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  • sonihardasani 3d


    At the end of the day..

    What matters the most is your own happiness....
    You should always support the one who will be there till the last moment and darling that is "you"..
    Never stop supporting your own views, your own steps..

    Be selfish, it is not bad , why you should not think about the one who is gonna be with you till the last breath...

    Being selfish doesn't mean doing wrong with someone else but doing something which is best for you..

  • sonihardasani 2w


    The one whom you considered God's gift , turns out to be curse of your life...

    And what you can do is let go...
    Not because you considered them to be Gift..
    But because you deserve peace your mind deserves peace.....

  • sonihardasani 2w


    I am done being someone's toy

  • sonihardasani 2w


    People say , Life is all about giving, giving, giving....

    please calm down, take a pause and think
    whether is it worth giving...???
    Whether they value your time , love , respect ??

  • sonihardasani 4w


    Knowledge is something which fills you with enlightenment.

    And spreading this light is your first step towards contributing something valuable to the society..

    When you are enlightened, there is no sense of being afraid of enlightening others.
    Remember spreading enlightenment will not make you empty but it will indeed fill others.

  • sonihardasani 4w


    Karma is very powerful force..

    It comes to your way very unexpectedly.
    And makes you realize all your deeds.

    Don't you think life is too short to live.
    Don't waste it by troubling others intentionally.

    When Karma comes in picture, it never sees who are you, it just considers your deeds and pays back.

  • sonihardasani 5w


    Reward is given by God

  • sonihardasani 7w


    જેના થી મલમ ની આશા હતી..
    ઍને તો ઝખ્મો થી ચીરી દીધા...

    જેની હાજરી આંખો ચાહતી હતી..
    ઍને તો ઍ આંખો ને બેબાકળી કરી નાખી...

    જેની પાસે આ હૃદય ઠંડાળક ઇચ્છતુ હતુ..
    એને તો આને ક્રુરતા થી ભસ્મ કરી નાખ્યુ...

    જેના હૃદય મા એક નાનુ સ્થાન માંગતા હતા..
    તેણે તો અજાણ્યા કહી ને ઠુકરાવી દીધા...
    હવે આ અજાણ્યા માટે શું આશા..શું હાજરી...શું ઠંડાળક...શું સ્થાન.....!!!!

  • sonihardasani 8w


    Is it necessary to become very lovable in front of people although you speak bad about them in behind..??

    I am not saying that if you don't match up with anybody's nature then don't talk to them or behave rudely..
    My point is if you don't like anyone have limited relations with them , don't be hypocrite.

    Because you are spoilng your relationship with the person you are speaking shit in behind and also with the person to whom you are speaking this shit...

    Be genuine if you don't like someone it is ok , because it is better to have limited relations with them than having double standards...

  • sonihardasani 8w


    દરેક હસ્તો ચહેરો હસ્તો નથી હોતો..
    ક્યારેક કોઇને ભેટી ને પૂછજો કદાચ અંતર નું રુદન બહાર આવી જાય...

    દરેક મુસ્કાનમાં ખુશી નથી હોતી...
    કયારેક કોઇને સમય કાઢી ને પૂછજો કદાચ એક રહસ્યમય વાત બહાર આવી જાય....

    દરેક વાત કહેવાની નથી હોતી...
    ક્યારેક કોઇનો હાથ પકડીને તો જો જો કદાચ ઍ ધ્રુજારી બહાર આવી જાય...

    દરેક વાતને ટાળવાની નથી હોતી...
    કયારેક કોઇની આંખો મા આંખો પરોવીને તો પૂછજો કદાચ કોઇ અંધકાર બહાર આવી જાય...