibilities, we all forgot that beautiful innocent kid inside us...
    To that kid, Happy children's day :)

  • solitary_reaper_ 20w


    It takes a moment for someone to make your day,
    while it takes the same little moment to ruin it as well...