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  • sonunigam 5h

    It happens always

    It happens always
    Few stops it,
    Few enjoy it.
    But it still exists
    And it happens always.

    Gender discrimination.
    It all exists,
    And celebrated like rituals.
    Rituals that swallows the humanity.

    But there are some people exists,
    Who says no to them.
    They try to stop it.
    They try to save humanity.
    But they aren’t enough
    To fight those eunuchs.

    But I think I have already dreamt the future.
    It’s dark.
    It’s cold.
    Not because these rituals will still exist.
    It’s because there will be no one left to celebrate it.

  • sonunigam 3w


    It's a shell
    Or can be called society's hell.
    Where I live
    And whose walls I repel.

    There are some rules,
    Which maintains by unknown fools.
    Telling us what to do and what not to,
    Whom to marry and whom to shoo.

    These rules are on unseen scrolls
    That only unknown fools know.
    To me, it sounds like drolls
    And Idiotic mindset, which they show.

    It's a shell
    Whose walls you can't repel.
    But if you try to repel
    Then you'll be known as a rebel.

  • sonunigam 11w

    Divider between day and night

    Setting sun shines silently.
    Freezing-wind flows fiercely
    White vape vanishes
    Saturnine smoke seduces Sky

    Is it a warning of coming disaster under
    Or the invitation of night
    Is it a happening of Magic master
    Or an illusion, which I sight

  • sonunigam 11w


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    The Eagle

    A great poem by ALFRED, LORD TENNYSON

    He clasps the crag with crooked hands; 
    Close to the sun in lonely lands, 
    Ring'd with the azure world, he stands.

    The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls; 
    He watches from his mountain walls, 
    And like a thunderbolt he falls.

  • sonunigam 11w

    This place

    She tells me something.
    Something that I can't understand.
    Something that I can't relate to.
    But my instinct says that there is something
    Or was something that flushed out in nothing.

    She has a lore.
    Lore of people's greed.
    Lore of lovers' breed.
    Lore that says humanity always fights for the power,
    Which ultimately led to the blood-shower.

    Once under the shadow of this moon
    And under these glittering stars,
    People who came from Mars
    Would fight for the power
    And killed the children, and raped the women under these stars.

    I don't know the past.
    Past of how this place ends up like this.
    Past of how she floats on the river of bliss.
    But, when I close my eyes I hear
    The wobbling of children, cries of women,
    Commands of commanders and clinging of swords.
    Which led me to think,
    What was that something,
    Something that flushed out in nothing.

  • sonunigam 11w

    It's time for rest

    It's time for rest,
    Stop son, stop son.
    There's no need to run, son.

    Sun has come up
    And lightening every dark land
    And navigating the man at the gorge's bends.

    Destiny has come now.
    Struggling days came to an end.
    Success is waiting for being your friend.

    Dark days of the eclipse are over
    Full moon night is finally here,
    Waiting for you to walk on the heaven stairs.

  • sonunigam 11w

    Words in the writing

    Words in the writing are like water in the ocean.
    There are troughs, there are crests.
    There are cyclones, there are trenches,
    And there are both also which losts in the ocean

  • sonunigam 11w

    The pitch black blanket

    On the pitch black blanket,
    I see twinking diamonds.
    Some are like orbs, some have pointy shape.
    Some are glittery, some hides behind the vape.

    I try to count them,
    But there are infinite of them.
    I try to grab them,
    But they live in another realm.

    The smiling stone on this blanket
    With scars on its face.
    Glows white and changes its shape every day,
    And every month disappears for a day.

    I know that after a few moments this blanket will disappear.
    It will disappear into the blue horizon.
    It will disappear with this stone, whose there is no clone.
    It will disappear with those diamonds, that are the torches of the dark lands.

  • sonunigam 11w

    Exam hall

    Silence covered with four-sided walls,
    Four fans on the ceiling and lots of benches on the floor,
    With a table and a chair, looks like an exam hall.

    Writing without noise and sitting without choice.
    The students became a robot and followed their protocols.
    Some break the laws, and the whispers started hearing in the hall.
    The teacher shhh those who tried to cheat
    And they got afraid like birds from the scarecrow in the cornfield.
    Some are still brave and don't care,
    But they forgot that the teacher still stares.
    Some got caught, and some couldn't be sought.
    And few leeches sticks until the last second brought.

    Everyone came out and bragged about their test.
    Some said worst, and some said best.

  • sonunigam 12w

    Winter has come

    Winter has come
    And summer has gone.
    It's foggy all around me
    And the sun hasn't shone.

    White dominates every colour
    And the cold winds blow.
    It's freezing all over
    And the water couldn't flow.

    Roads are hiding under the snow skin
    And snowmen formed in the park.
    People are hiding in their bed
    Like, soon the day will become dark.