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  • somil07 10w

    My business failed, and my life derailed.
    @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @scribble_abstract

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    Loss or gain,
    pleasure or pain,
    beauty or brain,
    It's all about people,
    Who's gonna travel the mile?
    Someone's gonna swim the nile,
    Someone's gonna put a smile,
    On a piece of paper, some ink scattered,
    Dipped in water, all those dreams shattered!

  • somil07 10w


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    Sometimes words can't explain, minds can but , but what if you were overthinking?

  • somil07 12w


    You may bring a lot to the table, but what if they had already sjpped their coffee?

  • somil07 13w

    Blood oozing off my veins ....

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    Truth is so overrated,one must lie to their advantage.

  • somil07 14w

    I'm dead, living in fantasies!

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    I'm empty, filled with nostalgia,
    I'm free, locked with memories!

  • somil07 17w

    I find my joys in her miniscule smile, she says an inch and I walk a mile !
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    Can't be that centerpiece in your space,
    Can't be that canvas, painting your face,
    Can't be that flower vase , which you may embrace,
    Can't be that chandelier that can lit your grace,
    Can't be that artefact ,which you can encase,
    Can't be that bedsheet beneath your cardigan's lace,
    Can't be that pottery, that you may misplace ,
    Can't be that emerald embedded in your necklace,
    Can't be that perfume,that may glace,
    Can't be that silk piece, which you can unlace,
    I'm lost in you, still hunting for a place,
    Let me be a corner stone in your heart's palace.

  • somil07 19w

    My words say it all ! After every spring there comes fall !
    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    A last shot

    So on September 11 ,2020
    I drank the poison pretending it to be wine ,
    It hurts deep down , loosing my dear sunshine ,
    But what could I have possibly done ,
    Gave my fullest , still couldn't reach my sun ,
    So if what tomorrow will be a dark night ,
    I'm proud that being crippled I still gave a fight ,
    May be this war ain't made for me ,
    So at the end I did bend my knee ,
    With a scarred heart there I lay,
    I wish it was made of clay !
    Hoping someone flags it someday ,
    Or May be you could have asked me to stay !

  • somil07 21w

    The movie teaches to look at thorns vis a vis petals of a rose.

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    There weren't any 500 days of summer , autumn was bound to come !

  • somil07 21w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite
    Loving someone be like ,carrying a dagger pointed on your heart ,you may bleed ,but is that bleeding enough for someone to put a bandage back to you ?

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    Star struck

    Piercing the dark , a dash glitters your eyes ,little did you know that glitter doesn't melt the ice ! ,
    All the feelings you freeze in ,still burns inside !!

  • somil07 31w

    Times bed .

    Inside a sleep ,
    Are many springful joys to keep,
    Also inside the' falls' , rolling in the deep ,
    lie some sweet seconds to weep.